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The DEW system, the Distant early Warning Line was a system of radar stations in the northern Arctic region of Canada. They are being dismantled by the government but the extreme remote nature of these once secret facilities makes them hard to supply. Over 400,000 litres of diesel fuel need delivering to these radar stations and in perilous conditions.

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Buffalo Airways is an airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. They mainly fly WWII-era piston powered propeller planes in minus 40 degrees and land on tiny strips of tarmac in the tundra.

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Russell Williams
Russell Williams 3 gün önce
This show would be good if they did not over dramatize EVERYTHING!
shem 4 gün önce
Why they are hiring people from Czech republic and people with work permit in canada when there is thousands of pilots and AME looking for jobs as aviation is dead right now and there is barely any jobs in aviation markets right now.
CluelessBeekeeping 7 gün önce
Without a doubt, Joe is an awful person!
j2simpso 8 gün önce
I have my doubts that this is filmed in Canada. Why is milk in gallon plastic jugs and not plastic bags like the rest of Canada? 🤔
Milsi Art
Milsi Art 9 gün önce
WOW. What a booring, booooring, boooooring off voice with stupid comments. This is not even for pass on exam in production school.
Simeon 2
Simeon 2 14 gün önce
Juan got shafted.
Larry Higginson
Larry Higginson 15 gün önce
When a company hires someone, gives them a promise and then doesn't fulfill the agreement the employee deserves to know straight up why the agreement was broken. If no explanation comes the employee should leave because it will never get better. Bad call for your company Joe.
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston 16 gün önce
I always say it sucks to hirer foreign staff when you have fully certified people on site. The engineer never should have been hired if there was a certified Canadian available.
Simeon 2
Simeon 2 14 gün önce
This is happening more often than anyone cares to admit.
Zap Rowsdower
Zap Rowsdower 18 gün önce
"Coming up a Yeti might attack at any moment" ah reality TV.
Soul Flyer
Soul Flyer 19 gün önce
A reality TV series that was worth watching, the head mechanic is my favorite, what a character and I can fully attest to the fact that Carhartt clothing is the official working apparel of the Arctic
John Foster
John Foster 19 gün önce
Good evening ladies and gentlemen Aldi Buffalo corporation if you want a good acro go out to the yard and Arizona and buying you some C130A/B model call aircraft landing in a kind of weather I know I also carry Durable the load then all of your aircraft are you have today
S R 19 gün önce
I’m surprised this group gets an airplane off the ground.
Jim Munro
Jim Munro 21 gün önce
What no GPS
Aurel Negrea
Aurel Negrea 22 gün önce
Wheat money ?? You flying a dc 3. What a fk ?? Build time That s. It bro. You lucky
Aurel Negrea
Aurel Negrea 22 gün önce
It’s all about the fkng money never enough to pay the boys. Nkle dime. Aaa forget it. Those conditions
Dennis Rodgers
Dennis Rodgers 24 gün önce
Good job Joe and many flight hours ahead. Be safe and vigilant.
Sir Fajrul Adha
Sir Fajrul Adha 26 gün önce
Juan is a true professional. Get the job done and walk off from the old grumpy Joe👍✊
Henauder Titzauf
Henauder Titzauf 28 gün önce
When I was in South Korea, I had the pleasure of helping RedBall deliver diesel fuel to our radar(?) site at Palgansan. We used 2 1/2 ton trucks up there and back. We all carried about 21-24 55 gallon drums in each truck, with I believe 4-5 trucks in each trip. What an adventure, but, very scary on the very narrow roads up there. Not sure if rock top is still there, if so, hi up there!
R. Scott MacLeod
R. Scott MacLeod 28 gün önce
THEY DON'T HAVE THE CONTRACT...Joe has the contract, if Joe wants to lose his staff and contract that is Joe's problem. 27:38 DTD!!!! I know why I Watched this even more.
80AFT 29 gün önce
The P- Orion is based on the Electra
Jacob Baron
Jacob Baron 29 gün önce
This series is like a documentary on how to abuse your employees and build a toxic work environment.
convair21 Aylar önce
Joe and his tactics would not survive in the USA. He thought that his aviation business was the only aircraft operation in Canada.
