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The head pilot of the longest running and only DC-3 passenger service in the world receives a suspension from flying. Joe has been flying for 20 years 6 day a week flying passengers across Northern Canada. Now his young replacement has to take the reigns and fly this old converted warplane in treacherous icy conditions.

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Buffalo Airways is an airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. They mainly fly WWII-era piston powered propeller planes in minus 40 degrees and land on tiny strips of tarmac in the tundra.

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Bart Neal
Bart Neal 5 gün önce
There are four passenger DC-3’s in Alaska, so there claim of having the only passenger DC-3 in incorrect
senorboardhead 6 gün önce
Drama, drama, repeat, repeat intro endlessly.
Chase Barnard
Chase Barnard 19 gün önce
Joe's a piece!
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson 20 gün önce
Canadian government is a liberal bureaucratic controlling outfit. People who valve their freedom is surprising to me to even think of voting for such people. Quess you like being led by controlling leaders like that. Why do you want a government who controls your lives instead of you controlling it?
Aurel Negrea
Aurel Negrea 22 gün önce
Don’t tell Joe. It’s all you got. Not good. Young man. Just do as he says. Haa
steve myers
steve myers 22 gün önce
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no such thing as a HEAD PILOT...doesn't exist. Chief Pilot is what you mean...can't believe someone with no ability to research a subject would take the time to put a video out and not use the proper terminology.
John 23 gün önce
I’m not sure the Feds would be too happy to see a guy who has just had his licence suspended interfering with the flight crew from the jump seat. I’m amazed that he wasn’t also sanctioned for trying to change the power settings on take off, once this episode aired.
Patraic 24 gün önce
DC3. One of the most airworthy aircraft ever designed and built. All the guys totally fan boying or the Stanley Cup is just priceless.
Rock N Wash
Rock N Wash 26 gün önce
Question ? Joe been in the Cockpit be more Dangerous and cause a accident to the young pilots cause the young Pilots trying to do there jobs the way they know then they have a person in there questioning every move something got to be miss on check lists cause the two young Pilots knowing Joe sitting behind them ?
Rock N Wash
Rock N Wash 10 gün önce
@T W does it really matter
T W 10 gün önce
Rock- do you not have a clue on how construct or end a sentence?
Dale Mullins
Dale Mullins 27 gün önce
I love how Joe demands you fly my plane a certain way or leave.
Ian Downie
Ian Downie 29 gün önce
The only DC-3? There are 8 in Australia and 3 in New Zealand classified as Flying Status.
Ian Downie
Ian Downie 25 gün önce
@David Baldwin The "Gooney Bird" in Melbourne Australia certainly does, haven't researched any others.
David Baldwin
David Baldwin 28 gün önce
DC-3 "passenger" service (see description). Do the ones you mentioned offer passenger service? Thanks.
George Thomas
George Thomas 29 gün önce
False ..... one is still at work here in New Zealand
slangen artz
slangen artz Aylar önce
Maybe planet earth and the production are on 2 parallel universes but: 1. P.I.C. is PIC. C.F.I is C.F.I, Evaluation is Evaluation and a commercial flight with passengers on board is not a training flight. 2. NO ONE with suspension can be UBER CAPTAIN, CHECKER, OR EVEN LEGIT EVALUATORS. 3. On planet earth, 1 min after the TV presentation - Aviation authorities representatives should start immediate investigation. BS beyond BS, and the "Heroes" are on "where the f#@# did you scratch them" Q&A levels ;)
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Aylar önce
How is it that Mikey can't pilot one of these?
J Daniels
J Daniels Aylar önce
That was a setup. They screwed Joe
Justin Case
Justin Case Aylar önce
Seeing the DC-3 reminds me of the very old cartoons, where they showed streamlined train engines and old planes …
Justin Case
Justin Case Aylar önce
I’m VERY familiar with Joe’s management style .. I worked for the “phone” company for over 30 years .. admirably tough (more or less admirable) .. he gets a dose of his own medicine …
Josh B
Josh B Aylar önce
Theres a difference in training someone and causing a stressful situation.
Craig Monteforte
Craig Monteforte Aylar önce
i really loved this entire series
pat olt
pat olt Aylar önce
I watched this show but I didn't enjoy it precisely because of "Buffalo Joe". May be it's the way it works in Northern America (I'm doubtful since "Flying Wild Alaska" shows a very different picture) but, as European, I would not have stayed more than a week with a boss like him, basically apathetic, nasty temper, grumbling, yelling at everybody even his best employees, showing favouritism sometimes. He has merit for sure for what he has achieved in his life but this doesn't excuse him: the best leaders are not necessarily terrors. Moreover it's easy to intimidate young people looking for a job and ready to make tremendous efforts: strong with the weak ... My opinion
littleferrhis 10 gün önce
@T W As an American myself, not only are you being insulting to a great group of pilots, you are incredibly wrong. Being unnecessarily harsh to people in the cockpit is not a question of being weak and soft, it’s a safety issue. Uncomfortable cockpit environments lead to unwarranted stress, which lead to a greater risk of mistakes, and mistakes can add up to accidents. It’s the old snowball effect that can happen on flights and on checkrides. It can turn what would be a good flight with a few mistakes into a really bad day. Like I said you can still be no-nonsense with people without being patronizing or overly judgmental.
