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There are more CCTV cameras per head n the UK than anywhere else in the world. Big brother is always watching and especially in London the police utilise CCTV to surveil, locate, track and identify suspects. Over a million crimes committed a year in the UK are alcohol related but recently these crimes have become more brazen and more violent.

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From petty street crime to gangland murder, `Criminals: Caught on Camera' reveals shocking footage of actual crimes in the UK that are recorded on closed-circuit TV.

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M J 8 gün önce
Yet we complain about ch1na’s public 🎥 camera🧐
Kolasom 11 gün önce
In England in 1985 I was questioned by two Constables at my house about an incident. I was clueless and they soon realized that. I knew nothing about it. I had to admire their professionalism in talking to me, without my wife hearing it.
Kolasom 11 gün önce
I went to England in the Air Force in 1983. After traveling for 20 hours with our 4 kids aged 2 to 7 a British woman virtually screamed at us in the terminal: "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH?!" We were exhausted. I couldn't understand a thing she was saying!!! ~~~~~ I ended up working next door to the terminal. I had free access, in or out. I never forgave her.
INDO NYC 12 gün önce
A White woman with dreads😂😂😂
T Rapsher
T Rapsher 17 gün önce
At 28:20 - I don't understand why a club would get closed down because a fight broke outside of the club? If that's the case you could just stage a fight in or outside of any business and confiscate someone's property.
Lessco Brandon
Lessco Brandon 23 gün önce
as a libertarian i find this entire concept repulsive..but its good tv
123arcadia 25 gün önce
Drone surveillance will be the future ...
Philip Liong
Philip Liong 27 gün önce
Drunky... hahaha
BAPHOMET Aylar önce
Remember kids, alcohol is still more safe then weed. HAHA
loopie73 Aylar önce
Thank you for another great show
Amed Ali Haida
Amed Ali Haida Aylar önce
Thank you all understanding looking in crimes street towns states and humanity right real supporting to all humanity right and wrong life stories unknown untold truth stop 🛑 streets wars crimes against humanity
Narmer61 Aylar önce
We , the state will decide when youve had toooo much....of course no one is dead ,or injured , or threatened but for YOUR GOOD well arrest ya.....of course we hate doing it....catching crooks is great.....its all the rest that spells tyranny....waters getting hot little froggy !
Narmer61 Aylar önce
The queen has 5 convicted pedophiles in her inner circle....FBI noted Mountbattens "pinchent for young boys"...Etc,etc But human males urinating after drinking beer.....SOMEBODY CALL THE AUTHORITIES....why dont they just have a convinient hidden wall where its OK....British culture (HUMAN BEINGS)survived the reformation as well !!!
Narmer61 Aylar önce
Isnt it wonderful how our Big Brother straight outta 1984 survaillence state protects us....probably caught milions not wearing their masks properly .....or whatevers in style ....whatever moves todays fascist state....perhaps havin a wee.....in a culture soaked in beer.....thats fair !
Surviving With Terry Laufer
Surviving With Terry Laufer Aylar önce
The police in the UK ate too busy arresting parents for trying to raise their kids right and nabbing anti vaxxers... yeah that's the UK I know
Savage Trill
Savage Trill Aylar önce
Really??? Smh
Chucker1212 A
Chucker1212 A Aylar önce
I think you UK's got a very good setup there I I would live there. Oh yeah I was here October 24 2021
Enigma Aylar önce
Do the citizens of the UK have an absolute right to review police activity captured on CCTV? It is not just the citizenry that commit crimes. I suspect the police cover up their criminal activity by refusing to be transparent.
Surviving With Terry Laufer
Surviving With Terry Laufer Aylar önce
Oh yeah..
Scar Let
Scar Let Aylar önce
As i see this now i Understand The éye watchers .... Bless You and The mèn & women that work to keep peace and order late at night..
