Crossing The Dangerous Southern Alps With 19th Century Climbing Gear | First Crossings | Wonder

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Kevin & Jamie take on Whitcombe and Lauper's deadly 1862 first crossing of the colossal Southern Alps, entering the mountains with only blankets, swags and basic nineteenth century climbing gear. Negotiating extreme terrain, and fighting treacherous weather conditions, to show you what happens when they take on one of the most challenging and dangerous landscapes in the world.

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Chad Scholten
Chad Scholten 3 gün önce
It doesn’t look like their shoes were period correct!
Doug Fogarty
Doug Fogarty 6 gün önce
They definitely have outside help. There's no way they crossed that cliff without the crew helping them. You can see the cuts in the film where they received help. Remember, there's a whole crew there probably 10 or twenty experienced men. These guys are making a joke out of dangerous situation. Young kids are going to try and copy them and get hurt bad. There no different than Steve Erwin.
Doug Fogarty
Doug Fogarty 6 gün önce
These two blokes think hiking is a joke
Out of Compliance
Out of Compliance 10 gün önce
Notice the cameraman has no problem with the crossing.
Rowen Heeter
Rowen Heeter 11 gün önce
Hope everyone reading this has a great day 😁
Marc H
Marc H 11 gün önce
Moonlight_cloud 11 gün önce
Why did you guys delete « I shouldn’t be alive » episodes here on youtube ? They were so good :/
MahiMahi715 11 gün önce
This is the best channel on YT
D* Strong
D* Strong 11 gün önce
Great content! Love this channel. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!
Tilak Malla
Tilak Malla 11 gün önce
Paul Suprono
Paul Suprono 11 gün önce
I could only guess the strategic technical difficulties doing this into video . . . both on, during, and after completion of this TREK ! 😎 🇺🇸
Art. Demirjian
Art. Demirjian 11 gün önce
Our Mother Nature no matter how dangerous could be, but always remains the most attractive and beautiful existence of all! Alone, two or more - it is always fun and joy to have an adventure, which is suitable and beneficial to me and to the society where I am visiting. There are so many ways to be productive to all through adventurous tours. Such as two wonderful individuals in this video. Job well done!
NunuFossie_13 11 gün önce
Sahara Coleman
Sahara Coleman 11 gün önce
These dudes are brave. I could neva, just looking at what they’re experiencing through a screen is enough to give me anxiety.
alilol 10 gün önce
@Spinach imagine cameramen also wearing19th century clothing
Spinach 11 gün önce
Omer Azhar
Omer Azhar 11 gün önce
Well I’m going to Switzerland on 15th December from Pakistan.its my first time experiencing winter in Europe I’m so excited.i hope I don’t get cuked in the Swiss alps though lol.
aqrøx 6 gün önce
@Mimi he won't drink wine as it is prohibited in islam
aqrøx 6 gün önce
Nii Onne
Nii Onne 10 gün önce
Get used to be discriminated here in the good old Schweiz
Mad Mick
Mad Mick 10 gün önce
Will you be reaching Europe by boat
Mimi 11 gün önce
Hey, Swiss person here! Don't worry, the alps are gorgeous and the people are very helpful. Don't be afraid to speak English with everyone. Also, if you're coming for a week, get a public transport pass, it's the best way to get around by far (our transportation network is excellent) and make sure to visit the major cities. Zurich, Bern, Geneva are all within a few hours of the alps. Also, since you're here in December, try some Glühwein. It's wonderful and a tradition here. Also watch out where you get your Fondue, some places tend to try and scam you. I wish you the best time in this country.
Christine Ziegler
Christine Ziegler 11 gün önce
Yay first like and comment. Love hiking and climbing videos. Happy holidays to all.
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