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Some of the worst aviation disasters in history like Japan Airlines Flight 123 and Swissair Flight 111 were caused by fatal flaws that the pilots had no hope of overcoming to steer the plane to safety. Seemingly insignificant design features or shoddy repair work doomed these flights and their passengers from the start.

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This special looked at accidents caused by seemingly minor defects or errors.

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Sto1as Goetia
Sto1as Goetia Gün önce
Southwest Airlines is just about one of the best airlines for 737s
Graeme Christopher
Graeme Christopher 2 gün önce
@18:09 Thanks to whoever approved that sequence, @Southwest seeing that Camera inspection operator inspires confidence in aviation either him or seeing it or both
B Ann Solis
B Ann Solis 5 gün önce
If I had known any of these things I would have never boarded any aircraft during the 70's when my husband was in the Army. I recall I flew from Texas to California on an American Airlines DC 10. The week after my flight the same type of (and same airline) aircraft had an engine fall off due to faulty maintenance in May of 1979. Felt as if I had dodged a bullet.
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President 5 gün önce
Because of this show i always look at the wings of airplanes every 10sec during flights to make sure theyre still attached to the plane
Hans Hoerdemann
Hans Hoerdemann 6 gün önce
Planes are a bad idea.
remmy otieno
remmy otieno 7 gün önce
Shout out to the Japanese jumbo crew, they gave it their all
robbieyh 8 gün önce
I personally don’t fly much. And I don’t like the mechanics working in the night! All this should be done in morning shift when most people are wide awake ! That’s my opinion ….
C Brown
C Brown 9 gün önce
So glad that they got the shewduwalded ones
Kathy McMahon
Kathy McMahon 9 gün önce
If mechanics are just as important as the pilots why is there such a huge difference in pay. Mechanics are working long hrs to keep these planes in the air, and safety is their number one priority as well. It would be nice to know that if an airline goes so many months without a safety issue that all involved in maintenance would get a substantial bonus. I would feel safer knowing that this was the way it was done.
Dylan Attix
Dylan Attix 6 gün önce
Does it save money immediately? If the answer is no, they don't do it.
Nancy Austin
Nancy Austin 9 gün önce
With the Swiss Air story the narrator says that "It [the shiny material that covered insulation] had somehow passed the industry's flammability tests." I wonder if the details are lost in the mists of time? Or is there more to this story?
American Idle
American Idle 10 gün önce
I work for the aerospace company that started with the Wright Brothers
Angela Parker
Angela Parker 10 gün önce
My dad was management for maintenance of a defunct airline for 30 years. He ran a tight ship.
Gregory Casey
Gregory Casey 11 gün önce
I was there for the one in Colorado Springs. A couple on that flight gut that was popular in town. They were known to buy earthier strange Christmas gifts. Had a son in the Air Force at the time.
LiberalsAreTrash 12 gün önce
Every one of the pilots of these flights were exceptional human beings, especially the pilots of Alaska Flight 261...
Morse Code Reviews
Morse Code Reviews 12 gün önce
These people are jack screwing around. I've seen this episode at least 3 times uploaded by 3 different channels.
Real Talk
Real Talk 12 gün önce
Wonder how much the maintenance ppl get paid.
Shipping1 Silvex1
Shipping1 Silvex1 15 gün önce
Omg if you're going to slash costs it should be comforts like soda and pretzels, not maintenance. They were begging for a disaster lol
Helper 13 gün önce
Prezetls and soda are peanuts compare to maintanance
Carlos Jon
Carlos Jon 15 gün önce
So I don't blame people who are afraid of planes
Oscar Onyango
Oscar Onyango 16 gün önce
Please am tired of your adds so boring
mush max
mush max 16 gün önce
Your video is The best 👌
Paul TheCat
Paul TheCat 19 gün önce
Ironic story on the Swiss Air disaster: a New York broker who worked 16 hours a day to be able to retire at 40 y/o was on the flight to visit his parents in Switzerland before enjoying his retirement which is he never was able to
Jinx McGee
Jinx McGee 20 gün önce
I watch too much Mayday...during the ASA portion when they were showing the maintenance, I thought "wait a minute, that's from the Alaska episode!!"
