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The South African Elite Fighting Force are ex-special forces instructors who teach African armies the reality of warfare. They test new recruits with brutal methods, after intense physical training the ones that don't break are subjected to a simulation capture and interrogation. The South Africans are fierce and use the harsh terrain to their advantage to push their hopeful new members to breaking point.

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Unbreakable takes eight super-fit members of the public on a punishing global trail to undergo a series of brutal challenges. They were bossed and cajoled by physical trainers and survival experts as they bid to outdo and outlast each other.

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Marie 6 gün önce
That guy Matt! My My My! LOL
H S 8 gün önce
They should have done the 'dark phase' on them 😂😂😂
johan kruger
johan kruger 9 gün önce
Dont cry little girls.
Ivory White
Ivory White 9 gün önce
They didn't say you couldn't sit on the back of the truck while still holding the rope and weapon. Attention to detail 🙄
Ntate Machili
Ntate Machili 9 gün önce
The so-called "black accent" by these instructors is really unnecessary and highlights their ignorance and disrespect for Africans, as it's clearly meant to depict Africans as enemies or imaginary captors. Utter rubbish on that part.
LaraD 10 gün önce
I actually felt sick watching some of that. My god these people are unbelievable!
Mark Hancher
Mark Hancher 12 gün önce
True Tour De FORCE ...
William Gunnels
William Gunnels 13 gün önce
We call them in Southafrica , ( Reccies ) Best of the Best , no one can compare to them , Dankie Manne
Ethan Tzanos
Ethan Tzanos 5 gün önce
Howzit bru, my fellow South African🤘👍
Jacques Vh
Jacques Vh 9 gün önce
And navy seals
Jacques Vh
Jacques Vh 9 gün önce
Seal team 6 can
Pleasence Munguchi
Pleasence Munguchi 14 gün önce
Well performed. I wish I was younger, I would like to have joined the group of unbreakable team. Congratulations
fishrgirl 19 gün önce
I never would have thought they had ghillie suits Africa.
Omar Guard
Omar Guard 19 gün önce
Alot of training, for a bullet to just stop you in 3 seconds 🤦
Larry Dulnuan
Larry Dulnuan 23 gün önce
Hello to all of you...
pathan gamer
pathan gamer 24 gün önce
What's the rewards
akapelwa akapelwa
akapelwa akapelwa 25 gün önce
wow great job guys truly unbreakable
charlesvan13 Aylar önce
Is there some reason they're all white? Just wondering, considering the make up of South Africa.
Leanna Barnard
Leanna Barnard Aylar önce
I’d love to take part in this,hope they make another series x
Lil Neil
Lil Neil 29 gün önce
Yeah forsure
Nature Nerd
Nature Nerd Aylar önce
The ending was so satisfying ❤️
Stephen Kiio
Stephen Kiio Aylar önce
South Africa Nas I can't see back face??? How?😏😏😏😏
𝕱𝖚𝖒𝖎𝖔 Aylar önce
Barnaby is a d!ck. He doesn't have the quality of a soldier all he has are ego and selfishness! I know this is not a real military training but I'm talking from a soldier's perspective.
Arlou Gunzales
Arlou Gunzales Aylar önce
God bless them. They are really unbreakable.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Aylar önce
Get these maggots in shape.
Brandon Van as
Brandon Van as Aylar önce
Congratulations to everyone who made it especially Fraser your that is very proud of you
felicia Bosch
felicia Bosch Aylar önce
M_Ryz Minlen Khongsai @ MMK
M_Ryz Minlen Khongsai @ MMK Aylar önce
A vary 44 age in the youths,train like a 20s. Fraser have great heart ❤️. He takes up all the challenges. Age is nothing else,its mentally, physically , hardworking and strength.
MrBrauza Aylar önce
Every day if I do it I might become Elite for sleeping
Clone Lures
Clone Lures Aylar önce
Solid Dutchman
Tanglie tie DU Preez
Tanglie tie DU Preez 27 gün önce
Solid Afrikaaners we dont speak dutch we speak Afrikaans
GAVIN BRAND Aylar önce
@25:50 So his accent changed LOL..
M H Aylar önce
schön zu sehen das sie HK G3 benutzen, muss ja einen grund haben, dass sie die bevorzugen und einsetzen
tweezerjam34 Aylar önce
Man I feel for Bain. Too come that far…
Parousia Aylar önce
this is all about ego and mussels .. what about using your brain?