Sean Willing
Sean Willing 2 gün önce
H'es the only one in t hat part of the world that will take on any contract. There are others in the region, but these guys fly these old planes because a modern plane can't handle lots of these runways. The Russians general run 70s jets and 50s Prop planes in their colder regions as well. And lots of their places are built from the grounp to deal with this kinda stuff
ConvairDart106 18 gün önce
Try working for any Bering sea Captain!
lekoman Aylar önce
I was very sad to hear Kelly had passed away. She was one of the best people on this show. Her and Arnie.
CluelessBeekeeping 6 gün önce
​@Jan Philipp I was kidding, but I can imagine Angry Baby Joe has some place where he kills and buries dead hookers and ice cream truck drivers. It just seems logical what Angry Joe would do.
Jan Philipp
Jan Philipp 6 gün önce
@CluelessBeekeeping you must be kidding me
CluelessBeekeeping 7 gün önce
@Jan Philipp Joe, in a fit of rage, killed her. It must have been awful!
Jan Philipp
Jan Philipp 25 gün önce
What happened to her??
L K Aylar önce
Discussing language. Not worth watching.
Monika Thomas
Monika Thomas Aylar önce
Eh? 😄 You know you’re in Canada
Northern farmer
Northern farmer Aylar önce
I just say eh a little bit
SNN Aylar önce
Joe would get his teeth kicked in by me.
Behold the man!
Behold the man! Aylar önce
Your videos are getting more boring everyday! What of the I shouldn't be alive series?
David Lefkovits
David Lefkovits Aylar önce
Cliff Aylar önce
ICAO require GPWS on all aircraft carrying 9 passengers or more. Our BT, DC3 conversion had GPWS instslled. The video stated that only their Electra had a GPWS. Are they flying the DC3's without one? WoW!
Cliff Aylar önce
@Aleks Biteman must be the case, i found it in a 2015 Canadian Advisory Circular.
Aleks Biteman
Aleks Biteman Aylar önce
How long has ICAO required that? This is an older show
Monk Petite
Monk Petite Aylar önce
Juan has it right. 50 years old and super skilled . Proven to be an ace. Joe is a super stupid ignorant selfishness boss. Eat my short sir
Robert Oler
Robert Oler Aylar önce
thank god I dont work at a place like that. it was fun watching the Turkey thing. I was a B777 Captain TRI/TRE for Turkish Airlines. for 14 a test pilot for a major manufacture in SEattle...this is a fascinating look see if the CFIT (controlled flight into terrain) GPWS was real. this is near incompetence. this is a fundamentally unsafe operation, I am sort of surprised the Candian authorities have not moved. the FAA would have this is horrible on the other hand nice wheel landing on the 3
van der Molen
van der Molen Aylar önce
Love this series!! Thank you!
thomasm1964 Aylar önce
The number of advertisements on here is just ridiculous.
Yves Bajulaz
Yves Bajulaz Aylar önce
How can they not know where they exactly are (the elektra)? No gps? Joe got a garmin 295 handheld in the dc3….
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 22 gün önce
GPS can get increased errors the closer to the magnetic poles that you are. We in the USA have had aircraft mistake one airfield for another airfield that is in line with the first airfield. Ebarrassing stuff like landing a C-17 or B747 into a short runway general aviation airport that is in line with the intended destination airfield.
Mohammad Faizal
Mohammad Faizal Aylar önce
Just great...
Adam Nixon
Adam Nixon Aylar önce
My dad was a pilot used to tease him whenever I'd catch him taking a nap I'd wake him up by saying "pull up pull up terrain alert pull up!"
XxahmadeenoXx 23 gün önce
That’s so wholesome 🥺🥺
Chriss Bee
Chriss Bee Aylar önce
There’s no way I’d work with Jo, life too short to work for someone who talks to you like a POS
Scrappy NY
Scrappy NY Aylar önce
I used to work for a small general aviation outfit back in the 90's before moving on to another career. We were a full service facility for mostly Lears, Falcons, Hawkers and Gulfstreams. Seeing the politics and drama in this episode brought back bad memories which I have not thought of in decades. For years I missed being an aircraft mechanic but after this episode I have become grounded again. Thanks Buffalo Joe!
ElitistMagi Aylar önce
RIP Joe, RIP Arnie
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 20 gün önce
@djtimwe Don't feed the trolls mate! Various people keep posting saying Joe passed away, not sure what motivates them to do this!
djtimwe Aylar önce
Kindly get your facts RIGHT! Joe is ALIVE & WELL but Arnie left us in 2012. Kelly also left us in 2019. May their souls continue resting in power.