Asherah 20 gün önce
I’m playing a drinking game called ‘sheduling’. Every time a Brit pronounces ‘schedule’ as if it begins with an SH diphthong, I take a shot. Hey, it’s sounds like drunken slurry speech anyway so why not join in. I’m completely reverent and respectful of the fact that lives were lost in this video. But that happens every second here! So, life is short, be merry. Grab a coke and a smile. 😀
Uvynel Antiquina
Uvynel Antiquina 21 gün önce
Long flight without Prayers is chaotic,,,,,, Safety and security is always with the Lord Jesus Christ,,,,, forever
Slim- D
Slim- D 22 gün önce
Its a good documentary and good channel but so sad that not all the video i can state not available for my country 😒 booo
Grant T
Grant T 24 gün önce
Isn't there also a D-check every 10,000 flight hours?
fortunate agama
fortunate agama 24 gün önce
It's because of this specific narrator I watch this show
Paula Zemeckis
Paula Zemeckis 25 gün önce
All pilots are heros. Sort of like all women who give birth walk on water.
Pattig 25 gün önce
Yes, I often WONDER about these flaws.
GAMING LIFE 25 gün önce
i kinda see what your doing here with this video and i haft to say good job
Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo
Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo 25 gün önce
Elvis Pfeiff
MovieMakingMan 27 gün önce
I wonder why there’s not a plane crash ride at Disney World? It’d be a lot of fun to see oxygen masks drop, things flying around and sides of the cabin being torn away (knowing you’re going to live through it). But it might raise enough fear that it would cause people to cancel air flights to go back home. But Amtrak would be happy.
hayt guugle
hayt guugle 27 gün önce
I hate to be "that guy", but; regimen = ordered, scheduled normal process regime = despotic, oppressive government different from = not the same different to = oxymoron (if one insists on speaking this failure, they must be sure to balance it by saying "similar from".)
Sanjay Veerkar
Sanjay Veerkar 28 gün önce
A lot of the things they say in this video are wrong. I am a pilot in training so I am a bit miffed. For example, a rudder does not exactly cause a plane to go left and right. One could say it prevents skidding and changes the angle the nose is pointed at, but does not determine direction. Other obvious errors here related to control surfaces and some other things. Just interesting.
Helper 13 gün önce
This is made by Nat Geo
Tina 28 gün önce
Forced to cut corners by greedy corporation. The only thing you cut is the lives of people.
Dustin Wyatt
Dustin Wyatt Aylar önce
I’m poopin right now.
Emerald Queen
Emerald Queen Aylar önce
RIP to all passengers and crew members lost in each of these crashes….
Vcom Aylar önce
Airline spokesman: "It is an intricately weaved web". Apparently 3rd grade English was too intricate for him .
John Ryan
John Ryan Aylar önce
A god damned bleached cork!!
Brenda wiener
Brenda wiener Aylar önce
Im baffled as to how the heck pilots manage to face certain death so calmly. Pilot of Alaska flight 261 simply said "Here we go".
Junior Depina
Junior Depina 27 gün önce
Because Death is coming for every single one of us. I don’t want to die but when it happens I’ll be ready. I really don’t get how people are so scared to die when you know 1 day it’s going to happen
Paul Combee
Paul Combee Aylar önce
I'm a retired Aircraft structural integrity inspector . With around 15 year's in Standard repairs for Wings and Fusalege and control surfaces , Elevator,alirons, Rudders Flaps ,and Horizontal stabilizers ... Any one item of concern being missed , could be absolutely deadly . It's the little things that one most concider . The most dangerous being any small crack ..In any structure .. Some can't be identified by visual inspection . You have to do a dye check inspection . And Even better on small trim screws etc subassemblies a reliable Ziglow procces is called for .A type of x-ray for aluminum structures . I love your videos ♥️❤️. But the last thing I want to see, is a political commercial, featuring Non other than Satan 👹 himself .Chuck U Schumer ... 😝 let's go Brandon 👊💪🇺🇸
Mrana Khanam
Mrana Khanam Aylar önce
Philip Liong
Philip Liong Aylar önce
Flight 123 supposed have more survivors if they launch rescue operations when it happen right away. Because of delays only left 4 survivors survive in that crash.
Wargasm644 Aylar önce
Nice rudder check with a flashlight 🙄
Ultra 2000
Ultra 2000 Aylar önce
I just can't get why Wonder decided to block most of its newest mayday videos to Greece... (seasons 4 and 5)
Helper 13 gün önce
Its youtube
Elite SA
Elite SA Aylar önce
I love these
Natasha Graham
Natasha Graham Aylar önce
I seen this one!
