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When something goes wrong onboard a passenger airliner, the pilot and crew are sometimes the last chance of salvation. They can also cause the crash accidentally. In the cases of China Airlines Flight 006 and Aeroflot Flight 593 it is the pilots skill and quick thinking that saved hundreds of lives. Who's in the cockpit when something goes wrong could make all the difference.

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This special looked at accidents and incidents where problems with the interface between crew members and on-board avionics were a factor and the causes of those problems.

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Emanuel Collado
Emanuel Collado 13 saatler önce
Excellent program
Chris Bassett
Chris Bassett 18 saatler önce
the man who landed the plane after a huge plunge is the pilot I would like when i fly
Nivin Syju
Nivin Syju Gün önce
15 year old, what was the captain thinking 🤔
KerBloxYT 2 gün önce
His head shape in the thumbnail lol.
Miriam Samaniego
Miriam Samaniego 3 gün önce
Are they saying “attitude” when it should be “altitude?”
Ismael Garrido
Ismael Garrido 4 gün önce
Pilots need to go back to basics fly their airplanes.
Sarah Zagone
Sarah Zagone 4 gün önce
Agreed, you should never and I mean NEAVER, let anybody that is on experienced sit in the captain's seat cluding if there if it's their own child to set in the captain's seat, and hold the controls that is acceptable for a professional pilot to do that.
Kevin Nicholson
Kevin Nicholson 5 gün önce
19:47 you can see a mouse cursor on the air speed indicator
Todd Grady
Todd Grady 6 gün önce
more like investigate cover ups
Todd Grady
Todd Grady 6 gün önce
The Russian A310 Airbus killed the people on this plan. How could you set the system up to turn off any without a direct action. Airbus should go to jail.
Josh River
Josh River 7 gün önce
pilot: We're hitting water!! atc: pull up if you need to! Lol
Alexander Fitzgerald
Alexander Fitzgerald 7 gün önce
Why does the camera crew always survive these horrible crashes
Designs Billy
Designs Billy 9 gün önce
A training school in Florida is where the terrorist training for 9/11. William.s
Left Blank
Left Blank 9 gün önce
"Pilots need to trust their instruments" Other interview videos: "The pilots trusted their instruments and they died"
Malsawma Hauheng
Malsawma Hauheng 10 gün önce
ron Chad
ron Chad 10 gün önce
What do pilots do when the planes fall? Fall with them.
Curly1231 10 gün önce
My mum: Let’s watch air crash investigation Me: No My Mum: Why? Me: Because of wonder
Mac Main
Mac Main 10 gün önce
Congratulations to the Russian pilot who gave the control of the airplane to his kid. Such great father.
Jay Walker
Jay Walker 13 saatler önce
The Russian pilot was yet another Championship Contender for a Darwin Award....
Miriam Samaniego
Miriam Samaniego 3 gün önce
I’m surprised the Russians didn’t hide that from the world.
Stefan Frankel
Stefan Frankel 12 gün önce
This is one of the reasons I don't trust computers.
Estie Vorster
Estie Vorster 13 gün önce
OddityDK 13 gün önce
The first example was not an instance of pilots relying too much on automation. No airspeed or altitude over the ocean at night, automation made no difference at all.
Mohammad bazzi
Mohammad bazzi 13 gün önce
captain Ho is a Hero. Lucky they only have a few hundred feet from hitting the pacific Ocean.
ECLands Aviation
ECLands Aviation 15 gün önce
If captain sulliven from quantas flight 72 in there they wouldn’t have that problem. (Dont take this seriously please)
NZ Falcon
NZ Falcon 15 gün önce
why dont they have a visible hanging string with a small weight on the end of it hanging in front of the piolets so that they would know if they were upside down or not when the plane gets out of hand
Napoleon Mongare
Napoleon Mongare 15 gün önce
Trouble here
Scott Duyser
Scott Duyser 16 gün önce
What a strange header. What do pilots do when the plane fails.. They die with the rest.
