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The Canadian pilots who flew these water bombers across the atlantic from Canada to Turkey, are now training up Turkey's pilots to take over. After a nearly disastrous oil leak mid-flight the rookie pilots then try to land to the aircraft on the runway without any landing gear!

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Buffalo Airways is an airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. They mainly fly WWII-era piston powered propeller planes in minus 40 degrees and land on tiny strips of tarmac in the tundra.

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James Mason
James Mason 5 gün önce
These guys need some 737-200s
istra70 9 gün önce
I BET you they will deploy landing gear next time they are sucking the water.......
Stoneforth 12 gün önce
I have to pay for the stuff at the local dump
PNW RC 13 gün önce
Joe said er bestest in the outro, the pilots SHOULD have known something wasn't proper when they began their decent to that horrendous landing!
Mevan Ravishan
Mevan Ravishan 14 gün önce
Amazing show!!!!
ConvairDart106 15 gün önce
This has worked for me, the past 35 years. GUMP. I repeat this in my head several times on final. The 4 most important items in any propeller plane. Gas to fullest tank, fuel pump on. Undercarriage down. Confirm 3 green. Mixture, full rich. Propeller, forward, or fine pitch. The last two, are done in order to have full climb power available instantly, if needed.
Softail77us 19 gün önce
I wonder if they ever call Yellow Knife by another name like Yellow Snow.
Gamrman 21 gün önce
That little side eye he gave the one guy told him that if those cameras weren't there he'd be in a world of hurt lol. Rampy haha
Scott's Synth Stuff
Scott's Synth Stuff 21 gün önce
GUMPS......oh well. There are those who have, and those who haven't...yet.
hyman99 22 gün önce
These Turkey pilots turned out pretty true to their namesake. Landing aircraft without putting the landing gears out. Lol. True fair dinkum Bunch of Turkeys.
Mark Nairn
Mark Nairn 24 gün önce
35:55 don't have to worry about getting into an air conflict with Turkey.
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Aylar önce
Turkish pilots. What can go wrong. Just look at Turkish Arlines. It has the most plane crashes of any company in the world. IDIOTS!
TheGreg6466 Aylar önce
they love using dramatic music and sound fx, the best one is at 36:10 they added in a world war 2 dive bomber sound effect. And the editing in general is so strange, they try to make everything dramatic.
Robert Oler
Robert Oler Aylar önce
brings back old memories. I was a B777 Captain for THY for 14 years. what a great job. some of the voices on the radio sound familier
hector herbert
hector herbert Aylar önce
Will needs a fakking haircut..come on man..!!
8788luigi Aylar önce
"Forget the checklist, memorize it".
Emerald Queen
Emerald Queen Aylar önce
Bats 🦇 can scoop water like that and hold it in their fur to drink as they fly….
James Stuart
James Stuart Aylar önce
Proud to be a Canadian. Our bombers help people, not kill them
Nicole Aylar önce
Love this show. My husband is a truck driver and was lucky enough to visit the Buffalo Airport while in the NWT and got some awesome pics of the airport and the planes plus bought me some things from the Buffalo Airport gift shop. He got me a t--shirt, a toque, a Keychain and a post card.
Philip Bond
Philip Bond 11 gün önce
I'm a flat bed truck driver from Quebec...wish I can go there some day too!
Naledi Ramoruti
Naledi Ramoruti Aylar önce
Phil Steele
Phil Steele Aylar önce
Third world country, third world mentality.
mono man
mono man Aylar önce
Concrete is like water ???
ScarabChris Aylar önce
Ok after the camera man scrambles to get out of the path of the plane scraping the runway he pans up and the plane is high above with not a scratch on the bottom of the hull. Two different planes I'm sure but why? I like these type of shows but they always want to over dramatize them and make obvious mistakes.
Northern farmer
Northern farmer Aylar önce
You can see the damage
turkishbeluga Aylar önce
Can u please make another air crash investigation video 🙂
Oto Meza
Oto Meza Aylar önce
Why Joe’s sons did not become pilots and follow their dad’s as a pilot
jim joe
jim joe 20 gün önce
Because they would never measure up in his eyes.
Nicole Aylar önce
Probably because they didn't want to. Not every kid wants to grow up to be like their parent or have the same career.
Daniel keirstead sr
Daniel keirstead sr Aylar önce
Nothing like a good old poke her.
iGAIN Aylar önce
Will there be more *BUILD AND ESCAPE ENGINEERS* video?