SuGirl abk
SuGirl abk Aylar önce
How old is this. No one is wearing a mask..I hope this is resent 🦘🇦🇺
M J 8 gün önce
How old are you?😎
Visionery1 Aylar önce
Looks like a great place the UK. You should show this on the travel channel. 😁
Julia Groovin
Julia Groovin Aylar önce
Get robots out there. Its time
Teresa Gunn
Teresa Gunn Aylar önce
Savage Audits
Savage Audits Aylar önce
Send them all back to the ME.
Zangief ☭
Zangief ☭ Aylar önce
Teka R
Teka R Aylar önce
I m glad that cop got an award. Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻
Asator Aylar önce
For a German it is quite amusing to see that people that pee in the outdoors are hunted with such dedication😂 here it is normal on a Friday or Saturday night to see people in parks peeing on trees🤷🏼‍♂️ you won’t get fined for that… although it is illegal to urinate in the city🤔 but the fine is like 15€ 😂😂
Naracchi & Saracchi
Naracchi & Saracchi 5 gün önce
@Kolasom Isn't it amazing the turnaround between the 2 country's compared to WWII, just like our operator friend mentioned at 10:46 Germany are the good people now and England is just full of hooligans. Gotta love the commitment these people put in to stopping all this crime.
Asator 10 gün önce
@Kolasom I'm glad to hear that.
Kolasom 11 gün önce
Also had 3 years in Hawaii. I hated it. Nice weather, nice location, but horrible people. 😣
Kolasom 11 gün önce
In the Air Force I spent 3 years in England and 3 years in Germany. I very, very much preferred Germany!!
Narmer61 Aylar önce
Yes isnt it wunderbar wie BigBrother protects the proles! We love you Big Brother !
Peter Stromboli
Peter Stromboli Aylar önce
England is slowly becoming a police state and it's absolutely hilarious. Next they're gonna install microphones in the streets and arrest you for telling jokes...oh wait.
Mason Paris
Mason Paris Aylar önce
“You’ve had a wee on the pavement!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 💀
SuGirl abk
SuGirl abk Aylar önce
100% Peanuts
100% Peanuts Aylar önce
Chris Kopec
Chris Kopec Aylar önce
Blessings to all
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s Aylar önce
I love this series I wish we could watch it like I o my crime who’s on repeat here in the USA
Matthew Hartley
Matthew Hartley Aylar önce
The poor thing is Britain's recording everybody that's why most countries and states don't even have security cameras cuz you're violating privacy
Christopher Meisner
Christopher Meisner Aylar önce
No expectation of privacy walking around on the public streets in public. Private businesses use them all the time, I don't people upset over that.
Randy Carter
Randy Carter Aylar önce
Love this show
Vincent Mattocks
Vincent Mattocks Aylar önce
God Bless you all Good work
3l3 Aylar önce
What's y'all battery at? Mine is 63%
Ali a. Tj
Ali a. Tj Aylar önce
Free PLASTINA GAZ isizrael
Supersonic Hamster USA America
Supersonic Hamster USA America Aylar önce
We need more of this in the US. Cameras are the best.
i dont like you
i dont like you Aylar önce
@Christopher Meisner that movement is wack ngl
Christopher Meisner
Christopher Meisner Aylar önce
But BLM wants to Defund police........
SeoulBeats x 822
SeoulBeats x 822 Aylar önce
Absolutely!! Where are the taxes being spent rather than on public security and cameras?!
Hans Mollon
Hans Mollon Aylar önce
*"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now"* I consider this to be best motivational quote I've heard in a very long time. But motivational quotes are useless if you don't practice what you preach*
Nikolai Hermansen
Nikolai Hermansen Aylar önce
Nice scams people. Now shut up bots.
Josephine Aylar önce
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mia Aylar önce
mia Aylar önce
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十𝟭𝟰𝟯𝟬𝟴𝟬𝟴𝟳𝟯𝟰𝟲 Aylar önce
Thank you guys for this. I just looked him up on google and impressed with the information I came across.
Nader. Aylar önce
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Bright’s Railfanning and More
Bright’s Railfanning and More Aylar önce
Second, and don't start a fight, I,always refresh after commenting.
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