Brutal Arctic Survival At The Norwegian School of Winter Warfare | Unbreakable | Wonder

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The elite ex-commandos of the Norwegian special forces have formed a school of Winter Warfare. They train militaries around the world in how to fight and survive in inhospitable terrain. They are placed in the vicinity of a TNT explosion and forced to jump into an ice hole while still wearing their skis. During the nights they were required to dig a snow holes and sleep in them.

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Unbreakable takes eight super-fit members of the public on a punishing global trail to undergo a series of brutal challenges. They were bossed and cajoled by physical trainers and survival experts as they bid to outdo and outlast each other.

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00:00 Intro
01:20 TNT Training
09:57 Ice Hole
16:05 Ice Shelter
23:30 Gas Attack Survival
36:30 Cross Country Skiing

Norway Gün önce
Carla: I'm never coming back to Norway again. I hate it! LOL 😂 If she was born in Norway, and grew up with thriving in the snow, she couldn't wait for the winter to arrive! The climate in Norway can be your friend if you learn to respect it and have enough food, wool, windbreaker and skis. And know how to navigate safely (even in way steeper terrain than this little challenge).
Plushie 12 gün önce
How old is this?
Ratpick45 23 gün önce
Jesus this is old... Norwegian special forces does NOT use AG3s anymore NOR do they use any of those backpacks or helmets anymore. for being uploaded 2021... its really from 2005
Tor Aylar önce
Carla: "I am never coming back to Norway." LOL, indeed I would not recommend Arctic winter warfare training, but some of my best memories are from hiking in the Norwegian mountains. :)
Karen Pierce
Karen Pierce Aylar önce
Hang on. Is this the man who was lost in the Amazon? Just watched this with him
Zee 2 aylar önce
they should've let heather do 1000 situps ,see if she really broken
Dave B
Dave B 2 aylar önce
*TheyB!tch too much. You dont have to like it just do it. I lived in the woods for four months and if it rained meant cold food cold bed
Dave B
Dave B 2 aylar önce
*I dont see how they can do the ice water thing. I jumped into 35'F water and my whole body froze I couldnt breathe or move totally involuntarily I was only saved by being able to walk not swim out of the water. I saw others freeze up and have to be rescued. I dont think you can get used to that every time I tried I went into shock* I know a guy who dropped out of BUDS, navy seal school because he couldnt handle it and he was a tough dude* .
Free Spirit With Nature
Free Spirit With Nature Aylar önce
Imagine Wim Hof ! Does anyone know where to find find full episodes of Alone or shows from History Channel? I no longer have cable.😔
Easy Norwegian
Easy Norwegian 2 aylar önce
Whoever decided to settle in the north of Norway had a death wish, love my family tho
Christian M
Christian M 2 aylar önce
Norwegian special forces can't even afford to get poles that float my god
Christian M
Christian M 2 aylar önce
Annoying how the presenter tells them how bad they do it but doesn't actually do it (jumping in the water)
L. Garcia
L. Garcia 2 aylar önce
Norwegians are the toughest people I know.
Deborah Nance
Deborah Nance 2 aylar önce
They sent us into a building and they released tear gas and they told us to take the mask off we had to stay in the building for 5 minutes and then we had to go to the firing range shot a shot gun and a 38 pistol then we got milk poured in our eye's. I forgot that we also had to kick a person in the the mass. I am just not going to do snow never ever that's why I live in Florida
squad cast
squad cast 2 aylar önce
Some of these people need to man up, the girls need to stop moaning
Snabel Ø
Snabel Ø 2 aylar önce
🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 NORGE 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴
Hmar Mac
Hmar Mac 2 aylar önce
Heather is problem girl. She should have not participate such a girly girl shouldn't do
john_smith 2 aylar önce
Well done Heather for pushing as much as you could and not giving up early.
Rosalie Dollente
Rosalie Dollente 2 aylar önce
Never ask A woman amd her age A man and his salary *wonder gonna upload a mayday episode in the philippines since its 3 weeks*
L. Garcia
L. Garcia 2 aylar önce
First date asked me. No second date
rick racine
rick racine 2 aylar önce
im surprise Wonder would get involved with realty shows most to all people no its all fake, did only watch like 2 minutes of it but its a fact everyone is completely protected whether its food, medical ,ect after all this shows are all about protecting them self from law suits
Sky long Skylong
Sky long Skylong 2 aylar önce
As a ex Nuclear Biological Chemical Instructor, he is cheating as going in last a lot of the C.S gas has gone each time the flap/door is opened. Not impressed.
Barbara Geddis
Barbara Geddis 2 aylar önce
Note: CS gas does not affect everyone the same…
Alexander 2 aylar önce
Though the fact that he's able to stand and talk afterwards suggests otherwise ^^
Alexander 2 aylar önce
I'm not disputing the science behind what you're saying. But from first hand experience of similar exercises, they light multiple gas bombs throughout. My officers made sure everyone got a feel of a high concentration, and it's possible that they did the same here.
Blessed From God TV
Blessed From God TV 2 aylar önce
Nice film
Андрей Пушкарь
Андрей Пушкарь 2 aylar önce
mpeugeot 2 aylar önce
I love how much Heather is loving everything. LOL. Here's another cup of equality for you.
Cody Clem
Cody Clem 2 aylar önce
Fake, while the older guy was in gas as there Speaking the timer jumped like 40 secs 🤣
Symbiotic Parasite
Symbiotic Parasite 2 aylar önce
I did too, in the army 👍
Albert Lyons
Albert Lyons 2 aylar önce
I would like to strut my strut...I love 💘 algorithm
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 2 aylar önce
Where’s the first episode? I can’t find it? And please upload the rest of the episodes soon-this is sooooo good! (Especially watching from my nice cozy bed!)
tjohn smith
tjohn smith 2 aylar önce
Its the jungle episode, they don't list the numbers, but are releasing them in order once a week
Eric B.
Eric B. 2 aylar önce
Great show and great spirit of the contestants. The closest thing I have done to this is the Canadian Ski Marathon. Cross country ski 100 miles in two days from LaChute Quebec to Ottawa Ontario's Rideau Canal. I did it at age 38 with my Canadian buddy Alistair Keene.
Agujar EvelynTV Exploring Tokyo & Yokohama
Agujar EvelynTV Exploring Tokyo & Yokohama 2 aylar önce
Will I wished them all the best of luck 🤞
LEEDSUNITED💙💛 2 aylar önce
I'm watching this because it said Norway
Me. 2 aylar önce
Same lmao hvor er du fra?
ivana Vukojevic
ivana Vukojevic 2 aylar önce
Voda je mnogo mnogo mnogo ledena al je to test izdržljivosti snage i volje za dalju borbu.
ivana Vukojevic
ivana Vukojevic 2 aylar önce
Šteta što nema prevod.
Mobie Henry
Mobie Henry 2 aylar önce
TORNADO ALLEY 2 aylar önce
ALI ALZAMIL 2 aylar önce
Equally is amazing isn’t it
mpeugeot 2 aylar önce
Looked more like a disability... LOL. All for serving up that equality.
Entertainment Mafia
Entertainment Mafia 2 aylar önce
Amazing survive 💜💜💜💜💜💜 God will bless all my dears greetings from INDIA 🙏
L. Garcia
L. Garcia 2 aylar önce
God Bless India!
Daniel Bermingrud
Daniel Bermingrud 2 aylar önce
Chilling in that gas, pushing it past 3Min o.o''
Phillip Logan
Phillip Logan 2 aylar önce
Theresa Tyler
Theresa Tyler 2 aylar önce
"Pain Is Glory".....❄☃🌨🏔 God Bless the UNBREAKABLES..!!! 🙏💝💪👊🧗‍♀️🧗‍♂️ ⛽🥾🎒⛸🎿🎧🕯🔦⏳
Delta\Kenny Dang
Delta\Kenny Dang 2 aylar önce
Sebee: I’m pro at doing this
Dave B
Dave B 2 aylar önce
An e-navy seal or arm chair navy seal?
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