The Worst Mid-Air Collisions In Aviation History | Mayday: Science of Disaster | Wonder

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Ever since the 1956 Grand Canyon mid-air collision the aviation industry has been trying to eliminate the chances of planes colliding but this is becoming more difficult with more planes in the skies than ever before. Air traffic controllers and new electronic systems are reducing the chances of mid air collisions but its the Next Generation Air Transportation System thats revolutionised the safety of air travel.

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This special looked at the role of air traffic controllers in the airline industry and examines the Next Generation Air Transportation System, a new technology meant to eliminate mid-air collisions by reducing overall dependence on radar and radio, as well as delegating some of the air traffic controllers' tasks to computers on board each aircraft.

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Dr. Leet
Dr. Leet 2 saatler önce
mr. walter white u should have just sticked to cooking meth 😶
Mrs. Moose
Mrs. Moose Gün önce
Looks like ADS-B is required for most aircraft in most places in the US.
tony montana
tony montana Gün önce
I was on one of those planes? 💥💀
Drumbo 2 gün önce
editing is crackheadish
zew 1
zew 1 2 gün önce
33:02 The legendary John Andrews turn around.
Matthew Schneider
Matthew Schneider 2 gün önce
If the system is taking 1 data point every 1 second, then after 3 seconds you should have 3 data points to create a Prediction Line or Prediction Curve of the surrounding airplane's flight paths. Then every 1 second after that, the predication line/curve should be updated with a running average, including the 4th point (newest) and removing the oldest point (1st point). Combining this methodology with Artificial Intelligence would allow the system to not only know where all the planes are, but their predicted flight/path and altitudes to perform collision analysis if any of the extrapolated paths intersect less than the allowable plane separation. This should then trigger alerts in both cockpits of the intersecting flights, and automatically force a communication with ATC for resolution, or utilize a standard "Right of Way" to force one of the two flights to deviate to a non-collision course heading or altitude separation via TCAS alarm.
TylerCombs22 2 gün önce
There was a Russian pilot called Vladimir Makarov and an air controller in Albuquerque New Mexico called Walter white. Am I going he only one catching these??
Violation Go bellua your my #1
Violation Go bellua your my #1 3 gün önce
I'll never never never never NEVER! FLY again! Never!
CheetosFTW 3 gün önce
Now they need to upgrade the planes, some are still using planes from the 1990s and pretty much just put tape right over its problem.
shammy keyz
shammy keyz 3 gün önce
I've been in the ATC tower at JFK and I can guarantee, it was nowhere near as noisy as they make it seem in this video. Sure everyone was talking and doing something but they were all relatively quiet and mindful of one another.
Brady England
Brady England 3 gün önce
I have seen a lot of people asking/saying " how can 2 planes even get close enough to collide ". In the sky there are basically roads or airways/jet routes depending on altitude. So you will have multiple aircraft on 1 airway altitude sperated ( 1000 feet or more ) and unfortunately that has caused some accidents
Spr.l 3 gün önce
I live close to where the collusion in ny happened , theres still remains
Bunsen 5 gün önce
Man, humans are absolutely dogshit at communicating sometimes eh? Lol. Even with all these clearly smart people working together, communication breakdown ruins it all.
カミール Camille
カミール Camille 5 gün önce
I know its the safest way to travel.. but god i hate flying
Corsico Espiritu
Corsico Espiritu 7 gün önce
says slow, says unpleasant, shows philippine airlines hahaha wp
G S 7 gün önce
Think of all the Close Calls never spoken about. ✈️
Ashutosh Jamwal
Ashutosh Jamwal 8 gün önce
Worst mid air collisions in "aviation history". In USA'S aviation history.
Rob's World
Rob's World 8 gün önce
Glad that they are finally updating their systems! If we can have GPS in our phone we sure need them in a plane that's traveling at 500mph in the sky with other planes.