Wind dictates direction yar
Wind dictates direction yar 27 gün önce
Your body isn't even under duress and your brain can hardly function. Its 'muscle' not 'mussel' genius. And you dont need a brain for the physical segment of training. Its mostly sensory deprivation and building muscle memory at this point.
iremanguitars Aylar önce
More reality TV BS
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown Aylar önce
Dude, don't say buried alive when the video has nothing to do with that. That's a bate and switch.
Brooklyn_518 Aylar önce
"you're a dangerous character" I love his accent -----
Jurnaliza Asierto
Jurnaliza Asierto Aylar önce
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Sara Sin
Sara Sin Aylar önce
my fok. wanneer die amerikaners n suid afrikaner se storie vertel 🤔
Chantelle van Meyeren
Chantelle van Meyeren 29 gün önce
En die Engelse neem deel...
Sara Sin
Sara Sin Aylar önce
ag nee. ek kannie die kakkies kyk nie
Sara Sin
Sara Sin Aylar önce
hoekom het hulle poefies op hulle gesigte gesmeer?
Cussler Nyathi
Cussler Nyathi Aylar önce
welcome to south africa
Omphile Koketso
Omphile Koketso Aylar önce
Let me be there I believe I am strong 💪😹
Godfrey Makgatho
Godfrey Makgatho Aylar önce
South African elite fighting force looks weak to me. It reminds of movie "look who's in the army."
Godfrey Makgatho
Godfrey Makgatho Aylar önce
@patrick waiyaki Thanks for giving me a lesson on what I should say.
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker Aylar önce
@patrick waiyaki The SA special forces are amongst the most respected and well trained in the world .
patrick waiyaki
patrick waiyaki Aylar önce
Say it looks weak compared to other elite forces, not weak to you.
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker Aylar önce
Yeah okay , go do one day with them
SAlexW SaDw
SAlexW SaDw Aylar önce
The cuddling part made me laugh loud, omg, I dont know why I found that part funny, lol.
FloRider43 Aylar önce
Nooooooooo dave noooo i was rooting for ya😭 ya proved em wrong champ!🙂
Zack Scott
Zack Scott Aylar önce
hours and days of sweat vs two minutes buried
Gerald Fleming
Gerald Fleming Aylar önce
I know somebody that did Recce selection...It is hell but then so is war.
Knight Rider89
Knight Rider89 Aylar önce
I've not liked fraisier from the start
Jas Jansen van Vuuren
Jas Jansen van Vuuren Aylar önce
poor guy. our boys are relentless. they make you war fit. not gym fit.
mohlodi tshimollo
mohlodi tshimollo Aylar önce
Drakensburg mountains 🤔 that's where I grew up.
loopie73 Aylar önce
Will miss unbreakables but look forward to seeing what is next week congratulations to the unbreakables Watched every single week Nice one Fraser just goes to show age is just a number Is it me or does Benedict sound like Gordon Ramsay
loopie73 6 gün önce
@Marie glad to hear that.. Took me a little while as well to be honest ☺️ I miss this show
Marie 6 gün önce
OMG its been driving me crazy trying to figure out just who he sounded like. Thank you! You nailed it!
Justin Paris
Justin Paris Aylar önce
This video was posted 5 months ago 😂
Medicated Chicken
Medicated Chicken Aylar önce
The scattered girdle postauricularly appreciate because justice analogically concern than a high-pitched clave. nifty, well-off course
NakNaksdad N
NakNaksdad N Aylar önce
No participation trophies handed out here! Job well done!
TigerTommy58 Aylar önce
Marley Sankor
Marley Sankor Aylar önce
Win the battle with~in your~self~ I've watched this since the beginning I'm so glad that Fraser wasn't broken in honor of his father! 🌬️💛💛💛
Lil Neil
Lil Neil 29 gün önce
Romel Carter
Romel Carter Aylar önce
I wonder if there is prize money to be won, for completing the journey? And if so how much is it?
Chucker1212 A
Chucker1212 A Aylar önce
I was last but I was here October 16th 2021,,,,,,,,,WOW,,,,,,,,
colleen parsons
colleen parsons Aylar önce
Absolutely amazing men! 👏
Lil Neil
Lil Neil 29 gün önce
Rishi Deo
Rishi Deo Aylar önce
Feel sorry for them.
Christopher Bako
Christopher Bako Aylar önce
I hope they are Trained this way. Good fighters are necessary.
Tanglie tie DU Preez
Tanglie tie DU Preez 27 gün önce
They tain like this for 6 monthes and 2 out of 50 get chosen to join special forces
dalena diepkkknbbMu
dalena diepkkknbbMu Aylar önce
I’m going back to sleep 🛌
martin moger
martin moger Aylar önce
what a bunch of clowns
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Life Science raipur Aylar önce
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