Zacchaeus from India
Zacchaeus from India Aylar önce
scottcol23 Aylar önce
For those in the Plane Savers family, At 27:37 you can see C-FDTH which is C-FDTD's sister! DTD is Mikey's D-Day DC-3 that he saved in 2019 from total derelict conditions.
scottcol23 Aylar önce
If the near CFIT incident they had in the Electra was real and not staged..... There is nothing worse than hearing the GPWS call out Terrain Terrain pull UP when in IMC ... Its never happened to me but I can only imagine that would be a pucker moment. At least they didnt have a 1500 foot peak above them at that moment. Could have gone really bad.
Hall White
Hall White Aylar önce
despite the economic crisis i still think this is a right time to start up an investment
Brian Spooner
Brian Spooner Aylar önce
wow that really was a bad decision.
Brian Spooner
Brian Spooner Aylar önce
sorta back n forth
Left Blank
Left Blank Aylar önce
What do the Canadians do when their car breaks down? They call triple aye.
Clay McComb
Clay McComb Aylar önce
its eh and we call CAA
Wm Cottrell
Wm Cottrell Aylar önce
F*ck Joe, this was a hostile work environment all captured on this show. Good Bye Slow Joe.
Wm Cottrell
Wm Cottrell Aylar önce
F*ck Buffalo Joe and the Buffalo he road in on. .
skiqsr Aylar önce
Old repeat, video is old a being shown as new footage… scam
Northern farmer
Northern farmer Aylar önce
Just watch the whole series on tubi.
Jennylyn Wall
Jennylyn Wall Aylar önce
Where do I find the old videos they are calling new now?
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Aylar önce
I think the stereotype of canadians being nice and apologizing for everything is wrong 😂
Fort Halderman
Fort Halderman Aylar önce
Agreed Canadians are ruder than Americans.
OriginalDegree Aylar önce
Ohh we’re nice but we mess around lmao 😂 Keep in mind this is northern Canada
Ottawa Stanger
Ottawa Stanger Aylar önce
I stopped watching this on cable years ago because of Joe’s lack of interpersonal skills. Nobody enjoys working for a grumpy person. If he could learn to smile and have a little fun, the company would be more successful with happier people.
Jonas Baine
Jonas Baine Aylar önce
@Bruce Smith yep. bitter employees who hate their boss but love the job. tough situation to be in with not many similar jobs in that area.
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Aylar önce
Problem with managers like that, people quit on them before they’ve left the payroll and work suffers.
Brian Carson
Brian Carson Aylar önce
joe is another form of 'cancel culture' a toxic 2 year old
tadrjbs Aylar önce
These videos are old. Arnie Schreder passed May of 2012 so what's going on?
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 20 gün önce
@ElitistMagi Rubbish! Check your sources before posting garbage!
djtimwe Aylar önce
@ElitistMagi NOPE! Joe is very much ALIVE!
Maciej Aylar önce
@ElitistMagi What?! Why, how?
ElitistMagi Aylar önce
Joe also passed May of this year.
betsy 387
betsy 387 Aylar önce
Brad Hanson
Brad Hanson Aylar önce
I couldn't work for him
Raiz Abdulhak
Raiz Abdulhak Aylar önce
finally the intro is back
ChowChow Aylar önce
Something wrong about Buffalo Joe giving priority to green card holder over a Cdn. Lost a lot of respect for Buffalo because of that choice.
scottcol23 Aylar önce
Dont let that fake drama tarnish your view of Joe, He is a hell of a guy in real life. In this show these things were staged, and for the most part scripted. All the arguments and beefs with the rampys were fabricated because a well oiled and functioning company makes for bad viewing.
Brian Carson
Brian Carson Aylar önce
joe is an emotional child
Mason Railfanning Presents
Mason Railfanning Presents Aylar önce
Nice video
simon richards
simon richards Aylar önce
Thank you
MahiMahi715 Aylar önce
These videos are a star in the black void of modern TRpost :)
SOSOBLUE23 Aylar önce
I mean cool video
SOSOBLUE23 Aylar önce
Milah9 Aylar önce
Yiiiiii yaaaaaa my program 🔥🔥🔥❤🇿🇼🇿🇼
Chiem Van Rijnsoever
Chiem Van Rijnsoever Aylar önce
3rd, love these video’s!
Ali a. Tj
Ali a. Tj Aylar önce
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