littleferrhis 10 gün önce
@pat olt I’d totally agree with that. I’m a CFI currently, actually building stuff like SOPs, syllabi, and teaching classes for a new college program(hoping it’ll look nice on a resume). The best instructors I’ve flown with are smart, will point out when you did things wrong, but not in a patronizing or judgmental way. In other words treating you like a competent human being, or competent pilot you are depending on where you are training wise and slowly work with you from there. They don’t sit there and tell you your flying sucks, the training you got was hot garbage at the flight school you trained at, you probably just barely scraped through your checkrides to get where you were, and you aren’t a natural pilot(all of which I’ve heard from the instructor in question) which while they may or may not be true aren’t really things that make for a comfortable cockpit environment and don’t really help with learning. Being helpful and respectful go a long way.
T W 10 gün önce
Pat Olt. One of the reasons the US has to bail your Europeans every once in awhile, you're weak and soft.
pat olt
pat olt 10 gün önce
@littleferrhis Agreed but an instructor is not necessarily either a devil or an angel: there is perhaps a middle ground ... I'm an od man now but I was a helicopter pilot in the military and then an Experimental Test Pilot, so I know what is training and I met various instructors: some of them were tough, some were more pleasant, so to speak, but I never met somebody like him. Even in the military (not US, I'm not American) the aim is not to bring individuals to a breakdown but to teach them some skills. The pace and the progress are very selective and ruthless but never in flight. If some people could not keep pace with the imposed rhythm, well ... they were fired but politely. Never necessary to humiliate people ... It is this aspect that bothers me the most.
littleferrhis 10 gün önce
I’ve flown with instructors like Joe before, though not as bad. They get results teaching wise, but they really work best with people who can shrug stuff off easily and don’t believe everything they are hearing, aka the kids that got scolded a ton by their parents. If you aren’t that type of person, while you may eventually get results, you’ll be stressed out and hating the job for a significant amount of time depending on how long you do it. Flying with the instructor I met before, I was a goody two shoes as a kid and tried my best to not find myself in trouble. Hopping in with a scoldy instructor, my flying ability fell apart, my confidence took a nosedive, and I was afraid to fly for months. For other people they just would have called him bitchy and took the advice. But that person probably wouldn’t have enjoyed a guy who was just cheering them on the whole time, or they would have and would have found themselves not improving, just depends on the person.
m1t2a1 Aylar önce
A few months in the copilot seat of a DC 3 would qualify a pilot to drop paratroops on D Day.
mdd1963 Aylar önce
Surprised if they are not back suspending him again, saying he wore the wrong color shoes and/or laces...10 years ago. (During a flightline pre -take off inspection)
Willy Williscroft
Willy Williscroft Aylar önce
Well hell Joe who taught them to fly? Or is this reality TV?
xXBam BamXx
xXBam BamXx Aylar önce
I just don't get it, kicking a company down because they keep history at work, it's disgusting! They haven't had any incidents for that may years, but still they are trying to kick them out of business! What a shame.
nordo_7600 Aylar önce
LoL I don't remember that intro.. where's Kravitz?
Ivansgarage Aylar önce
Joe's license, This is the kind of BS that happens when ya have bureaucratic morons running a system...
Ted Heath
Ted Heath Aylar önce
I cant stop sobbing when I see the Dakota flying.
Will Mostert
Will Mostert Aylar önce
I have a question. Isn't the America's Cup older than the Stanley Cup? I'm a South African Kiwi so I don't know much about the Stanley Cup. So please it's an honest question.
Ryan Phillips
Ryan Phillips Aylar önce
I thought it was older too im not sure
Indzeosko Aylar önce
Joe was Green at one time.. He got suspended.. Give some young guys a chance. He is a bad Boss.
Daniel Obanla
Daniel Obanla Aylar önce
Nothing about the water bombers 😐
Cebu 516
Cebu 516 Aylar önce
One word.... Bruh!
Di Marie
Di Marie Aylar önce
Now this is what it means to be Canadian!
David Lefkovits
David Lefkovits Aylar önce
J R Deckard
J R Deckard Aylar önce
The stateside equivalent of Joe, would be Jack Norton, Owner of Sparta Aviation, Sparta, Michigan. Jack managed the airport and ran his FBO for over 40 years. He owned a dozen planes and ran a tight operation. I flew for Jack, and he once told me, "If you want to make a small fortune in aviation, you have to start with a large fortune."
