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A fuel crisis hit Canada and across the Northern Territories government weather stations are in desperate need of fuel. Flying from Yellowknife to the remote 'town' of Eureka, takes the pilots and their converted Curtiss C-46 Commando all the way to the 80th parallel.

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Buffalo Airways is an airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. They mainly fly WWII-era piston powered propeller planes in minus 40 degrees and land on tiny strips of tarmac in the tundra.

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Brad & Robin Hancock
Brad & Robin Hancock 9 saatler önce
I thought 100LL was dyed blue, or is that only in the US?
Russell Williams
Russell Williams 3 gün önce
Damn, Joe's sons are idiots, rofl. No wonder the guy is stressed out 24/7.
john O'Donohoe
john O'Donohoe 9 gün önce
Seriously the Canadian Gov have to ask these broken down outfit for transport options? I know outsourcing is the thing but really ? wow!
Gold Country Russ
Gold Country Russ 11 gün önce
Time to do some turbine conversions.....
Tom McQueeney
Tom McQueeney 11 gün önce
My dad retired from Pratt and Whitney back in the 80s. Specialist for reciprocating engine and engineer
CrimFerret 13 gün önce
I was a bit sad when Buffalo Air lost the ability to do passenger runs. I'd always hoped at some point to go up and take a ride on a DC-3 as well as see some of that part of the world. I know there are still some in parts of the world doing passenger flights, but the companies flying them don't exactly inspire confidence as far as maintenance.
PNW RC 13 gün önce
I LOVE this series! This series is the ONLY reason I subscribed to the channel. This is by far one of the bestest reality based TV series I've watched!
Russellprout 14 gün önce
I just love Mikey the unsung hero.
allan anonimozeta
allan anonimozeta 14 gün önce
"Do what i say or Foff"...for Joe is..."its up to him...its not up to me".. classic
Robert Oler
Robert Oler 17 gün önce
thank goodness I never worked for a company like this its all shooting from the hip
Just The Tip
Just The Tip 18 gün önce
Buffalo caved bc of top down greed.
Soul Flyer
Soul Flyer 19 gün önce
The best reality TV series to ever come out, this and flying wild Alaska. Even if you don't understand aviation, you can easily become invested in this series.
John Foster
John Foster 19 gün önce
Stay on the job dude let him go to his other job and I don’t blame him do you don’t take junk off your supervisor or manager of the business Tuffet out young lady and he just down the road from here
Kamal Srran
Kamal Srran 21 gün önce
This show is awesome.
Matty Mayhem
Matty Mayhem 22 gün önce
They straight up or that guy's dad's ashes into a flower pot attached to a funnel and a hose, I don't even know how to feel about that?
Nicholas Jaworski
Nicholas Jaworski 22 gün önce
That was very sweet and I feel like a fitting way send out a veteran. I know I personally would have loved to know that this makeshift dust dispenser, and some on hands elbow freeze, sent me off of the plane that made me happy over beautiful scenery.
Tom Kristiansen
Tom Kristiansen 25 gün önce
10:31 is he smoking in the cabin??
CapilanoPro 26 gün önce
Bring back season 4 of I shouldn’t be alive!!!!!!!!!! What a garbage account!!!!!! And you “wonder” why you don’t even have 5 million subs
David Lefkovits
David Lefkovits 27 gün önce
Maciej 27 gün önce
Hello from Poland 🇵🇱!
Craig Kibbe
Craig Kibbe 27 gün önce
Hey guys! My dad flew C-46s and C-47s during WWII in the Pacific. He thought me how to fly as a child and I was in the USAF for 20 years... Dad died in 1991. It's great to see these birds still flying... The memories of and with him abound! Thanks!!
MiKe MiDNiTe
MiKe MiDNiTe 28 gün önce
Ive always loved the look of the C46
badweetabix 28 gün önce
The most boring YT video I have thus watched. Wish I had not wasted my time.
ReadTheShrill 28 gün önce
Anyone know the name of the song at the end? Edit: I found it. It's "Flying High Again" by Sloan.
R. Scott MacLeod
R. Scott MacLeod 28 gün önce
ROFL...Joe thinks he gets to decide their mode of travel after they're gone! THE GREYHOUND WENT OUT OF BUSINESS YEARS AGO JOE
Matty Mayhem
Matty Mayhem 22 gün önce
This was filmed back around 2006...
Gordon Clare
Gordon Clare 28 gün önce
istra70 28 gün önce
I have never seen bigger abuse of people than in Buffalo Air .....People who work the hardest - turn in to donkeys..... Everything is hanging on promises - in the mean time people are turned into slaves with no time for private life. What a waste of time - trying to fly this dinosaurs.
Mehrdad Alavi
Mehrdad Alavi 28 gün önce
I am from the Philippines. I enjoy watching Ice Pilots and I do watch on my dinner. Actually I am on other side of planet earth but thanks to this wonderful documentary series, I feel I am with them and all characters are my real friends. Great Work! Keep it up/ Thank you
Michael Storto
Michael Storto 28 gün önce
Buffalo is becoming familly, this is more engagi g than any tv series. So close to earth, I have lived in Alaska, some is so familar. Thank you keep going... Folllowing from West Africa, Ivory Coast
Mohammad Faizal
Mohammad Faizal 28 gün önce
Alan C...
Alan C... 28 gün önce
Pity it's to American style over Drama on everything . It would be better to see the worker's not having to act 😒.
spannaspinna 26 gün önce
Buffalo airways is Canadian
PRObkgamer21 28 gün önce
Why is this series ending…. It’s nice and addictive to watch
istra70 25 gün önce
@PRObkgamer21 Unfortunately commercial laws don't care about love and feelings....