KP darlie
KP darlie Aylar önce
I remember this episode. I watched the entire series from start to finish. Wished they never stopped filming. Good Stuff!
Pascal Coole
Pascal Coole Aylar önce
I remember that next to all the checklist items i always on short final had my own memory items: Gear, Lights (as landinglights), Flaps, Brakes, Autobrakes, Speedbrakes (which on big suckers i'm aware of automaticly includes Slats), Liftdumper (which is the same but on a Fokker100) Even on a 172 I used to call it out, beter save than sorry. I do have more opinion about the case but lets behave.
j en
j en Aylar önce
sounds like a shitbox plane to me. glad it ain't my problem.
Philippe Konrad
Philippe Konrad Aylar önce
Of course Joe is calm, he gets to deliver another bomber! $$$ haha
Steven Juris
Steven Juris Aylar önce
Nope. If he didn’t he would’ve lost half the pay.
Ian McNaney
Ian McNaney Aylar önce
Wasn't there a training pilot aboard overseeing the trainees doing go-arounds? (yes there was, or there should have been). Didn't that training pilot say or do anything when the alarm started sounding? No, apparently not. The blame for this accident falls squarely on the incompetent training operation, and not on the trainee pilots.
Miracle Ch.
Miracle Ch. 28 gün önce
Does the plane even have an alarm? Pretty sure the only plane with a terrain alarm in the Buffalo Fleet is the Electra.
Patricio Herrera O.
Patricio Herrera O. Aylar önce
Turquía posee desde 2009 nueve hidroaviones CL-215, pero incapaces de volar por falta de mantenimiento, Los aviones, del tipo CL-215, pertenecen al Instituto turco de Aviación (THK), un organismo fundado en 1925, y hasta 2018 participaban de forma rutinaria en labores de extinción, pero desde entonces se oxidan en los hangares. Temporada 2021 los CL-215 continuan en tierra.
Jay Bailey
Jay Bailey Aylar önce
Another music video....did you ever wonder where the worlds bandwidth is wasted?
Timotius Moti
Timotius Moti Aylar önce
best show 👍 from indonesia
Austin Wanjohi
Austin Wanjohi Aylar önce
4:29 what was leaking off engine 1
Firery15 _
Firery15 _ Aylar önce
Nothing, he was just running the engine rich
Mohammad Faizal
Mohammad Faizal Aylar önce
Good one...
Frank Barone
Frank Barone Aylar önce
Even ducks are smart enough to put their feet down before landing. If the trainer didn't didn't loose his job, I'd be surprised.
DAN SPAK Aylar önce
James Roberts
James Roberts Aylar önce
Are women allowed to be pilots in Turkey?
Bes Babaoglu
Bes Babaoglu 28 gün önce
Of course.
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smvelvet46 Aylar önce
Will looks great!
scottcol23 Aylar önce
Im still saddened by the passing of Kelly Jurasevich in 2017. RIP "Mother Hen"
John Aylar önce
@firebythewater Emphysema I believe :(
firebythewater Aylar önce
Why did she pass?
scottcol23 Aylar önce
Ive been waiting for this Episode to air! A little fun fact about the accident. The CL-215 that landed without the gear was fixed at the F-16 maintenance facility that is nearby. It was barely out of commission a month. The Turkish Military has over 200 F-16s that they maintain out of that facility.
nickbruck101 24 gün önce
did they really wreck the plane being dumb??? or do you know??? it feels like an actual malfunction or maybe even a set up based on the repairs you're saying.
Lard Lover
Lard Lover Aylar önce
panther105 Aylar önce
This was like years ago. no?
scottcol23 Aylar önce
filmed in 2009
TheRockstarSupreme Aylar önce
Robert Wren
Robert Wren Aylar önce
I like this show, but if they're going to leave in the foul language, and jesters, I'll rethink watching this.
TheMikePom Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 don't go into aviation then
OriginalDegree Aylar önce
Then don’t watch it 🤷‍♂️it’s just the way we are up in northern Canada They beep the worst of it
TheRockstarSupreme Aylar önce
HEY MIKEY, JUSTIN HAS THE PERFECT 1940'S VOICE FOR MILITARY CARTOON AND VIDEOGAME VOICEOVERS, WHAT DO YOU THINK? : ) Really gruff, it's cool : ) I think he would do good in a Batman cartoon too : )
Joe Aylar önce
Rekuzan Rikudo
Rekuzan Rikudo Aylar önce
Definitely my new fav spot for aviation goodness! LOVE this series, and hope things get better for good ole' Joe and company.