Susan Ramkissoon
Susan Ramkissoon Aylar önce
Tribute to the cameraman who survived aLl those crashes
1:13 is it just me who find this sound of the engine so satisfying ?
Elijah & Katie
Elijah & Katie Aylar önce
The way the narrator says scheduled is slightly irritating
Carolyn Nolan
Carolyn Nolan 27 gün önce
He must be using British English. That's how they say it.
Lew Thrasher
Lew Thrasher Aylar önce
I love this show for the reasons that things in this industry creates changes that make it safer for all. I hope anyone who has lost a loved due to an unfortunate accident gets some peace knowing they didn't die in vain. The deaths of all on the aircraft created changes and or fixes that potentially has saved thousands of lives.
Came to change my username - can't think of one.
Came to change my username - can't think of one. Aylar önce
10:58 Geez, they're so stretched for time performing these exhaustive and necessary maintenance checks overnight, I mean c'mon, this guy didn't even have time to change his glove.
Junior Depina
Junior Depina Aylar önce
LMAO 😂 I just noticed that. Damn horrible working conditions
Came to change my username - can't think of one.
Came to change my username - can't think of one. Aylar önce
It makes me wonder in dread- whether the maintenance will be satisfactory after the drastic reduction in air travel and the relative downsizing of staffing (due to financial crisis) air carriers have faced because of covid.. please let them have this sorted as air travel starts up again 😓🤞
Dorothy in the Poppy Field
Dorothy in the Poppy Field 20 gün önce
Air travel never shut down. It reduced, but it never stopped. I've had the same thoughts as I've been flying throughout the entire last year.
Bryan Hickman
Bryan Hickman Aylar önce
That's messed up when entertainment systems cause a mass loss of life seems like they should go back to the basics and keep it basic and I'd be mad as hell one of my people die along with many others because of the snobby first class brats
Avery Weinstein
Avery Weinstein Aylar önce
Just one little thing that’s not checked or is messed up can bring a whole plane down! I’ve been on tons of flights. Thank goodness for all of the workers that checked everything properly! Scary af!!
Joe kaka
Joe kaka Aylar önce
All these are aircraft investigation's series
iBot Aylar önce
Every single one of them
pat olt
pat olt Aylar önce
42:03: 3 serious problems related to rudder's dual servo valves flaw, leading to 2 deadly accidents: an "incredible safety history" indeed! Not to mention the 2 crashes due to a mindblowing flaw on the 737Max! I presume it's an old documentary but even though ... Accidents can occur of course but these ones are all due to the aircraft's design, not to any pilot error. Any other aircraft than Boeing would have been killed and removed from service once and for all. Guess what: even the Max is flying again, this is beyond comprehension ... Just imagine if this had concerned an Airbus or an Embraer for instance, what do you think it would have happened? The aircraft would have been banned from the USA and, step by step, the manufacturer might have gone bankruptcy ... All this sucks.
KD Fulton
KD Fulton Aylar önce
Alaska Air Flight 261 went down because of cutting costs in maintenance so that some suits could get raises and extra vacation time. ( from inside AA). It’s unfathomable that people are murdered due to greed.
KD Fulton
KD Fulton 17 gün önce
@Kiril Mihaylov Yeah, it’s terrible! Death caused due to greed is criminal and the FAA needs to get down to business and charge these airlines with major crimes and major fines ( hit them in the pocket book) if they were found pushing out scheduled maintenance and causing the airplane to fly unsafely, for cutting costs. Something more has to be done. Spasiba 👏👏
Kiril Mihaylov
Kiril Mihaylov 29 gün önce
It happens all the time . Look at Boeing last few years
Nameless One Wanderland
Nameless One Wanderland Aylar önce
Virtually almost all airplane crashes are due to faulty maintenance AKA let's cut corners by the airlines to make more money. Stay clear of cheap airlines, their greed costs lives, you could say they all have a common history. Stay clear of Airlines with old pilots, their career usually ends unwell with bad decisions after a brilliant record. Maintenance mechanics should readily have the proper training to keep these airplanes safe for commercial flights, it should be law that they know all the issues that can arise from metal fatigue, wear and tear, including hydraulics of the planes and independently have the right to report them for replacement before that plane is allowed to fly at all. Proper maintenance is costly, but any arising disasters may well be even more so.
Nameless One Wanderland
Nameless One Wanderland 23 gün önce
@Harvey Long And you might be right, except that more expensive fares from top airlines follow a more dynamic maintenance program. American Airlines, Jetblue top the list of cheap flights.
