This Man Fights Off Deadly Alligators In The Everglades | Unbreakable | Wonder

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The Everglades in Florida, the territory of two million alligators and 60 species of venomous snake. The natives have learnt how to survive this dangerous environment and can handle giant alligators with ease. An expedition team going through the Everglades are tested by the natives, they canoe across alligator infested waters and wrestle them

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Unbreakable takes eight super-fit members of the public on a punishing global trail to undergo a series of brutal challenges. They were bossed and cajoled by physical trainers and survival experts as they bid to outdo and outlast each other.

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Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez 29 gün önce
"That is the scariest thing I've ever done," which I would not do for any money.
Kieran Hart
Kieran Hart Aylar önce
I love it when tree huggers watch shows like this. Like the first comment hypocrite who will eat the egg but not the chicken.
A. Free American
A. Free American Aylar önce
For those of us that grew up and live deep in the Everglades, this is offensive. We have enough issues with idiot tourists screwing around with the wildlife, before they are eaten. No one hardly knows what happens here, even on 9/11 that had nothing to do with terrorists. Now more adventure seekers coming to die here. Thanks for nothing.
UrbCrafter Aylar önce
Where you from man? Okeechobee here, Near the Nubbin Slough / Taylor Creek area... I am actually from WPB but i spent a lot of my time on the Lake...
mark design
mark design Aylar önce
the Teacher is right about music boy...he's a hyena(and again lying about it afterward to the others
My Anon
My Anon Aylar önce
This is stupid only idiots would do this!
BirBaily Aylar önce
What is wrong with people, can’t they just leave the poor thing in peace. Their not beasts! They attack and kill for survival idiots!
BirBaily Aylar önce
What is wrong with people, can’t they just leave the poor thing in peace. Their not beasts! They attack and kill for survival idiots!
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Well they are beasts. Whit humens or not
Pendulous Testicularis
Pendulous Testicularis Aylar önce
Wonder how Brian Laundrie is getting on out there.
A. Free American
A. Free American Aylar önce
His body was found near where is parents claimed, just by chance and the same parents found the remains.
Sam Kangal
Sam Kangal Aylar önce
Gators are cute in compaire to snakes .
UrbCrafter Aylar önce
Sounds like Tonto has a chip on his shoulder ...
paintedwings74 Aylar önce
@UrbCrafter let your stepdad know that even this 48 year-old white lady from California / Utah saw right through it, and if I did, hopefully there are plenty of others who found it intolerable, who honor the right of the Original People to speak for themselves, and who are revolted at this cariacature. I also had to "leave the room," or rather, stop the video, write a denouncement, and go watch something else.
UrbCrafter Aylar önce
@paintedwings74 My Step Dad who is nearly full blooded Cherokee was so angered by this guys attitude he had to leave the room...
paintedwings74 Aylar önce
"Tonto" is a good word for him. He's wearing the tribal decorations of tribes from near the Canadian border, playing on stereotypes that are as ugly as the Washington "Redskins". If he's even a real Native American, then he's better have been given a huge amount of money for such an ugly distortion of First Nations cultures. What a sellout!
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury Aylar önce
Its not that unbelievable, Delboy and Rodders did the same! while been hunted by the mafia with mac 10s
p schaub
p schaub Aylar önce
I remember state road 84 (Alligator Alley) back in the 80’s when I used to drive across to the other coast a lot. There were a couple warning signs, one said to get gas before getting on because you have 84 miles of nothing! That was before cell phones, too. It was a simple 2 lane road, no fences, no dividers, no street lights, gators ALL OVER the shoulders…. I could pull over, get out and get eaten if I got too close. Ahh, the good old days. ✌️
p schaub
p schaub Aylar önce
@Janet Hagen yes - counting the gators, lol!
Janet Hagen
Janet Hagen Aylar önce