Sean Mills
Sean Mills 16 gün önce
How do you make a million dollars in trading? START WITH TWO MILLION.
a a
a a Aylar önce
Not watching with this narrator and editing
Bengt Korswing
Bengt Korswing Aylar önce
Where is the video about what happened to the planes crossing the Atlantic to Turkey?
Cathy Benson
Cathy Benson Aylar önce
I can understand that Joe is upset about losing his pilots licence, but I don't like how he ridiculed his crew. Especially in public. He could have been more supportive. 👎👎👎🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘
nathan whitworth
nathan whitworth Aylar önce
Although to add to that to be pulled up for some thing apparently you did two years ago . Im not being funny how , can you imagine being pulled for a driving offense two years ago , if you had a lawyer you would pull that apart . why two years ? you have allowed a pilot to operate two years then ....because of an infraction took them off flying for ten days . I would say that's pretty poor . Just my point , trust me if we did wrong on a crash and things get pulled like training , qualifications, radio tapes for evidence etc and a full investigation would go ahead . So if Joe was so bad why two years !! makes no sense
nathan whitworth
nathan whitworth Aylar önce
There is a way of constructive criticism , we used to call knock em down then build them up . So you pull them up for what could have been better , how ever you end with the things they did well at . No one is ever perfect and learning is no matter how long you have done the job , you always learn . I have worked in the Aviation World since i was 18yrs old and things have changed for the better in certain ways . My job kicks in when all goes wrong , as in crash etc . In my 32 years i have only attended three crashes were it was pilot error . I have been to engine fires , burst tires , wheel brake fires , APU fires , bird strikes , hydraulic leaks , Loss of power and some very close call landings . How ever the three crashes all pilot error , thankfully no one died , although on one some not so good injuries resulting in one having to leave due to medical reasons . Yes i agree there is a way of criticism and being in a calm and chilled out tone , but also there is times to shout if things could turn to poo quickly . In my job we have commands and yes certain ones get every bodies attention and others still attention but less immediate , but then i don't fly we deal with the mess when it goes wrong .
SuPeRbOmBeRmAn Aylar önce
lol, its the return of kermit the frog.
Matthew Hartley
Matthew Hartley Aylar önce
You just violated probably the contract
Matthew Hartley
Matthew Hartley Aylar önce
That's disgusting and you will be charged
TECH MONE Aylar önce
I don't like this video because I wating for so long to watch Baffalo sell the plane to Turkey and the delivery to Turkey episode 😫
mark holbrook
mark holbrook Aylar önce
Just remember the greatest hockey player to ever lace on skates... His name is ROBERT GORDON ORR!!!!!
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Aylar önce
*I want to know how the trip with the WATER BOMBERS went. Please upload the missing episode.*
richard thomson
richard thomson 15 gün önce
1 had a mechanical failure and had to wait 2 weeks in the azores before it caught up. 1 of the training pilots did a touch a go with wheels up and damaged one of the bombers. Another had to be flown out to meet the terms of the contract
Alan Hardy
Alan Hardy 20 gün önce
@Ian McNaney oh
Ian McNaney
Ian McNaney Aylar önce
They botched it.
Otto Nomicus
Otto Nomicus Aylar önce
They didn't even crash though. Video's about airplanes NOT crashing are a dime a dozen.
Timotius Moti
Timotius Moti Aylar önce
this is awesome 👍
Jericho Lacsamana
Jericho Lacsamana Aylar önce
space shuttle columbia next please
C Coates
C Coates Aylar önce
your videos are being blocked. what happened.
jürg der Grosse
jürg der Grosse Aylar önce
Luckily this was no "commercial flight", as I saw anything but a "clean cockpit" ;-)
Brian Spooner
Brian Spooner Aylar önce
as a pilot I can appreciate every perspective here but I am not sure any of this is good. CRM is a very important aspect of what we do. Joe bless his heart is hurting and I too have been there. But his hurt is not every bodies hurt. Probably the hardest part of a cowboys life is letting go. I honestly have a new perspective because I was very uncomfortable watching joe deal with all of this.
John Turner
John Turner 25 gün önce
You put it a lot kinder than I would.
Stuart Clarke.
Stuart Clarke. Aylar önce
As a TRE and DE this guy should be placed on desk leave. An Instructor, Examiner or senior experienced Commander should under no circumstances treat the licensed crew with this disrespect. The designated commander should have instructed him to get off his flight deck. Since his pilot’s licence was suspended he had no business interfering with the aircraft controls nor interfering in the conduct of the flight. Transport Canada should suspend his licence again!
watsis buttndo
watsis buttndo Aylar önce
Agreed, touch those controls, get out of the cockpit.