PRObkgamer21 25 gün önce
@istra70 as somone that loves these old aircraft and new aircraft. I don’t agree with u
istra70 28 gün önce
Because Buffalo Air is not competitive with this vintage aircraft......They need to invest in modernisation of the fleet - or close the door.
loopie73 28 gün önce
I so want to see more of this show Hurry up please with new season
turkishbeluga 29 gün önce
Please make a normal wonder mayday disaster 🥺
Off Grid
Off Grid 29 gün önce
The green agenda will see this come for a lot of fuels. All shortages will be caused by government.
Poolnoodle 541
Poolnoodle 541 29 gün önce
Playing golf on the sand/dirt like that would suck.
Timotius Moti
Timotius Moti 29 gün önce
This show is Awesome , good job Wonder keep uploading 👍 from indonesia 🇮🇩
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house 29 gün önce
I felt bad for the guy scattering his dads ashes
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house 28 gün önce
@Denise Benedict I think that guy was thinking the whole time “I wish I hadn’t done this” 😂
Denise Benedict
Denise Benedict 28 gün önce
Me too. Cranky Joe couldn't even honor a Military pilot with dignity. If not for Mikey, I would have taken my father's ashes elsewhere!
Aaron St Michel
Aaron St Michel 29 gün önce
Keep the episodes coming😊👍🏻👍🏻
WWNB GAMING 29 gün önce
i will halariously point out that this documentary/show repeatedly makes it sound like 737-200 combi's are ultra modern. its so funny because those planes are also rare, and also very old so, its an old airline with old (legendary planes) trying to make it sem like (other legendary old planes) are super modern. haha
J Sss
J Sss 28 gün önce
@istra70 Cool story bro but my comment was to the OP 🤟
istra70 28 gün önce
@J Sss That will be the reason - they are going out of business.
J Sss
J Sss 28 gün önce
Dude they literally say that they are old warplanes all the time not some super modern aircraft 🤦‍♂️🤣
Rudis E.
Rudis E. 28 gün önce
TheRockstarSupreme 29 gün önce
MIKE AND JOE ROCK ! you know it guys : )) hope to meet you soon and get autographs, pleassse? you guys ever fly to Detroit? I would love to get signatures from all the top brass over there!? : )
Poolnoodle 541
Poolnoodle 541 29 gün önce
Joe has recently passed away..
Darrius Brown-Harper
Darrius Brown-Harper 29 gün önce
Ice can be very dangerous
Frosty Frost
Frosty Frost 29 gün önce
That Lufty C-46 makes me feel old l wish it would return to LHR
Joyce Anthony-Huff
Joyce Anthony-Huff 29 gün önce
Arnie died 2012. Kelly death was in 2017!! Owner Joe died 2021
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 27 gün önce
@Maciej I think we need to stop feeding this Troll!
Joyce Anthony-Huff
Joyce Anthony-Huff 27 gün önce
@Mark Davis he died in a drowning accident
Maciej 27 gün önce
Stop posting fake news…
djtimwe 28 gün önce
@Mark Davis thank you for not falling for online propaganda!
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 28 gün önce
@Joyce Anthony-Huff Post a link. Nothing on their website or Wiki.
Natasha Graham
Natasha Graham 29 gün önce
I seen this one!🉑💯😄
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers 29 gün önce
That'd be cool to be born into something, makes it easier because you have someone under your wing literally in this case, but being born into the wealth, or parents with business or property or any inheritance, or a skill trade, profession, like if your moms a nurse , high chance daughter will too.... my dad is a car mechanic and hydraulic engineer, i do neither.
Jani 29 gün önce
Yeah, and you could play lotto, invest (tsla)..
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor 29 gün önce
This show is truly addicting to watch 😆😃
Karlheinz Ritter
Karlheinz Ritter 14 gün önce
@huib van der maarl p
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor 26 gün önce
@thomasm1964 no worries:) thank you 🙏 I learn something new every day:) thanks to nice people like you ❤️
thomasm1964 26 gün önce
@Tom Taylor it was not meant to be a criticism, just a correction for the future.
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor 26 gün önce
@thomasm1964 sorry my English is not good 😌
thomasm1964 26 gün önce
The word is “addictive”.
CNRMAX 29 gün önce
White people with a handful of odd inconveniences season 4
Nicholas Jaworski
Nicholas Jaworski 22 gün önce
Lmao that’s a good one
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house 28 gün önce
The next time you have a thought… just let it go
CNRMAX 29 gün önce
@Joyce Anthony-Huff lmao true
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house 29 gün önce
Keep your idiotic comments to yourself
Joyce Anthony-Huff
Joyce Anthony-Huff 29 gün önce
80AFT 29 gün önce
Love this! Ceep it coming ❤😊
Milah9 29 gün önce
Here we're again we love you... 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance 29 gün önce
According to the National Geographic Society, "the North Pole sits in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, on water that is almost always covered with ice."
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance 29 gün önce
I thought the North Pole was under the ocean.
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance 28 gün önce
@potato salad Yes, but of course the title.... It really grabbed my attention until I found out.... Thanks!
potato salad
potato salad 29 gün önce
They are probably talking about magnetic north. True north is at different location
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance
Indoor and Outdoor Endurance 29 gün önce
@PixelTrain closedM Yes, Thank You! I thought they were probably old, although I did not know how old. Wonder is a great channel, though.
PixelTrain closedM
PixelTrain closedM 29 gün önce
these episodes are probably decades old
Umair Ansari
Umair Ansari 29 gün önce
mikey jay
mikey jay 29 gün önce
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