Why Passenger Airplanes Get Ripped Apart Mid-Flight | Mayday: Science of Disaster | Wonder

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Pressurisation failure and explosive decompression have caused some of the worst air disasters to date. BOAC Flight 781, South African Airways Flight 201, Aloha Airlines Flight 243, British Airways Flight 5390, United Airlines Flight 811 and Helios Airways Flight 522 have all suffered from pressure issues causing severe fatalities.

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This special looked at accidents and incidents where pressurization failure or explosive decompression played a part.

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Butchcub75 13 saatler önce
Funny they didnt mention the DC10's rear cargo door..
George Jessop
George Jessop Gün önce
I'd rather take the train.
How mathematicians create maths
How mathematicians create maths 4 gün önce
I have calculated it once: the chance to die of an airplane in the west is about one to a million per average flight. So this means you need about 2 million flights in the west to have a significant chance of dying from it. And on an average flight in nonwestern countries the chance to die per average flight is about 1 to 250.000. so about 4 times higher than in the West due to putting economy above life.
StarStriker 4 gün önce
The videos of the planes just disintegrating in mid air is kinda disturbing, like there was just nothing left of it, that’s kinda scary.
wynott givemore92
wynott givemore92 13 gün önce
I like these doc's,he this is the first time I've heard them say ,what I've been thinking all my life... Where we shouldn't be,or was it have no business being...oh where we were never meant to be... Well you'll never meat me there.😢😔😢
abc def
abc def 14 gün önce
at 35:41 aluminium c shaped latch lock.. the design failure, it is more like human failure. they knew this kind of lock would not hold the force for long. but they went ahead and applied it. it is like microsoft windows, it is the user's responsibility to find the bugs.
FLAMEsnipr12 15 gün önce
I did a research paper and presentation on the De Havilland Comet for my CADD and Engineering Shop in High School, one thing that was its greatest flaw was the shape of its windows (which are Square shaped, compared to the round/circular shaped windows on airplanes no)
Amelia R. Wilder
Amelia R. Wilder 16 gün önce
Dont know why but I love the sound of the word 'fuselage'.
Olivia King
Olivia King 18 gün önce
I love the outro
cibetka76 18 gün önce
Why didnt the silly flight attendant of Hellios use oxygen bottle on pilot? He could have saved the plane.
Joe Kyser
Joe Kyser 18 gün önce
50 minutes to explain that the answer is the pressure difference working the metal?
MMO Archives
MMO Archives 19 gün önce
decompression is what causes aircraft to explode from the inside out, it happened a lot with pre-commercial era of commercial planes, back then, they didn't know you needed compressed air to fly higher altitudes, wasn't until the 60s the technology was developed to make it happen but was very flawed, so there were deaths
Aimee Bauer
Aimee Bauer 19 gün önce
I have watched this like 50x and every single time I scream an exploitive in my head when Tim blasts out the window!
Ssemwogerere Solomon
Ssemwogerere Solomon 13 gün önce
Cory Challice
Cory Challice 19 gün önce
Maybe because they are aluminum ?
Ricardo Van Houten
Ricardo Van Houten 19 gün önce
why are there 9 videos hidden?
tamonettX500 22 gün önce
My god, can you imagine holding that oxygen mask to your face, hoping you will make it out alive, not knowing that no one is flying the plane :O
Halcyon Outlander
Halcyon Outlander 23 gün önce
46:42 It is Packard from The Office.
xri sta
xri sta 24 gün önce
Helios most has kids back from holiday in Cyprus
E D 25 gün önce
Back then, the Campbells stole secret documents to force the NTSB to actually fix the problem they knew about. Today, they would have been prosecuted for stealing top secret documents and spent their lives in prison.
W Armstrong
W Armstrong 26 gün önce
An automatic decent to 10K feet by the auto pilot following a persistent/ignored pressurization warning might help. That or a vocalized warning at least.
Macklemost 28 gün önce
Am I the only one who thought the term metal fatigue was fairly easy to understand? Guys talking about it sounding exotic and using some analogy to explain it when it means exactly what it sounds like
Brenda wiener
Brenda wiener Aylar önce
How is it that rapid decompression on one flight ruptures lungs yet not on another?