LA1504 Aylar önce
That title makes no sense 😅
mono man
mono man Aylar önce
Mohammad Faizal
Mohammad Faizal Aylar önce
Just loved it....
Brent Sarazin
Brent Sarazin Aylar önce
I have watched this show Religiously BUT this was the best episode ever. I 'feel' for Mikey and I once shook hands with Henri Richard. Never forget that as long as I live.
Adamantium Aylar önce
Mikey: This is our last few hours together, what do you want to do? Stanley cup: Nap? Been a long few days Mikey: ....say less
What happened to the water bombers?
hezron owiti
hezron owiti Aylar önce
Ninjago Ramen
Ninjago Ramen Aylar önce
co-pilot stanley cup haha 😂😂 lol
Puz _Zle
Puz _Zle Aylar önce
Ayyyy the Stanley Cup!!!
John C
John C Aylar önce
Did Buffalo Airways get one of their stickers on the cup case?
Soth Sovannary
Soth Sovannary Aylar önce
Now is getting good go joe you can do it
Matthew Haverkamp
Matthew Haverkamp Aylar önce
Did the water bombers make it to Turkey?
Steven Juris
Steven Juris Aylar önce
But did the bombers survive the Turkish pilots?
Sachi Perez
Sachi Perez Aylar önce
Did the DC-3 crash into the video title?
David Brett
David Brett Aylar önce
That was just the sweetest romeo and juliet story ever!
Willem Van rheede van oudtshoor
Willem Van rheede van oudtshoor 4 gün önce
@Brent Sarazin moo
Brent Sarazin
Brent Sarazin Aylar önce
I know eh. A Canadian boy and the Stanley Cup are what dreams are made of...;)
Zoya Lis
Zoya Lis Aylar önce
Ten day suspension from 2 years ago🙄? Ridiculous.
Jonas Baine
Jonas Baine Aylar önce
Confusing title
Vedad Vehabovic
Vedad Vehabovic Aylar önce
What is this title name man?
Nurse Flo
Nurse Flo Aylar önce
What happened to rest of turkey epiaodes want to what happend come on play fair release it xx
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Aylar önce
Anyone know what happened to the Water bombers delivery to Turkey?
Titan Aylar önce
@Richard Simpson I really need to find that episode now.
Richard Simpson
Richard Simpson Aylar önce
@Titan The Turks landed one on a runway with the gear up. There was at least one parked at the old St Athan RAF field in South Wales a few years back.
Titan Aylar önce
@3D They skipped that season.
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Aylar önce
@John Fitzgerald Kennedy I hear ya!
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Aylar önce
They’re probably sitting in a hangar somewhere.
Milah9 Aylar önce
Aaah at least you're heir now, after watching I will have a very good night Respect to you❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼
Tony McFlattie
Tony McFlattie Aylar önce
Needs a HUD, fadec and a couple of jet engines. Lol
Randy Kirkland
Randy Kirkland Aylar önce
The problems with that title.
Titan Aylar önce
The title is English 100.
MLJ Rowell
MLJ Rowell Aylar önce
Coh2 things
Coh2 things Aylar önce
Did u guys jump a season Ahead from the last episode, from season 1 episode 8 too season 2 episode 9?
Northern farmer
Northern farmer Aylar önce
just watch the whole thing on Tubi
Harprit Singh
Harprit Singh Aylar önce
These episodes are copies from Netflix.
Aaron St Michel
Aaron St Michel Aylar önce
What happened to the water bombers lol?
Jeanie Marczniec
Jeanie Marczniec Aylar önce
If you noticed Justin is in this episode, wasn't he and the others flying the waterbombers?
TheDonCrucifixo Aylar önce
You can see all seasons on Pluto TV
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Aylar önce
What happen to the two plane deliveries to Turkey?
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Aylar önce
Coh2 things
Coh2 things Aylar önce
They jumped 1 season ahead for some reason
gaming time
gaming time Aylar önce
This shows amazing I watch it every morning and every night
xxlilwastaken Aylar önce
Whoooo new vid
ScottGameDev Aylar önce
Ayo am i famous.
scottcol23 Aylar önce
I love this show!
Kikiro Aylar önce
ivana Vukojevic
ivana Vukojevic Aylar önce
A zašto više nema prevoda 😔🤔??? Šteta
ArisenPlayz Aylar önce
Every video on wonder: depressing
ArisenPlayz Aylar önce
@Sekou trust me I will
Sekou Aylar önce
Cry more
Khan Munaz Ahmad
Khan Munaz Ahmad Aylar önce
After a looong time
Safaa Al abdallah
Safaa Al abdallah Aylar önce
Herrera 11845
Herrera 11845 Aylar önce
floodic Aylar önce
hey 👋
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