Colton Davis
Colton Davis 16 gün önce
Um 1:41 it says they are studying a sirus SR-20 . . . . That first plan is Cessna 172 and the second that they show more closely is a piper twin engine.
Ely Powell
Ely Powell 17 gün önce
I wouldn't get in a Russian jet for anything. And I am stunned the story made it out of Russia. Stay on the ground folks, If God wanted mankind to fly He would have given us wings.
R4002 17 gün önce
The Aeroperu flight was actually equipped with FOUR altimeters. 3 of them were barometric altimeters and when they gave a reading of "0" when the plane was obviously off the ground it should have been a red flag to both pilots. The 4th altimeter is a Radio altimeter (radar altimeter) and was obviously working. The radar altimeter's reading would have been visible on the primary flight displays. Unfortunately the controller saw the (incorrect) barometric altimeter reading on their radar screen - as the aircraft's transponder was transmitting data from the barometric altimeter - so when they asked ATC for their altitude and ATC *confirmed* the *incorrect* altitude.
Cam Neo
Cam Neo 18 gün önce
From today onwards , I would want to slap the pilots awake before I board any plane !
QUALIA Maxwell
QUALIA Maxwell 18 gün önce
Name of the narrator plz
Sus gacha girl
Sus gacha girl 18 gün önce
Ok for s9me reason the date says 13 days ago instead of 1 week ago
Tony Trilex
Tony Trilex 19 gün önce
To the pilot who let a kid fly a commercial jet you have a special place in the Darwin Awards by being so smart to become a captain of a commercial airliner and killing everyone on board including yourself cause you wanted to impress a little kid that is beyond stupidity.
tirzha prinsloo
tirzha prinsloo 19 gün önce
When is this industry going to make a plan to save their customers when a airplane is going down by ejecting them from the plane why must they die because of failure of the plane ?
Nandy gowtham
Nandy gowtham 20 gün önce
Wonder ...I can't stop watching it take me depressed state when people dying without reason bcaz of human error...
TLM66 20 gün önce
Its not a normal world when computers can take over a plane. Just wait for pilotless plane rides. Im sure that's coming.
BlackMan 20 gün önce
I only fear water transport!
2stroke4ever1987 20 gün önce
That last one. It's like pushing your manual shift bike/car as fast as you can and dropping the clutch.
Sid Sed
Sid Sed 20 gün önce
They say, mayday.
DME EMD 20 gün önce
what's more impressive is how little major airlines have an accident.. cars baf accidents all the time, we still drive.. granted, flying IS way safer
Iagree 21 gün önce
Cut the music!!!
Timothy Thomas
Timothy Thomas 21 gün önce
i would trust a ex navy or air force pilot with 10 to 20 yrs experience than one of these new fresh fish!
ender talks aviation!
ender talks aviation! 21 gün önce
Hope that planes don't do these anymore in 2021 cus uhh yea disaster
Frances R chast
Frances R chast 22 gün önce
They should change the color of the tape on flight 603 I hope that's not how this turns out just started watching😁😁😁😏
aaa 22 gün önce
It's not a Cirrus SR20 but a Seneca when they show the ground school segment!
Mark Novack
Mark Novack 23 gün önce
As a builder and scratch builder of large RC airplanes, when mine fail I go to the bar with a friend and drink Coka Cola until my tears stop flowing. I lost an Extra 260 once that actually made me drink almost a whole case of Coka Cola by myself. Luckily a friend was able to get off work early to support my morals. I don't adapt well to failure.
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 23 gün önce
Man I wish I was that Russian kid, I could’ve done so much better than him!
LH 23 gün önce
This channel should be added to the TV programs on the plane!!
Lindy T
Lindy T 23 gün önce
18:07 - that captain made such a careless error about something so basic and yet to have been able to come out of a nosedive like that with seconds before it would be impossible for them to fix the situation and they would crash into the ocean, then to be able to fly a plane that was missing various parts, and then perfectly land the plane are signs that he is an incredible and extremely talented pilot.
Ga Mtn Girl
Ga Mtn Girl 23 gün önce
Loved it.