Harvey Long
Harvey Long Aylar önce
define 'cheap' cuz ALL airlines are cheap. if theres a corner to be cut a penny to be pinched any carrier/airline is going do it
Hossy. R Jr.
Hossy. R Jr. Aylar önce
RIP to all passengers and crew who have lost their lives in all these plane crashes🙏. Can people or someone invent a special large plane parachute which can be fitted or attached to planes for emergency cases in the aviation industry?? I think this idea can save people's lives in times of air disasters in the future. Thank you.
iBot Aylar önce
Yes I'll get right on that. First I'm going to finish the airplane force-field that I've been working on.
Grub Dubb
Grub Dubb Aylar önce
Cant repair a plane properly in the middle of the night wit a flashlight.
Grub Dubb
Grub Dubb Aylar önce
Pay mechanics more and spend the money and time to repair planes properly.
emile fouquet
emile fouquet Aylar önce
All of these aviation videos are designed to entertain and produce income to varying degrees. The harsh reality is that 90% of all Commercial and General Aviation Accidents/Losses are due to "Pilot Error". The only time that this fact will be published and or admitted to, is when it is impossible to hide the truth from the media. There are billions of dollars at stake in admitting an incompetent Flight Crew caused the deaths of hundreds of people and destruction of an average 200 Million Dollar aircraft. The FAA, Airline, Insurance Companies, Aircraft Manufacturer and numerous other entities are faced with liabilities in the billions of dollars plus revenue losses from passengers refusing to fly !
Jokutällane Vaa
Jokutällane Vaa 28 gün önce
@emile fouquet Not a pilot, true and you are somewhat right. 80% of deadly crashes are due to HUMAN ERRORS, not necessarily by pilot, it also includes mechanics errors. Just like in Japan airlines 123, pressure wall broke and took the tail with it. But the reason the pressure wall broke was due to incorrect replacement. So officially it was a human caused accident. Tho most, including myself, would consider it a mechanical fault. Pure mechanical faults are very rare such as desing faults. And I'm talking abt major fatal flights, those you see on air crash investigation, not that the tail touched the ground and a grandma got a heart attack cuz of it. And I am in the industry.
emile fouquet
emile fouquet 28 gün önce
@Jokutällane Vaa You obviously are not a pilot and are merely repeating media trash. I doubt your english comprehension has any strength. Do some serious homework and try not to comment on anything if you lack experience or formal training
Jokutällane Vaa
Jokutällane Vaa Aylar önce
Up to 80% of crashes/incidents are caused by mechanical issues. You're wrong.
MrMustangMan Aylar önce
4:41 imagine being a pilot and seeing this crash.!!!!!
MrMustangMan Aylar önce
The calculation for kinetic energy is as follows: KE = .5 × m × v² Where m = mass, and v = velocity
MrMustangMan 22 gün önce
@resign 31 fixed it.... thanks so much.!!!!
resign 31
resign 31 22 gün önce
Carla95 Beach74
Carla95 Beach74 Aylar önce
The spiffy swiss naturalistically bless because riverbed synthetically listen beyond a cooperative margaret. impolite, poor sweater
Jonathan Poirot
Jonathan Poirot Aylar önce
People's lives are being gambled with over money sickening
rob Aylar önce
"unshedooled maintenance " .. funny accent ..
John Ryan
John Ryan Aylar önce
It's the standard British accent. It's called Recieved Pronunciation. Quite different from Yorkshire, Worksop and Cockny accents.
oldmillion Aylar önce
I prefer Mayday Series and this to Ice pilots,I just wish wonder would upload more of those episodes.
Junior Depina
Junior Depina 29 gün önce
@Dinco422 beggars can’t be chosers!!! Don’t complain if you’re not chipping in
Dinco422 Aylar önce
@Junior Depina We don't have best buy in my country, also I'm cheap.
Junior Depina
Junior Depina Aylar önce
Stop being cheap and go buy the series at best buy. You’re getting these for free and still want more. CLOWN 🤡
Victoria Pendleton
Victoria Pendleton Aylar önce
After seeing this, I never want to fly again
Kevin Briggs
Kevin Briggs Aylar önce
Competition is are dead bodies you corporate elites
Demcanes9 Aylar önce
So not only a reposted video they also use clips from a different video. Nice.
Sox-on-a-Duck Aylar önce
Alaska Airlines should have been sued into the stone age.
lildrop pop
lildrop pop Aylar önce
can you get the comment to 1k likes?