Max Mora
Max Mora 2 gün önce
Ads-b has been out for a while
bradwatson7324 8 gün önce
If I have to fall thousands of feet to my death, I think I'd prefer to be in comfortable clothes instead of a business suit.
Jim K
Jim K 12 gün önce
Why didn't the DHL and Russian pilots also turn away from each other?
Om Chatterjee
Om Chatterjee 13 gün önce
This ADS sounds like the AIS installed on ships. Correct me if I am wrong!
Your Local Aircraft Mechanic
Your Local Aircraft Mechanic 14 gün önce
When was this documentary made? 1995? ADSB has been a thing for some time now.
ItsMr.Game_1289 14 gün önce
This is like a copy on that show on national geographic but without ads.
Jay Fox
Jay Fox 14 gün önce
We certainly don't need more planes in the sky, the environment is suffering enough from air traffic as it is. Airlines keep giving big pharma a run for its money...
Will Carson
Will Carson 15 gün önce
If you can't get it right so that people never lose their lives then transportation by way of airplane or flight should not be a thing.
Maria Rojas
Maria Rojas 15 gün önce
Too, too much plane congestion is no good ! SLOW DOWN " PEOPLE & PLANES " FROM TRAVEL
Kate T
Kate T 15 gün önce
The way the GOL flight spun, even if it was just an animation... That made me shudder. I can't imagine how horrific it felt for those on board.
perp1exed 2 gün önce
Same here, though I think (hope) they passed out from the G-forces shortly after the collision.
Deejayy Mr Weirdo
Deejayy Mr Weirdo 16 gün önce
Nooo if the speed limits was updated to this generation(95-120MPH) ATControl wouldn't be that dam busy....
David Bloom
David Bloom 16 gün önce
Very cool
Kyle K
Kyle K 17 gün önce
Can y’all specify what year this program was put together
Cheng Liu
Cheng Liu 17 gün önce
I don't understand what happened with the Avianca flight. If they couldn't land at JFK and didn't have enough fuel to land at Logan, couldn't they have landed at any of the closer airports i.e. LaGuardia, Newark, McArthur, Westchester County or Stewart airports?
S Ragsdale
S Ragsdale 17 gün önce
News flash Einstein. Computers and programs are CREATED by human beings too. They aren't infallible. They FAIL too. What is this infantile belief that technology will solve everything.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 17 gün önce
Need to build more air ports
Faisal Habib
Faisal Habib 17 gün önce
06:04 So, it's succeeded and not only in planes we can even see the plane's position on our smartphones.
Chet Smith
Chet Smith 17 gün önce
I'll walk.
WolfSpiritWarrioress 17 gün önce
Doesn't matter if Biden wants to get rid of planes.
 Šiupšinskas असलीHindi Facts TV
Šiupšinskas असलीHindi Facts TV 17 gün önce
damn mr white really quit the business 😨
tirzha prinsloo
tirzha prinsloo 18 gün önce
There is a big difference between 36000 height and 360 height why has the flight plan has these faults in. ?
tirzha prinsloo
tirzha prinsloo 18 gün önce
Why don't they build for each country its own stretch of landing to come in and fly out of the big cities.
Just Because
Just Because 16 gün önce
tirzha prinsloo
tirzha prinsloo 18 gün önce
What if a plane systems shuts down which system will be in place to bring the plane safe to the ground
Kewlzter TC
Kewlzter TC 18 gün önce
14:56 I was sold on the new radar replacement (GPS), until he said "𝑡ℎ𝑎𝑡'𝑠 𝑤ℎ𝑦 𝑤𝑒 𝑘𝑒𝑒𝑝 𝑝𝑙𝑎𝑛𝑒𝑠 3 𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑒𝑠 𝑎𝑝𝑎𝑟𝑡" This means they want to rely on this system to reduce the safe distances of planes! Putting more in the sky closer together. Should this software glitch, this could be dangerous.
Kewlzter TC
Kewlzter TC 5 gün önce
@Singh Saab yes, highways have "Pile Ups"! If we can't safely do it with cars (or even trains), how can we do it with planes!