Al Kaholik
Al Kaholik 23 gün önce
why would you let the autopilot fly the plane when it's behaving unusually and there's three of you in the cockpit? Seems obvious to me that you would immediately start flying the plane 100% manually.
Helper 13 gün önce
Well nobody wants to be tired
Collin McDaniel
Collin McDaniel 24 gün önce
How funny would it be if they played this in airport terminals could you imagine all the panic attacks
CanineAtNight 25 gün önce
Whoever think of letting a FREAKING child took the wheel of aplane really deserve a slap
Alex S.
Alex S. 25 gün önce
1:40 This is not a Cirrus Sr20 ??
NC 25 gün önce
“Air travel is safer than auto molbile travel” Air travel:
Helper 13 gün önce
Car crashes happens more often but airplane crashes have more people died per crash
ThreePhaseHigh 25 gün önce
Don’t there pilots ever train under a hood ?
Alejandro Valenzuela R, teacherminator3@gmail.com
Alejandro Valenzuela R, teacherminator3@gmail.com 25 gün önce
Pilots or Systems Engineers! Flying is a feeling. Computers don´t feel ...
Bhanu Prakash
Bhanu Prakash 25 gün önce
45:06 oh look we have no fuel to fly our airplane, better put on the swag sunglasses
Falbere! 22 gün önce
they are important for keeping a clear view when the sun is glaring in your face (aviators are in fact invented by the military, for pilots to use)
Joseph Tamamian
Joseph Tamamian 25 gün önce
Best narrator ever!
serapati 26 gün önce
One wet thier pants. Two hope for the best Three put training into place. Four pray Five after that it don't matter
CapilanoPro 26 gün önce
Bring back season 4 of I shouldn’t be alive!!!!!!!!!! What a garbage account!!!!!! And you “wonder” why you don’t even have 5 million subs
Duncan73 26 gün önce
I want to watch the other episodes if Mayday but I can’t. It says “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” on all episodes of season 4 and 5. Wonder please make them available to everyone as I really enjoy watching them
Zippy 26 gün önce
why yall take a chunk out of his head in the thumbnail...
Tamanna Begum
Tamanna Begum 26 gün önce
Why are lots of people talking about it
Contingence 26 gün önce
Why does the thumbnail for this one look so janky
Mister Bee
Mister Bee 26 gün önce
I'll never understand why they don't have gps devices. One little Garmin handheld gps would've given them all the data they needed to maintain flight. Unbelievable.
Larry Gribaudo
Larry Gribaudo 27 gün önce
Why many fear the gospel? Because the power of God is in the gospel for salvation. The gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and read Romans 5:9 & 10:9-10. Use the KJV Romans 1:16
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 27 gün önce
"Pilots are so dependent on their instruments!" yes, i would imagine IFR flights would rely quite heavily on the I
Asanali Askhatuly
Asanali Askhatuly 27 gün önce
When are you going to make other episodes available?
YAKSHIT 27 gün önce
O'frabjous Day
O'frabjous Day 27 gün önce
Show 6 or 8 plane disaster situations, and end the documentary by saying that flying is one of the safest ways to travel. Good selling point.
Ana Paula De Pretto
Ana Paula De Pretto 27 gün önce
they usually die lol ... sorry ... black humor plays a crucial role in helping us survive.
vacuumlover1 27 gün önce
That China airlines save was epic
Daniela 27 gün önce
I want more normal Mayday air disaster episodes, pretty please Wonder 🙏🙏🙏
Marc LeBlanc
Marc LeBlanc 27 gün önce
All because? What about the 97 hundred??? Controllers read hight or not?
David Wiebe
David Wiebe 27 gün önce
There's an axiom in aviation called aviate, navigate, communicate. The Air China crew threw that entirely out the window, if they hadn't broke into VMC when they did, their 747 and everyone on it would be deader than a doornail.
Hephaestus 27 gün önce
Usually, they start screaming and trying to regain control of the plane.
Tiffany Sewell
Tiffany Sewell 27 gün önce
Is that Joey from Degrassi????
beastksoepic 28 gün önce
I somehow love how at 19:55, the guy casually said "You can see the people who didn't have the seatbelt on, they were flying."