It's a Norris thing
It's a Norris thing Aylar önce
I always thought that the sky mirrored the ocean and planes were sharks of the sky and like sharks giving the right maintenance team planes can fly forever! I know I have a warp way of thinking but its thinking out of the box.
Praveen Maurya
Praveen Maurya Aylar önce
Then 737 Max come hardware are gone and software as taken their place
Powerranger6342 Aylar önce
A missing washer caused a fire on a China Airlines jet which fortunately occurred while the plane was parked on the apron. Everyone got out unharmed. To prevent it from happening again, Boeing redesigned the downstop system so that the bolt wouldn’t be able to accidentally puncture the fuel tank. There hasn’t been accident like that since.
Powerranger6342 Aylar önce
The deadliest airplane crash in China and the deadliest single plane crash in the United States occurred because of faulty maintenance,
jodysin7 Aylar önce
100% would rather watch a full episode rather than 5-20 minutes of summary.
diddle the poodle
diddle the poodle Aylar önce
4:46 seagulls picking chunks of meat out of the water.. 😬 flying rats
mistery team
mistery team Aylar önce
Hello, Wonder I like your videos, especially on Mayday serial. But, i can't access the Mayday season 4 videos because they are unavailable in my country (Indonesia). I hope you solve that so the plane enthusiasts from Indonesia are able to see your Mayday season videos. Thank you.
Fista Divi Amesia
Fista Divi Amesia Aylar önce
Same, up from season 3 it isnt available in indonesia since nat geo also did that.
Michelle Quintia VLOGS
Michelle Quintia VLOGS Aylar önce
Thanks to this channel for always creating the best content as always! ❤️❤️❤️✈️
HartKent Aylar önce
Thanks Covid!! Due to binge watching air crash investigation, mayday, seconds from disaster, why planes crash and the videos here during lockdown - even if we are ever allowed to fly anywhere again I won’t be 😱😂
TLM66 Aylar önce
Maybe instead of rigging things, replace things because they never go back to checks rig jobs. Smfh
Ludwigtails Aylar önce
Are wonder just ran out of mayday episodes to upload and just upload specials now?
Helper 13 gün önce
@Ludwigtails thats how that mayday seasons work, after normal episodes you went to specials
Ludwigtails 13 gün önce
@Helper yet they don’t upload normal episode instead they are all specials
Helper 13 gün önce
Nope, there is 30 mayday seasons
IL62 M
IL62 M Aylar önce
But when sabotage is done for political purposes the whole blame goes to either the pilot or maintenance workers
Teresa Gunn
Teresa Gunn Aylar önce
They sure could use a lot more flashlights and better lighting in the hanger
j7ndominica0 Aylar önce
Rich people could take a train instead. How do the voice recorders survive?
TwoBrosGamers Aylar önce
You know what pains me the most about Japan Airlines 123? The US had helicopters on stand by to start rescuing the survivors of the crash, but Japanese Authorities said no. What's worst there are stories about how the locals could hear cries of help of the initial survivors getting weaker and weaker through the night.
Helper 13 gün önce
@Powerranger6342 Remember kids, being pride is always bad
Powerranger6342 Aylar önce
I’ve heard about it too. I blame national pride because even if you believe that there aren’t any survivors, you should still check anyway. So many would still be alive had Japan allowed the United States to help.
jayman105 Aylar önce
I don't fly. Period.
Brian steff magnussen
Brian steff magnussen Aylar önce
I've always wondered if the Alaska Airlines plane would have been able to fly upside down, And these two pilots did fight to the bitter end almost in an academic manner, I wonder if they actually tried to fly upside down as the last resort.
HLadyLiberty GlockFan
HLadyLiberty GlockFan Aylar önce
In theory, an airplane can “fly” for a short time in any configuration, as it can merely be moving lower due to gravity, or moving higher due to propulsion - but it isn’t real flying, because they don’t have the proper amount of wingspace/size to have the needed aerodynamics to maintain lift, (otherwise planes would be perfectly symmetrical horizontally. (Remember gravity is key….)….
Brian steff magnussen
Brian steff magnussen Aylar önce
@Powerranger6342 That's why i still think this is the best show of airmanship in the most heroic way despite the outcome. RIP.
Powerranger6342 Aylar önce
They did.