ExoticJam Aylar önce
I thought that NIGEL OGDEN steward looked familiar and he was! Glad I knew the reference based on the previous videos.
Tudor Dumitrescu
Tudor Dumitrescu Aylar önce
bro i love the new intro, keep it going!
Senol Demir
Senol Demir Aylar önce
Turkisch air lines is the best in the universe
Aviation Plus
Aviation Plus Aylar önce
My teacher was supposed to be on That flight after it landed wow
LTLGamer1 Aylar önce
So, is Wonder now allowed to air all of season 4 or just the compilations of previous crashes covered so far?
Todd Hollerson
Todd Hollerson Aylar önce
20 years on the L-1011. Bring them back.
PageTurning Priestess
PageTurning Priestess Aylar önce
I am glad that the earlier man mentioned how much we take aviation safety for granted. It really is a miracle that many planes land safely on a daily basis. After watching documentaries and reading about plane crashes for a while, I've grown to respect all of the people involved who make flying safe. Even the tiniest parts or decisions going wrong can lead to disaster. Every time I see a plane landing safely on my work commute (which is by the airport), it is both a relief and amazing to look at.
NewFound Offroads
NewFound Offroads Gün önce
@Colin Campbell h
NewFound Offroads
NewFound Offroads Gün önce
@Colin Campbell 😉
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell 17 gün önce
I think it’s so awesome that I can wake up in Ecuador and that same day sleep in my own bed in Toronto.. Huge respect for the aircraft of today
keri caye
keri caye Aylar önce
well now I'm depressed
Mouse 810
Mouse 810 Aylar önce
Why can’t I watch Mayday Series 4? It says 9 unavailable videos are hidden
Larry Knoesel
Larry Knoesel Aylar önce
Aren't we just Guinea pigs For all the things we do!?
69 🅱️obux
69 🅱️obux Aylar önce
its the things you chose to do, guinea pigs were like forced to do things, they didn't really have a choice
S Starklite
S Starklite Aylar önce
All crashes show us that we should not fly so much, and we definitely should not drive as much. And we definitely should eat less. And SAVE every penny you can because you’ll definitely need it later on because capitalists are eliminating all jobs with automation because there’s nothing that robots can nor do.
ederss7 Aylar önce
United Airlines Flight 811: this is the real Boeing, people. If you thought that the "old" Boeing was different than the "new" Boeing (after the merge with MD), then you don't know history.
Space Potato
Space Potato Aylar önce
the boeing 737 is the most popular aircraft *cuts to video of an airbus A320*
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson Aylar önce
ANSWER: Explosive decompression.
Palanthis Aylar önce
It's pronounced "He Lo". I was in Hawaii when that happened.
fred flintstoner
fred flintstoner Aylar önce
Mrs Richards: "I paid for a room with a view!" Basil: (pointing to the lovely view) "That is Torquay, Madam." Mrs Richards: "It's not good enough!" Basil: "May I ask what you were expecting to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House, perhaps? the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically past?..." Mrs Richards: "Don't be silly! I expect to be able to see the sea!" Basil: "You can see the sea, it's over there between the land and the sky." Mrs Richards: "I'm not satisfied. But I shall stay. But I expect a reduction." Basil: "Why?! Because Krakatoa's not erupting at the moment?
ginger elvira
ginger elvira Aylar önce
I can only think of ONE instance..the aloha plane
Andrew Hostynski
Andrew Hostynski Aylar önce
As Tom Clark points out below, the aircraft is pressurised with air. Not oxygen. Apart from this mistake and the abrupt video ending, this is a well presented documentary.
Soffity Aylar önce
The Aloha flight was so lucky the flying pieces of metal didn’t take the tail off or whatever. Fortune was on their side that day as well as all the crew doing a stellar job.
Soffity 29 gün önce
@Laura Kristine if the cockpit had fallen off there is no way the plane would still be flying, however I’m sure when you’re in that sort of situation all logic goes out the window and your so terrified you can’t think. It’s an amazing event isn’t it. Those pilots and the flight attendant were real hero’s.