OriginalDegree Aylar önce
It’s a super old show! They’re doing just great =)
davy1458 Aylar önce
It makes me to sick to watch.
C R Aylar önce
Going to drop the anchor but forgetting and drifting an oil tanker into a reef.
John Steward
John Steward Aylar önce
Who else is watching and reading comments at the same time 😊
Rose Marie Gabriel
Rose Marie Gabriel 8 gün önce
Me 11.24.2021 @ 1626HRS.
Mirabel James
Mirabel James Aylar önce
Mr Mike is a great man in trading terms my Gratitude
Arman Hossain
Arman Hossain Aylar önce
When someone is good, straight forward at what he does, people will always speak good about him.
Jayson Hinrichsen
Jayson Hinrichsen Aylar önce
Ignorance won't allow most people to invest...I think people chose to be poor 😔
Williams Jacob
Williams Jacob Aylar önce
@Leo Martin when it get to expert Mike just trust the process he is the best investor so far
T Town
T Town Aylar önce
WTH does Turkey need a water plane for I didn't know they had and woods there but what do I know I went to public school lol
Buğra Sökün
Buğra Sökün 29 gün önce
Yeah, Turkey is just desert and camels right?
David Lefkovits
David Lefkovits Aylar önce
mark rutlidge
mark rutlidge Aylar önce
There's an old adage "ask no questions-hear no lies" lol
Ed D
Ed D Aylar önce
.... and the idea for the flying Excavator was born . Cut a ditch in a bean field quick with that thing .
Daryn Ship
Daryn Ship Aylar önce
Please upload more of these and it would be great to know what season and episode they are.
Mulki Xoriyo
Mulki Xoriyo Aylar önce
Love it! Thanks for saying that!
Sohilah Nazir
Sohilah Nazir Aylar önce
Did this just happen in San Diego again??
Duncan Brown
Duncan Brown Aylar önce
All those AN-2's on the ramp. Awesome :)
Justino Aylar önce
The sound of the Canadair CL-215 scraping across the ground just hurts the soul. Last-minute you see the pilot pull up a little bit like he realized either A, he was sinking too far down or B, heard the alarm blaring (or should be). But nope, pushed down and landed anyway. Scraping across the 2000ft runway.
Justino Aylar önce
@brkr78 Of course, Television has to be interesting to draw people in. My original opinion was the sadness of the event. How a basic error lead to an entire aircraft pretty much grounded for months. Everyone knows this happened but it was scaled up a bit for the sake of entertainment. But at the end of the day this is just a result of a simple error in command
brkr78 Aylar önce
@Justino I'm not saying it didn't happen, as it very obviously did. But this IS TV, and TV, by its very nature, needs to be sensationalist to somehow bring people in front of the screen in this day and age. I've seen a plane land with its gear up, believe me or not. The fact that you can hear the scraping as if you were next to the plane while it happened is edited in. The fact that you can hear the fake scraping noises long before you can hear the props is another indication. This sound like metal on metal, the actual sound, I recon, would sound more like a "chchchchch" or "shshshshsh"-sound, not nearly as dramatic. And the f'in StuKa at the end is the cherry on top.
Justino Aylar önce
@brkr78 The sound is real. What they did was base boost it for it to be more auditable. So yeah there’s a bit of editing trickery but still. The sound and the flames and the sadness as it scrapes across still hurts just as much
brkr78 Aylar önce
Pretty sure they edited that in. As they did with the StuKa-sound when the plane f'in took off. Don't get me wrong, the real sound would also be bad, just not AS bad as that, but it's f'in TV, so you have to go for maximum effect I guess?
Justino Aylar önce
@Victoria Pendleton “Mid-air emergency”
KY greenskeeper
KY greenskeeper Aylar önce
I sat stiff as a board watching that plane skid across the runway... awful....
virgil lasher
virgil lasher Aylar önce
thank you this show is awsome
sirenxtv1nw Williams
sirenxtv1nw Williams Aylar önce
thare as just ben a plane crash totay
ScottGameDev Aylar önce
Can we take an who is early attendance
Milah9 Aylar önce
We are here again ❤❤
Sonia Hunter
Sonia Hunter Aylar önce
Love the vids
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