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Pilots that fly in the coldest parts of the world have a code, 40/40/40, the trifecta of no-fly weather. The temperature is minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the air, on the ground and at the flight's destination. These sub-zero temperatures cause lethal flying conditions The pilots encounter the menace of wind shear at notorious Bear Rock and now that the Turkish waterbomber deal has gone through, it's up to lead mechanic Cory Dodd to turn two lightweight, summertime planes into aircraft able to withstand the rigours of a North Atlantic flight in the middle of a brutal winter.

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Buffalo Airways is an airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. They mainly fly WWII-era piston powered propeller planes in minus 40 degrees and land on tiny strips of tarmac in the tundra.

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00:00 Introduction
04:30 Trans Atlantic Water Bomber
18:00 Sub-Zero Engine Repair
26:30 Freezing Engine Fails Mid-Flight
34:37 Flying Into Brutal Wind Shear

DarkAngelGuyver 7 gün önce
Feels weird seeing this. I've dispatched on -45C days, pretty sure I remember seeing Buffalo operating during it too, granted it's now a good few years on since when this was shot
Fintintiny 12 gün önce
Freezers to keep the food warm... thats a first
Dani 13 gün önce
Hun i would check your push rods Its sound like a push rod please check that.
Bryan Watkins
Bryan Watkins 16 gün önce
Love this show.
Soul Flyer
Soul Flyer 18 gün önce
This series is so addictive
Mark Nairn
Mark Nairn 24 gün önce
Joe looks like a country western star from the 60's
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house 26 gün önce
That mechanic is freaking awesome. I could NOT do that job. Amazing
Es Pr
Es Pr Aylar önce
Love those planes but could never live in such low temperetures 🥶🥶🥶
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Aylar önce
Great show and even greater people…
westernstar4964 Aylar önce
Did she say the freezers are full too?
Moriah Ventures
Moriah Ventures Aylar önce
I don't know how one would break a pushrod.
Kevin Petzer
Kevin Petzer Aylar önce
Im amazed and happy to see these Daks still flying!!😊
Maverick 7
Maverick 7 2 aylar önce
Minus 40 and the fridge is packed.........? Leave it outside :-)
Softail77us 2 aylar önce
Very nice views of the green pickle. I wonder what they call it.. The sounds are awesome too. Starting up especially, and running, muffled sounds in the distance.. big pistons are awesome. If that rubber hose went bad 50 hours later than when it did, Turkeys would've had a failure on their new plane as soon as they got it.
sonichuizcool 2 aylar önce
These planes are clearly in the wrong hands. Either all this is to drum up drama and tension or these people have no clue what they are doing. None of these planes are air worthy if you take what you are told at face value. Yes, these planes are old.. very very old. Both I have experience with and grew up around.. the problems they are having point to incompetence. But when properly maintained they are amazingly safe. These guys are like shade tree mechanics. I wouldn't trust them with a paper airplane.
Softail77us 2 aylar önce
He replaced a push rod in less than an hour! Outside! Standing on a ladder in 40 below zero weather so cold the oil freezes and gets sticky? What? I wonder if he could change a crank bearing..
David Lefkovits
David Lefkovits 2 aylar önce
David Lefkovits
David Lefkovits 2 aylar önce
karen atha
karen atha 2 aylar önce
I was hoping this was more about the water bombers. Like the title?
Softail77us 2 aylar önce
I have no idea what to search for to see more.
Superfly 2 aylar önce
I build airplanes for a living in Wichita, KS (20 years at Cessna, now at Boeing[Spirit]). I love hearing about and watching pilots and their lives with the planes. ❤
Softail77us 2 aylar önce
My bro in law is from around there. He said if you grew up there you were either a tin bender and rivet popper (I forget the exact wording) or a banker. He ended up working in Dallas remodeling jets for other countries that had more relaxed laws regarding mods.
GO NAVY 2 aylar önce
Well it's 40 below and I don't give a .... Got a heater in my truck. I think David Allen Coe had it right. ✌️
David 2 aylar önce
Obama caused the recession one of the worst. Now Biden who stole an election is doing worse. No way Biden was popular enough to beat President Trump who had more votes than any President in history. More people voted in this election than are registered voters.
pen friend
pen friend 2 aylar önce
Now, that's work!
Paul White
Paul White 2 aylar önce
Theresa Tyler
Theresa Tyler 2 aylar önce
YAY...."Hold onto your hats boys...!!!"
Drake 2 aylar önce
I wonder it's -40 in Celsius or Fahrenheit hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Drake 2 aylar önce
Doing anything in -40 is cray cray
KC in DC
KC in DC 2 aylar önce
Did I read that correctly? That Adam Smith is 24 years old, with 12 years of experience?? Wow
earth346 weather
earth346 weather 2 aylar önce
You never know A 12 year old who got a early start could be a case that happened You never know
Garage built SS
Garage built SS 2 aylar önce
That 40,40,40 would shut half the world down year round🤣🤣🤣 dramatic much!?!?