Laura Kristine
Laura Kristine 29 gün önce
I remember seeing a longer documentary about this (I think it was the same show just an episode dedicated to that disaster) and the passengers basically weren't even sure if they still had a captain until the plane started to bank, heading for an airport on Maui. One of the passengers said the relief he felt then was insane because they couldn't even tell if the cockpit was still attached, let alone if they still had pilots. Crazy. I can't imagine going through something like that! Major props to the crew for sure. Moment of silence for CB Lansing, the flight attendant who was lost during the decompression.
Mark Reyes
Mark Reyes Aylar önce
We had a plane crash here in Texas and 21 passengers survived. It was headed to Boston. The crash scene looks like no one made it.
Mark Reyes
Mark Reyes Aylar önce
All passengers survived I meant
Theresa Williams
Theresa Williams Aylar önce
Theresa Williams
Theresa Williams 12 gün önce
@Helper Thank you 😊
Helper 13 gün önce
Suki McAvoy
Suki McAvoy Aylar önce
Isn't the pressurization switch on the check list ? I am wondering what kind of trainings these Helios pilots received... ? Getting a pressurization warning and not grapping the oxygen mask or checking the switches related to the system...
Meredith Anderson
Meredith Anderson Aylar önce
Being in airplane maintenance must be so stressful! So many seemingly little things can cause accidents!
Indominusbyte Computadoras
Indominusbyte Computadoras Aylar önce
CyloXD Aylar önce
This ended abruptly
Michelle Quintia VLOGS
Michelle Quintia VLOGS Aylar önce
Where’s the ending tho? 😩😩😩
Paul Combee
Paul Combee Aylar önce
I have seen when the wrong bolts landing gear ⚙️ assembly caused the gear to jam in the wheel well The bolt's we're too long and hung up in the edge of the opening in the Wheel well . So the pilot did dives to attempt to shake the gear down 👇 It finely came down 🔻 and locked in place ... Just the worng size can be a dangerous situation .. It's the little things that end up becoming a desaster ....
DrSysOp Aylar önce
Missing the end of show was cut off
Paul Combee
Paul Combee Aylar önce
A very small crack can't be seen By the naked eye 👀 You can perform a spot dye check ,Or a Ziglow Test . it is semuler to an x-ray for metal 🪙 ....
Paul Combee
Paul Combee Aylar önce
Cracks are extremely dangerous. Aircraft taking off and landing works the Aluminum back and forth like a can being worked back and forth until it becomes a big crack .. and so forth ... a minor fix for cracks is simple stop drilling at the end of the crack stops it's travel ... But the big problem with cracks ,is the ability to find them before that become a big issue ...
Paul Combee
Paul Combee Aylar önce
Man was never intended to 🕊️ fly ..We our out of natural habitat . I worked many years in the Aircraft industry. The pressure inside the cabin is keep stable artificially . Round windows help keep the the shape of a circle . This eliminate a square with four sharp edges ..⬜ window 🪟 vs 🏐 Any crack will travel , like a Beer can bring worked back an forth until it breaks ...
Garmbreak1 Aylar önce
26:00 Wait, I recall that differently and Wikipedia backs me up. The bolts that had previously been used were also incorrect and the maintenance guy found some of the same size.
Knucklehead 25 gün önce
Wikipedia really isn't a good source of information.
ZachElrodGaming Aylar önce
Can we maybe get an episode on United Airlines Flight 93? For those who don't know, Flight 93 was one of the 4 planes hijacked on 9/11, that was taken back by the passengers, and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.
Elisheva Jones
Elisheva Jones Aylar önce
The narrator is mispronouncing the name of the Hawaiian city, Hilo. It's pronounced "Heelo."
sirenxtv1nw Williams
sirenxtv1nw Williams Aylar önce
thare has just ben a airplane crach today
Eric Gathirwa
Eric Gathirwa Aylar önce
spooky stuff. Is quitting flying an option?
Jo Don Lee
Jo Don Lee Aylar önce
Finally..... a Mayday video hopefully another series
Tagabukid Ko Vlogs
Tagabukid Ko Vlogs Aylar önce
"Mayday" Episode is my favorite documentary in Wonder. I miss the "I Shouldn't Be Alive" Series.