Singh Saab
Singh Saab 5 gün önce
exactly my point they want skies to behave like highways and planes to behave like a car.. 1 technical fault in the equipment of air speed and puff... disaster is on the cards....
Gemstone901 1
Gemstone901 1 18 gün önce
Hugh Roney
Hugh Roney 18 gün önce
While the pilots are watching the screen to see where everyone else is, who is left watching the plane? They seem not to watch attitude and air speed as it is, this is just one more thing to add to the distractions. What happens when the computers crash, as we all know that they do?
Daniela 18 gün önce
Then you go back to radar as they stated
Waras Demaria
Waras Demaria 18 gün önce
What is the name of the narrator konje? 🤔
LMAO 18 gün önce
AmperHeat is a scammmmmm
Marie Hackett
Marie Hackett 18 gün önce
June 30' 1956? I wasn't even born. I don't think passengers really understand how much Air Traffic surrounds you in the Sky while flying. It's like your busiest mornong rush hour 8 lanes freeway traffic in your city.
PJE 18 gün önce
“...certain stories have been altered for dramatic purposes”. HATE THAT
Consorcia Santiago
Consorcia Santiago 18 gün önce
Excellent presentation.
Tarun Thakur
Tarun Thakur 19 gün önce
I think it is re uploaded
john wkl
john wkl 19 gün önce
All being due to our vanity. When weather not good , why persist to land in that airport ?
Daniela 18 gün önce
They actually asked for their alternate airport Boston but the controller forgot about it, and when it came up again they had too little fuel left to go to Boston
JackalCrackle 19 gün önce
Surprised they didnt include the deadliest mid air collision : Saudi Airways Flight 763 and Kazak Airlines Flight 1907 collided over Charkhi Dadri killing all 349 passengers and crew
Nicky D
Nicky D 19 gün önce
no chance i fly with pilots and planes take off and land without a human air traffic controller thats plain dangerous tech isnt full proof
Sharon Haywood
Sharon Haywood 19 gün önce
It would be much better if they go ahead on and dig deeper in their pockets and put in another airport They can have one in the southeast the southwest the northwest and the northeast side of New York and only allow certain planes to go into certain airports that would eliminate all of that
CruelestChris 18 gün önce
Yeah, good luck getting that past the environmentalists.
G Wernette
G Wernette 19 gün önce
Pilots already have too much information to look at, how is giving them more details going to reduce their workload?
neil smeiman
neil smeiman 19 gün önce
After this video i need cheering up i come across a youtube channel retrocollectza They did top 5 useless fact about airplanes did cheer me up
Traulee 19 gün önce
I can spend hours watching these clips but can't an hour watching a moive Lol😄😂 addiction
Robert Schweppenhauser
Robert Schweppenhauser 19 gün önce
Humans make mistakes and computers do too.They miss function
Hilman 20 gün önce
5:30 I love how it is called "an advance technolgy" but still retains classics props silhouette on the display... 😁
Bombastic Buster
Bombastic Buster 20 gün önce
I wonder if passengers realize that their very lives are dependent on A..M. radio signals, lol.
Mark Garin
Mark Garin 20 gün önce
"Traffic cops of the skies"??? Never seen them pull a plane over and issue a ticket. Nice history of the ATC but takes a while to get to the title.
Quasar Savage
Quasar Savage 20 gün önce
When was this filmed? 2006?
Helper 13 gün önce
Dawn Mclean
Dawn Mclean 20 gün önce
This is an old vedio ! Air Jamaica is no more flying.
Megan Proffitt
Megan Proffitt 19 gün önce
This video is a compilation of bad collisions, as specified in the title.🙄
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins 20 gün önce
The name of the airport is Idlewild. The American people & the people of the world have never accepted the name J.F.K. for it.
csl2063 20 gün önce
There's an episode I'm trying to find .... I remember the captain was a bit of a joker, and after they'd landed, he did an Arnie impression and said "A little bit of excitement in an otherwise dull day!" I can't find the episode, or remember which flight or where. Any help, please?