MOPARman345 HEMI 28 gün önce
With the first incident, no amount of training could've gotten then out of that situation. It was night, they can see nothing at all, and their instruments aren't working. There's nothing else. It's like you're driving down the road and you suddenly go blind and deaf. You have absolutely no idea what's going on and there's no way too find out.
Shafinur Rahman
Shafinur Rahman 28 gün önce
Why Don't you guys are not making documentary on Malaysian 370. It is the most hiped plane crash in recent time. Please make a video on it.
Fly with Magnar
Fly with Magnar 28 gün önce
Downvoted. This is a speculative production. The first error happens at 1:40. The narrator says the airplane is a Cirrus SR20 (single engine airplane). What we see, is a Piper Pa-44 Seminole (twin engine airplane). And it doesn't get better after that...
Daniela 27 gün önce
😂 😂 😂 😂
Captain Jeff Deathstar
Captain Jeff Deathstar 28 gün önce
If I had a dollar for every blocked pitot static system...LOL...
Ernst Schütz
Ernst Schütz 28 gün önce
It's quite wong to blame here thr "automation" of the airplane, while the problem was in the basic pitot/static system that is part of every aircraft that has instruments in the cockpit and is not automated. To blame computers for this crash is completely wrong. It was the problem of failing maintenace procedures and the "walk-around check" that was not performed by the pilot as it should have been by the pilot. - Please stick to the facts - keep those "reports" clean. Put more effort to understand aviation than just make simulated videos.
ryan0157 28 gün önce
“… a Cirrus SR20” *shows a Piper Seminole*
Bobb Grimley
Bobb Grimley 28 gün önce
In the first case with the pitot tubes taped over, how did they get down the runway and rotate... without indicated airspeed? The airspeed indicator should have read zero the entire time.
ThatsJustEric 7 gün önce
@OddityDK my thoughts
OddityDK 13 gün önce
Just a guess, but maybe when the plane is on the ground it uses the rotation of the wheels to measure speed. It would be more accurate.
Daniel Toth
Daniel Toth 29 gün önce
Why in the heck did the pilots and the controller not know that confirming the altitude with ATC is pointless? That right there could very likely be the critical mistake and more than the tape on the (sp?) pinions.
AxelGamers6 29 gün önce
A man i dont think its china airlines flight 605 man (sigh)
Mao Zheng
Mao Zheng 29 gün önce
The plane just crashed just because of a tape
STAR • KANN 29 gün önce
The most stupid pilot of the history is aero flot pilot
Well Regulated Militia Of One Still Under Oath
Well Regulated Militia Of One Still Under Oath 29 gün önce
"Check my chute, I will meet you on the ground." Famous OLD Air Force saying
Daves BainRPS
Daves BainRPS 29 gün önce
Why would not they have a check list in risking many lives
Jim Black
Jim Black 29 gün önce
Me watching airplane crash but in two days I'll be on board.
Erric D Johnson 74
Erric D Johnson 74 29 gün önce
I'm not getting in a plane to find out what to do when it fails as a passenger or a pilot for dang sure lol I do good to fly my RC planes 😁😂🤣
Raicho Rivera
Raicho Rivera 29 gün önce
That boeing 747 did the world first boeing 747 to barrel roll
Escorpio40 29 gün önce
Moral of the story, never fly on an airplane piloted by a Russian pilot.
Gingi Vitis
Gingi Vitis 29 gün önce
Dustin Wyatt
Dustin Wyatt 29 gün önce
Fun fact: a Garmin GPS can be a lifesaver and will work at cruising altitudes.
Dylan Attix
Dylan Attix 15 gün önce
This reminds me of a scene in TF2 Air where they pull up Google Maps when they get lost, and it promptly crashes.
Logan H
Logan H 29 gün önce
Who saw the og title?
Ivy Phoenix8909
Ivy Phoenix8909 29 gün önce
the thumbnail 💀
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti 29 gün önce
15:25 his name... I can't not laugh hearing this xD
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