Osvaldo Castro
Osvaldo Castro 3 gün önce
@Linda Holmes {Leeper, McGee} LiziiEIuKl de dkksqiqiioo
Tagabukid Ko Vlogs
Tagabukid Ko Vlogs 25 gün önce
@E D LOL I didn't realized that hahaha....thanks for the info....I'm on my way to AGT 🤣😂🤐🤭😅😁
Tagabukid Ko Vlogs
Tagabukid Ko Vlogs 25 gün önce
@Linda Holmes {Leeper, McGee} I think we should do a protest so they would bring back the I've Shouldn't Be Alive series Lol
E D 25 gün önce
I think they renamed it America’s got talent.
Linda Holmes {Leeper, McGee}
Linda Holmes {Leeper, McGee} Aylar önce
Me too 😊
dchegu Aylar önce
If only the Malaysian air force was sent to check mh370 once it deviated from its original flight path. Like the Greeks with the Helios flight. Then we would have known what was really happening.
Mataiyasi Sega
Mataiyasi Sega Aylar önce
Just imagine getting suck out of a plane
Wang Wang
Wang Wang Aylar önce
UA deserved it.
Darkkfated Aylar önce
Does this really even need to be asked? Modern jet aircraft are giant, pressurized aluminum cans with wings, with tons of weight inside them, being hurled through the air at half the speed of sound for hours on end. There's a lot that can go wrong there, don't you think?
Who Ever
Who Ever Aylar önce
I wonder how many centuries it will take until people who create buildings realize that windows with corners can also cause similar points of failure in buildings during an earthquake. I'm better we'll make our own species extinct before anyone with the power to do anything about this actual realizes it and does something.
Hiroka Akita
Hiroka Akita Aylar önce
Mayday: Air Crash Investigation, you only forgot one more accident. JAL 123. But... man... i'm happy that airplanes are way too safe today. But, it's sad that, all these safety measures, were written with blood.
DARA CELIS Aylar önce
excellent information on all the advances that are being made over time to make airplanes safer and safer.
Vikrant Katta
Vikrant Katta Aylar önce
Incomplete video?? ended in the middle of the air crash investigation 🧐
Vikrant Katta
Vikrant Katta 13 gün önce
@Helper Great 👍
Helper 13 gün önce
Aaron Austrie
Aaron Austrie Aylar önce
Watching this video makes me remember watching the documentary of TWA Flight 800 back in 1996 which crashed in the Atlantic
Sahil Prakash
Sahil Prakash Aylar önce
Aloha Airlines Flight 243, 1988 United Airlines Flight 811, 1989 British Airways Flight 5390, 1990
Aaron Austrie
Aaron Austrie Aylar önce
I always wonder why this happens to Airplanes too!
Aaron Austrie
Aaron Austrie Aylar önce
Interesting topic guys!
cing earth cingearth
cing earth cingearth Aylar önce
Was waiting to service this plane when it landed but it never made it !
Robert Drake
Robert Drake Aylar önce
Video crashed before it was over.
CYCLE LIFE. I learned about this years ago when I was looking at titanium mountain bike frames. I flew ONCE in my life. I’m not tempting fate. I’ll walk. MYTH BUSTERS Did a video about this.
Gisele Strauch
Gisele Strauch Aylar önce
is miracle this works
bigdmac33 Aylar önce
I just wonder about the staff training. Are they trained to spot signs of trouble like depressurization? Would they then talk to the flight crew? Increasingly, cabin staff are getting more demands put on them. It's not just about serving food and drink, or dealing with the odd heart attack. Their training should reflect the various scenarios that may occur during a flight such as, for example, depressurization. Even if they are incorrect in their assessment, at least by contacting the flight crew, it will alert the flight crew to a potential problem, if they aren't aware of it already. Ineffective communication is at the core of so many of these accidents.
69 🅱️obux
69 🅱️obux Aylar önce
they are trained to deal with flight problems, and the pilots are trained to properly handle them and make a safe emergency landing
AlanXyz Aylar önce
Pt.2 ASAP!
Sreerag R Prasad
Sreerag R Prasad Aylar önce
Thank you Wonder for bringing this amazing series back up and running ❤️
Sreerag R Prasad
Sreerag R Prasad Aylar önce
@kera this is a compilation of all the accidents which happened with planes ripping apart with rapid depressurization. So technically its not a re-upload, it's a Special Report.
kera Aylar önce
isn't this a re-upload or am I tripping?