Edwin Arcilla
Edwin Arcilla 20 gün önce
So this is like Elon's Tesla technology in the air.l
ScallywagBeowulf 20 gün önce
I like how you can tell how outdated this is within the first five minutes of seeing an old livery United 747 landing. That said, controllers are also right alongside Aviation Meteorologists with some of the most stressful jobs, in my opinion, found around the world.
Daisy Boatwala -Sidhva
Daisy Boatwala -Sidhva 20 gün önce
Lack of fuel for any plane is an emergency! Are flight tower people that dumb? If so they shouldn't have such responsible jobs! I'm shocked they weren't even pulled up and charged with second degree murder of passengers and crew in the aircraft!
Megan Proffitt
Megan Proffitt 19 gün önce
Then declare an emergency.
EILOR EMMANUEL 21 gün önce
With this technology keep in mind the hostage hackers
EILOR EMMANUEL 21 gün önce
With this technology keep in mind the hostage hackers
Barbosa706 21 gün önce
i feel like google maps could hook them up
ShizNick 21 gün önce
I call that the world best ballet act 🎬 thanx ATC guys for keeping us safe! 👌🏼
June Hendry
June Hendry 21 gün önce
So much human error !
Sight Seeing
Sight Seeing 21 gün önce
Jackson MeHoff
Jackson MeHoff 21 gün önce
Seems to me the planes at 20k plus, east west at odd altitude and north south at even altitude.
Randy Smith
Randy Smith 21 gün önce
So from the standpoint of someone who knows very little about the actual goings on in a control center, well other than what I see on videos and TV. I personally feel I have a pretty good handle on my surroundings, situational awareness. I can build a house from layout to turn key. I build frame off Hotrods and am a avid outdoors men, trained in survival, enjoy shooting sports including loading my own ammo, etc. I am very comfortable in high stress situations with many variables. This is Not me bragging in any way ( nothing to actual brag about) but only trying to paint a picture that I feel I am at least someone of average intelligence and can handle a good bit of unforseen issues at any given time. With that being said, I have the utmost respect for air traffic controllers. Trying to imagine being in a situation where hundreds of lives depend on me. Having to keep track and control 10s of aircrafts all heading or leaving a single point. It takes a very special type of person to constantly keep a ever changing picture in his mind. I have always heard that the job life expectancy of controllers is relatively short compared to other jobs. I cannot imagine another job with as much induced stress as a controllers. I fully understand why the average income is 130k, it is well earned and deserved. To the air traffic controllers and pilots, you have my respect and admiration. Thank you for a job well done.
Ken's Channel
Ken's Channel 21 gün önce
I was a manager HR at DHL in 2002...this was horrible.
Don L
Don L 21 gün önce
Drive the Kennedy Expressway heading downtown in the morning with the sun coming up. You can see the light reflecting off aircraft stacked 8-10 deep lined up to land at O’hare.
daver00lzd00d 21 gün önce
was that Piper Cherokee plane that took the tail off the larger plane in California covered in blood?! at 18:50 the one wing is splattered with something
bimmjim 21 gün önce
I want a documentary; not a movie. This is made like a fictional movie.
Box car alyx
Box car alyx 21 gün önce
Ads b is in drones now
Triana Utami
Triana Utami 21 gün önce
Finally new episode
Abhishek Ghatge
Abhishek Ghatge 22 gün önce
Glad to say that the Legacy 600 in the incident involved with GOL 1907 now has ADS-B v2.
Hotecce1 22 gün önce
wow, this is amazing how with all that open sky, yet there is a plane collision. Being at the same altitude and heading towards an exact location, its like its fate. somewhere in this dimension, someone, or everyone was destined to die at that moment. eerie.