DarkAngelGuyver 7 gün önce
Not much of the world hits -40C on the regular, my dude. At least not places with much population :P
Dingles Dougles
Dingles Dougles 2 aylar önce
What's the private video of this list ????
Dingles Dougles
Dingles Dougles 2 aylar önce
When is the year of these stories
Mei Kei
Mei Kei 2 aylar önce
seems relatively recent, they talked about covid
kathy babienco
kathy babienco 2 aylar önce
Hope everyone is ok from the storm. They can be nasty. Love the little lambies.
Aaron St Michel
Aaron St Michel 2 aylar önce
Add more episodes please🙏🏻 love this show
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why did you disable your newest video for my country? now I cant see it, please put it back on.
Kerem Ozurun
Kerem Ozurun 2 aylar önce
When is the next episode due?
Touchofgrey53 2 aylar önce
18 cylinder? Are you sure it's not a 9 cylinder engine?
Jean Milette
Jean Milette 2 aylar önce
Nothing like constant life or death drama to spice things up.I ll spare the details. Flying the north in winter requires that you pay attention to be sure but this comes across as a bad fiction Hollywood movie. As fòr the ferry flights across the Atlantic, these are done almost daily and have been fòr many years.
Fista Divi Amesia
Fista Divi Amesia 2 aylar önce
Hey wonder. Wheres the next episode of air crash investigation?
KoikoiDadx 2 aylar önce
Thursday!!!!! Now it's the third week and i don't see "Plane Crash Investigation" 😔😔 am running low without that series
Allan Davis
Allan Davis 2 aylar önce
I am sat hear thinking 💭 wtf are these people on, how can you find the courage to fly these old crates, they must either have a death wish or they are just plane ✈️ crazy. The amount of rules and regulations they must be breaking is beyond belief, ok, I realise that they provide almost an emergency lifeline to remote settlements, but, they should surly have better equipment and especially aircraft, aircraft that are designed for this kind of environmental conditions.
Jean Milette
Jean Milette 2 aylar önce
You haven't a clue of what you're talking about.
PilsPlease 2 aylar önce
mono man
mono man 2 aylar önce
next please.
Derkie Alfonso
Derkie Alfonso 2 aylar önce
Ice Pilots NWT always show their planes breaking down or on the verge of breaking down. I wonder how these planes pass inspection from Canada's civil aviation authority?
Mei Kei
Mei Kei 2 aylar önce
@Avery Teoda ahh thats not good. i was thinking they broke down frequently cos they're so old and fragile
Avery Teoda
Avery Teoda 2 aylar önce
They didn't, during and after this show's filming. They got shut down for a while due to their maintenance practices. I think they're back in operation now, but I imagine their business took a big hit.
blxck snxke
blxck snxke 2 aylar önce
i thought this was about kids throwing water bombs in winter lol
boring__boi 2 aylar önce
3:34 that cat loooollll
boring__boi 2 aylar önce
I don't know why but I just love the intro sing for Buffalo Airways I can listen it whole dat :) kind of nostalgia
chris reyes
chris reyes 2 aylar önce
Shout out to the camera crew too!
Frank Unknown
Frank Unknown 2 aylar önce
Wonder! This channel is copying all your videos! trpost.net/tools/eRxxz9ByOqdd8A-0iF_Idg.html. They have given your channel 0 credit as far as I have seen. They have even cut out your Wonder intro but changed the entire name of the video.
Fista Divi Amesia
Fista Divi Amesia 2 aylar önce
Oh yeah i made a mistake. Only air crash investigations were made by national geographic.
Frank Unknown
Frank Unknown 2 aylar önce
@Fista Divi Amesia I just searched Water Bombers - National Geographic, the only results were about bomb fishing, scuba diving etc etc.
Frank Unknown
Frank Unknown 2 aylar önce
@Fista Divi Amesia Can you send me a link of one of the videos from national geographic and put on this channel?
Fista Divi Amesia
Fista Divi Amesia 2 aylar önce
You dont understand. These shows were actually made by national geographic and these channels had permission to release their episodes to youtube.
TheJapanChannelDcom 2 aylar önce
Old Joe uses those cool aircraft to be a slave driver over the pilots. Paid only for hours in the air? Pretty rude.
Eric Church
Eric Church Aylar önce
Flight attendants for major airlines are the same. It seems be normal practice in commercial aviation.
Bip 2 aylar önce
Could water bombers have been used on 9/11?
Jun Ren Ong
Jun Ren Ong 2 aylar önce
Not really. The weight of the water will exert so much force that it will destroy the buildings ...... including the surrounding buildings.
Jay R
Jay R 2 aylar önce
scoundrel 2 aylar önce
The canadain accents are super thick I love it
Softail77us 23 gün önce
Why do Canadians think they're part of the English monarchy or get all animated whenever it's brought up? My sister lives in Vancouver and even she is like that.
Alexander Nitsiza
Alexander Nitsiza 24 gün önce
You know too us dene of the valley they sound like Harvard grads my peoples are where the deep Canadian accent really is
David Bokovay
David Bokovay Aylar önce
Ever thick ehhhhh
Softail77us 2 aylar önce
The pronunciation of the letter 'O' sounds funny.