I remember that too!!! The fun was counting as many gators as you could as you crossed “Alligator Ally”, while surviving passing a car on that dangerous 2 lane road. The Seminole Indian gas station sign was always a relief.
Savage Audits
Savage Audits Aylar önce
Great post, man!
igitha Δл λ μ
igitha Δл λ μ 2 aylar önce
How supportive of Barnaby's aspiring music career to superimpose guitar and drums over his piano playing lol
Australian Lifestyle
Australian Lifestyle 2 aylar önce
I wait in anticipation for this🇳🇿👍Thanks 🙂
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez 29 gün önce
This is nothing short of a rite of passage for the younger team members.
C G 2 aylar önce
Horrible actors
Jon S
Jon S 2 aylar önce
I'm worried for Brian Laundrie
RetiredRNMamawC 2 aylar önce
Utmost respect for Teacher 🙏❣️
nancy swindle
nancy swindle 2 aylar önce
Now they're fd up😁
nancy swindle
nancy swindle 2 aylar önce
Wait till a big python raps around his leg
nancy swindle
nancy swindle 2 aylar önce
Controlled environment ...usually takes 2 men
nancy swindle
nancy swindle 2 aylar önce
nancy swindle
nancy swindle 2 aylar önce
nancy swindle
nancy swindle 2 aylar önce
Only an Indian in the glades!!
Sandra Bentley
Sandra Bentley Aylar önce
Seminole. Very hardy Indians. I live in Florida, how did they even manage without A/C?
nancy swindle
nancy swindle 2 aylar önce
See all the cameras around?? Hello
nancy swindle
nancy swindle 2 aylar önce
Friggin rediculous... you've got 13 14 15 footers out there and the rattle snakes? Nasty death ...gators..nasty death.
railfan49 2 aylar önce
“He could whoop the biggest, the meanest alligator and just use one hand. That’s all he got left ‘cause the alligator bit ‘im.”
Brian Schreech
Brian Schreech 2 aylar önce
I love Teacher. The real McCoy.
A. Free American
A. Free American Aylar önce
BS, ask someone that lives and works in the everglades, especially making their living off alligators. This guy is an actor, not a native.
iPhilGood 2 aylar önce
I love it when humans dare talk about most deadly animals... so hypocritical! 😆
Besmie Basson
Besmie Basson Aylar önce
@Heather Williams r ry cg679America
mario moso
mario moso Aylar önce
@Heather Williams they won't... to be quite frank we are nothing on the natural enviroment of those animals, even with guns.
electric bullshark
electric bullshark Aylar önce
*me screaming at rattlesnake*- FEAR MEEEE!!!!
Heather Williams
Heather Williams Aylar önce
Take a walk in the Everglades then
walter Robinson
walter Robinson 2 aylar önce
As if we don't know the real killers smh.
*Happy GaToR*
*Happy GaToR* 2 aylar önce
Horrible and abusive torture on this poor alligator by all these guys !! Couldn't you at least picked different alligators for different guys?! 😡😡😡
Johalone FX
Johalone FX 2 aylar önce
After seeing this I discovered that I never survived or experienced anything dangerous in my entire life 😂
A Soldierz Genetics
A Soldierz Genetics 2 aylar önce
Teanequia Mcpherson
Teanequia Mcpherson 2 aylar önce
Its called put your hand ✋ on you stomach and it helps you balance
Romel Carter
Romel Carter 2 aylar önce
Love watching this very entertaining
Aaron Knight
Aaron Knight 2 aylar önce
Frazer is a fool
Jessie Quinton
Jessie Quinton 2 aylar önce
White people I tell ya.... smh
Nicole PRINCE FAMILY ARE THE BEST Elizabeth 2 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful animals wow I don't think I could survive this adventure
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone Aylar önce
@Anna Banana Like I said.. Humans are already on the very top of the food chain... So... What's their point...? As I said... They look like ignorant morons to me...
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Aylar önce
@Fred Flintstone what are you trying to say? What's your point?
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 2 aylar önce
"Absolutely beautiful animals wow"... Agreed... However, these people look like morons to me.. At the end of the day... What's their point...? Gee... Do these people have a neanderthal type of misunderstanding with reality. The fact that humans are already on the top of the food chain, with atomic bombs, and the destruction of rain forests everywhere... They look like ignorant Morons me...
Nicole PRINCE FAMILY ARE THE BEST Elizabeth 2 aylar önce
Omg when they was putting there hands inside the alligator made me feel sick they are very brave warriors
Entertainment Mafia
Entertainment Mafia 2 aylar önce
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