Louis Sikkema
Louis Sikkema 22 gün önce
Actually there is something called the navigation paradoxon wich means that the navigation on preplanned airways is so precise that the chance of collision is going up again
akshuization 22 gün önce
Earlier there was accidents due to lack of technology now they are happening due to technology 😅 hence it's very important for human and technology to work together and not rely on just human or technology 😓
Max Lopez
Max Lopez 22 gün önce
anyone else notice the air traffic guy is named walter white
21st Century Sucks
21st Century Sucks 22 gün önce
Worst aviation disaster was a collision on the ground when Kapitan Jacob Van Zanten K.L.M. 747 took off in heavy fog without permission from ATC because of Stupid K.L.M. time regulations and slammed into a Pan Am 747 on the runway killing 583 people. March 27, 1977. Tenerife, Canary Islands. Couldn,t wait 5-7 minutes!
Singh Saab
Singh Saab 5 gün önce
U didn't read the title dear the one u mentioned is 'crash of the century' and this one is ' worst mid air collision'... besides the pan am and klm happened on ground and on the runway....
Michelle Dill
Michelle Dill 22 gün önce
It's time to bring back the trains.
Tyler Segal
Tyler Segal 22 gün önce
Wonder you gotta start posting the original air date - we are all wondering this just so you are aware - get it together
Pete Kobra Outdoors
Pete Kobra Outdoors 22 gün önce
It definitely can't be easy with earth's magnetic north movement. They have to rely on other resources ( satellite 🛰) for accuracy... In the peak of summer the sun is going down at 310 degrees, and that's crazy in itself. They need aircraft to fly with ANTI-GRAVE SYSTEMS
A Ramos
A Ramos 22 gün önce
I don't get why some people are sceptical of tech in the comments. It's basically a datalink and militaries have been using them for decades. What's with all the luddites? It's about time it trickled down to civillian application to make life easier
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 23 gün önce
All mid air collisions can be avoided if you take the bus.
Voluptuous Vince
Voluptuous Vince 23 gün önce
It's so interesting...a lot of the crashes where they ran out of fuel have more survivors. I imagine it has to be because the explosions are limited by the lack of fuel.
G S 7 gün önce
Running out of fuel sounds completely insane.
Rob's World
Rob's World 8 gün önce
Well part of that has to do I would say with the pilot's preparedness with low fuel over getting into a mid-air collision which could take seconds at hundred's of miles per hour. With low fuel or emergency landing, the pilot's can try to steer to a clearing and in worst case try to glide down safely to minimize crash speed.
CruelestChris 18 gün önce
Well, multiple things. It does actually _increase_ the probability of explosion (because a near-empty tank has more room for fuel vapour), but decreases the risk of sustained fire that might ignite other materials (even the fuselage, aluminium burns) and having no engines means a slower impact with less likelihood of the plane disintegrating. Plus it tends to mean the pilot has a lot more time to take mitigating actions than a powered flight into terrain does.
I’m Scared
I’m Scared 21 gün önce
Interesting point indeed
S S 23 gün önce
It’s quite interesting how in one clip they’re saying that we need more automation and that air traffic control rooms will become very quiet and then in the next clip show an accident that happened because air traffic control didn’t verify data with the pilots.
David Lee BLS
David Lee BLS 23 gün önce
Air transit... Trying to get 2 gallons Into a 1 gallon jug* Common sense ...
David Lee BLS
David Lee BLS 23 gün önce
10% transportation tax on every ticket To re build train system* Trains r 10 X More efficient*
Carol McCarthy
Carol McCarthy 23 gün önce
No, no, no never with my Captain Boeing. This will never happen.
Hot Memphis Music artist and cars
Hot Memphis Music artist and cars 23 gün önce
This sounds bad.
AFO3310 23 gün önce
RVSM and ADS-B/FIS-B reduce this issue by extremely significant margins let alone modern TCAS/TAWS systems
Janice C
Janice C 23 gün önce
ATC is still very crucial. Next-Gen can add an extra layer to preventing future accidents. But most importantly, is to never rely mostly or solely on automation/computers.
Sakja 23 gün önce
When computers take control of airplanes, what happens when we have another Carrington event.
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