Peter Maclean
Peter Maclean Aylar önce
This TRpost company is a p.o.s
Canuck_Gamer33 Aylar önce
I'm not sure why but from what I understand, this program is aired identically in Canada and the UK but with different narrators for some reason. As far as I know, they even read the same scripts. But I really prefer the Canadian version narration, he has a nice voice and it adds something without distracting in the least. Nothing against this fellow mind you but it just goes to show you in a program like this, picking the right narrator means the difference between a good product and a great one!
Abigail Pikai
Abigail Pikai 4 gün önce
I'm from Zimbabwe where wifi and data are expensive, I just prefer one that shows easily and quickly 😀 😄 😁
TorontoGal74 7 gün önce
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President 9 gün önce
@Nancy Austin i think the dude also pronounces schitzoprenia as shitzoprenia
Nancy Austin
Nancy Austin 9 gün önce
I noticed this narrator uses the non-US pronunciation of the word "schedule" so it comes out "shed-you-ul." Isn't this narrated by a Canadian or UK person?
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President 13 gün önce
@emmett petry in se asia the show is air in natgeo and its called air crash investigation
Aesir Gaming
Aesir Gaming Aylar önce
If a police officer can be charged discharging his weapon in the line of duty, then crew, managers and corporate leaders should be similarly accountable when they make mistakes like this. The difference is that an officer has a split second to make a life or death decision. These corporate leaders, managers, supervisors and mechanics had weeks, months or maybe even years to make the same decisions over and over again. Yet, I never see any of these people put on trial for negligent homicide. The most recent case was Boeing with the Max 8. Everyone involved in that cover-up should be on trial facing charges of negligent homicide.
Powerranger6342 Aylar önce
One mechanic who worked for Japan Airlines committed suicide after hearing the plane had crashed.
Doctor Clarke
Doctor Clarke Aylar önce
Trust me my friend..karma comes for everyone. These high level executives do no sleep well at night. The mechanics also have to drink themselves to sleep. They know blood is on their hands. Max 8 is the worst plane ever, lots of good people died for nothing. The most terrifying experience ever. I own a fleet of semi tractors and I pay my mechanics top dollar to ensure every truck is safe for the road. Stay safe out there. Peace and Love
Sarge 420
Sarge 420 Aylar önce
Greed by companies. Oh wait, the American People will bail out the airline industry.
inkyguy Aylar önce
At some point I began to wonder why planes don’t use both hydraulics and radio controlled (like Bluetooth) fly by wire, in which there is a transceiver installed on the power unit which can also send it commands. This way there is redundancy. If there is a loss of hydraulic pressure the fly-by-wire transceiver can still provide commands to the motors or the servos that control different parts of the plane’s steering system.
Helper 13 gün önce
The problem is money
Native airport
NotMe2day Aylar önce
I felt better about flying before this mashup.
Top OfTheLine
Top OfTheLine Aylar önce
With all due respect They say it's rare but the NTSB investigates 2000 crashes a year I don't know if you can call that rare. Again I'm not trying to sound like an A-hole and I'm not being aggressive. I still find it fascinating that they can investigate a plane crash like they do and figure out what happened. that just boggles my mind. the plane is in 10,000 pieces and you're gonna figure that out? that's incredible. hats off to the NTSB
Carolyn Nolan
Carolyn Nolan 27 gün önce
@Top OfTheLine A lot of those investigations involve general aviation accidents.
Aaryan Airy
Aaryan Airy Aylar önce
@Top OfTheLine oh okay. I did not notice them saying this. 2000 is a huge number for one organisation to handle. Hats off to their work.
Top OfTheLine
Top OfTheLine Aylar önce
@Aaryan Airy at first I could not believe that number either but the guy from the NTSB mentions to 2000 a year and when I looked it up it does say 2000 a year it investigates. I just double checked again and it says 2000 aviation incidents per year granted yes that's not all crashes plus it also does other stuff like trains and marine .wow that's a lot of work. You're right it is still I guess pretty rare. My original statement may have been said with a bit of frustration as it's tough to see these things happen
Aaryan Airy
Aaryan Airy Aylar önce
Your numbers seem inflated. About 100-200 flights crash in a year. And yes it is rare. 200 flights crash per 40 million flights, heck yeah thats rare. And yes, they do a commendable job in finding the causes and try to avoid them in the future.
Denise Phillips
Denise Phillips Aylar önce
They even stated 2 million pieces during one investigation. Amazed at their abilities to reconstruct and then determine the cause of crashes.
Max Vernon
Max Vernon Aylar önce
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