Marlin thaya
Marlin thaya Aylar önce
I really missed it.....
STAR • KANN Aylar önce
I’ve faced so much turbulence I can understand how it feels
Kiril Mihaylov
Kiril Mihaylov 11 gün önce
How much
Tom Clark
Tom Clark Aylar önce
Although the aircraft fusalge is pressurized, it's not pressurized with oxygen. It is pressurized with the same air that surrounds us all, only about 20% oxygen, and over 70% nitrogen and other trace gasses. So stop saying oxygen, and just call it air.
Side Comment
Side Comment Aylar önce
Imagine pumping 100% oxygen on a pressurize fuselage. Everybody would eventually die.
Magnus Aylar önce
Bleiglanz Aylar önce
Thank you for saying it, I only thought but you said😀
Cathy Brigham
Cathy Brigham Aylar önce
Did they return the files after?
Keaton Aylar önce
Literally can't imagine how passengers having this scariest experienced in flight when plane ripped apart in airspace. Especially Aloha 243, one passenger thrown out from the plane when plane ripped apart. This is the scariest experience through the flight.
Martin Warne
Martin Warne Aylar önce
I seen the full length version and apparently one of the passengers seen a crack when boarding and neglected to report it as I was not important.
Daisy Boatwala -Sidhva
Daisy Boatwala -Sidhva Aylar önce
Shocking! But who took the picture of the pilot lying on the head of the plane while it was in the air? 🤔. It would have to be another plane with a photographer /videographer to take that picture of the sucked out pilot!
Charles Nicholson
Charles Nicholson Aylar önce
It is a reconstruction.
John George
John George Aylar önce
Lecia Dee
Lecia Dee Aylar önce
Safer? How safe, I don't trust plane's.
Helper 13 gün önce
@69 🅱️obux well the airline still cut a few corners on maintanance
69 🅱️obux
69 🅱️obux Aylar önce
safer then cars, these happen ages ago when airliners were crappy at maintenance
Erika Wedemeyer
Erika Wedemeyer Aylar önce
Flying is safer than driving
Titan Aylar önce
These all happened ages ago
Sully Aylar önce
I was already afraid of flying... thanks
Sneaky South
Sneaky South Aylar önce
Pilots no doing there preflight checks and coast people lives. Very important. Was not the mechanics fault. The flight crew is at fault. Shame on them for Blaming an engineer.
69 🅱️obux
69 🅱️obux Aylar önce
pilots aren't mechanics, they can't fix cracks, the mechanics would have to
walkeronair Aylar önce
Why do I watch these? They are terrifying
Sushil Joshi
Sushil Joshi Aylar önce
I watched all these full length episodes at wonder. All were breathtaking. I hope wonder will bring more new episodes in this series.
sirenxtv1nw Williams
sirenxtv1nw Williams Aylar önce
do unied airlines flight 232
Godwin Isaac
Godwin Isaac Aylar önce
High Low Airport 🤡💀
Moto Mom
Moto Mom Aylar önce
I worked for United in engine maintenance...we at one time down planes that flew with a 737 because the fan blades where "kicking" during flight.
Moto Mom
Moto Mom Aylar önce
drmdarsh09 Aylar önce
I just downloaded this with 2gb and now it’s here Are you kidding me
Global Sports
Global Sports Aylar önce
The pan am 103, bomb explosion over lockerbie, scotland. 21st december 1988
Titan Aylar önce
The Itavia DC-9 bombing over the Mediterranean sea in 1980
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez Aylar önce
Bad maintenance.
Garvit Agarwal
Garvit Agarwal Aylar önce
le me watching this on a flight
Nash Az
Nash Az Aylar önce
OK now I'm sure this series is sponsored by Airbus. This is a classic case of DOs (the Airbus way), and the DO NOTs (the Boeing way)
Rasika Upamali
Rasika Upamali Aylar önce
Finally I can watch this
Jagadheep_Reddy Aylar önce
Don't make the air crash videos unavailable in India Most of them are here only for that
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