Robert Wren
Robert Wren 2 aylar önce
Very smart to go around and live to fly another day.
J Minecraft world
J Minecraft world 2 aylar önce
why do you only upload in the us please make it available in fiji
DJ Rommy Balibalita
DJ Rommy Balibalita 2 aylar önce
This show is amazing 🤩 I can’t get enough of this 😊❤️🐻
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 2 aylar önce
I was hanging out for this one, can't wait for the next either.
1DrakoBoss Official
1DrakoBoss Official 2 aylar önce
trpost.net/down/r7OQlqBko6iEaNA/video.html J walk
Football highlights
Football highlights 2 aylar önce
TBC Virginia
TBC Virginia 2 aylar önce
TBC Virginia
TBC Virginia 2 aylar önce
Softail77us 2 aylar önce
Where is the one of them flying across the Atlantic or is there one? I have no idea what keywords to search for. I just stumbled in. I assume it's a tv series of some kind. They probably got their idea from Deadliest Catch or something like that.
TBC Virginia
TBC Virginia 2 aylar önce
TBC Virginia
TBC Virginia 2 aylar önce
J Minecraft world
J Minecraft world 2 aylar önce
why do you not upload mayday in my area?
Nightrose 2 aylar önce
@Wonder 😔
Wonder 2 aylar önce
New series of mayday still comes out every thursday but is only viewable in U.S. and Canada
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott 2 aylar önce
My cousin kissing her husband always worrying about him flying a330s and 777s, the most advanced planes in world while he make 300 bucks an hour, sht, might be more. Yeah, he's so brave. While, I can't even imagine this
Colin Ward
Colin Ward 2 aylar önce
Just be grateful he doesnt fly 737 max....death traps!
boombox 2 aylar önce
Can't believe there weren't icicles hanging off their sprayers and they nearly lost an airplane
Ken Belmont
Ken Belmont 2 aylar önce
@Scott Dore Well then bless you.
Scott Dore
Scott Dore 2 aylar önce
@Ken Belmont I live in maine and I've had icicles hanging off my mustache while firefighting in super cold weather
Avery Teoda
Avery Teoda 2 aylar önce
@Ken Belmont I haven't lived in cold weather climates much, but I've seen icicles form on my own hair when it's super cold. It depends on the local climate, I think; both places where this happened (North Dakota and Minnesota) had similar climates.
Ken Belmont
Ken Belmont 2 aylar önce
No but there were icicles on the guy's mustache when he got out to fix the backfiring engine! That was just so phony. This whole episode was clearly just made for entertainment purposes. I've lived in Canada all my life and I've been in -40 degree weather many times and I've never seen a man's mustache form icicles like that!!
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott 2 aylar önce
I feel like such a bisssshhhh when I watch shows like these. I start calling out of work when it drops below 60 degrees and god forbid if I had to do real physical, challenging work. I did, but it might as well never happened, as it's been so long ago
jim smith
jim smith 2 aylar önce
Mechanic age 24 with 12 years of service.
Lascelles Reid-Barlow
Lascelles Reid-Barlow 17 gün önce
I saw that and was wtf, guess it’s c46 high school
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott 2 aylar önce
They were born pissing wd40 with a torque wrench for a dinky.
Zachary Fryer
Zachary Fryer 2 aylar önce
Paul miller
Paul miller 2 aylar önce
I do their cabin heaters. Try to give them the best product possible.
C H A F F . G
C H A F F . G Aylar önce
@Paul miller super cool, thanks for these comments.
Paul miller
Paul miller 2 aylar önce
@Softail77us Single engine aircraft use exhaust manifold baffeling for heat as it is a short and direct channel through the firewall to the cabin. It's very effective. Cabin class twins that are turbocharged fly at higher altitudes and pumping exhaust heat from engines located out board from the cabin doesn't work. Turbo charging and pressurization (30'000 FEET) require gas fired combustion heaters.
Softail77us 2 aylar önce
@Paul miller Does the cabin air get warmed via the exhaust manifold? Kinda like a volkswagen beetle except without the fumes?
Paul miller
Paul miller 2 aylar önce
@Softail77us This aircraft was originally powered by a radial engine. (Gasoline powered) they went to turbine power for more performance not to mention lighter weight. I do both heaters for these aircraft but the turbine powered aircraft is what i see in my shop. The heater is for the cockpit only. I also do heaters for the DC6/7 for operators in Canada and Alaska. Buffalo are now operating more advanced aircraft
Softail77us 2 aylar önce
@Paul miller What do the Buffalo have?
ScottGameDev 2 aylar önce
Ayy i was waiting for this video
Colin Ward
Colin Ward 2 aylar önce
Lol that it was an issue the freezers were getting full....erm its minus 40 outside...
CrazyWarriorsCatFan 2 aylar önce
Griffin Hayes
Griffin Hayes 2 aylar önce
osinachi 2 aylar önce
First person to comment
Wow...Great feat many congratulations..
DaDealPlug 2 aylar önce
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