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The president of Turkey has ordered two unique water bombers from a remote airline in Northern Canada. These bombers have to make a trans Atlantic flight during an especially cold winter. These bombers are converted to survive the distance but just as these pilots set off cracks in the bodged water planed begin to show.

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Buffalo Airways is an airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. They mainly fly WWII-era piston powered propeller planes in minus 40 degrees and land on tiny strips of tarmac in the tundra.

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Bradford Thompson
Bradford Thompson Gün önce
Shareeful Hasan Khan
Shareeful Hasan Khan 4 gün önce
Wow Raman from my country love you see like this 👌👌👌
James Mason
James Mason 5 gün önce
Why not fly the polar route? I think it's shorter.
Jake Schroeder
Jake Schroeder 5 gün önce
So they fired their only flight attendant trainer and then complained about the government shutting them down when they knew that's what would happen the whole time? Sounds like a "them" problem.
Iagree 11 gün önce
WHAT?????!!!! @2.90
80AFT 12 gün önce
Montreal should be bombed
Cindy Roshak
Cindy Roshak 12 gün önce
Wonderful stories to be learned about aviation and its magical history in to 21st Century. Keep the episoids coming. Too bad for me during the early 1960s I didnt get a pilot license...might have been the youngest female ever to achieve that beginning to learn at age 11 as my father was a great instructor and began flying his own plane after his service WW II. LOTS of Joy Rides in Tri Pacer, Pipercub or Cezna? Unfortunately the last plane my dad flew and partial owner of: was the single engine Piper Cub or Tri Pacer which was envolved in a minor mishap Near Billy Mitchel Field MKE passengers & other co owner did not have serious injuries but obviously the Tri Pacer (N7030D) suffered damage and not repairible?... My Dad surley would have continued to acquire another aircraft but because of the rising cost of to own and operate new planes. He chose not to invest in any more aircrafts. His employer at the time Consolidted Freightways had promoted him to Terminal Mgr and eventually retired CF. He also was a member of: "The MID WEST PATHFINDERS" PILOTS ASSOCIATION. He certainly was appreciated by the pilots in the area who ask for advice on the expansion of Billy Mitchel Field. Was not aware of all the great accomplisments because he helped so many in all walks of life he keeping our household happy. Lastly because of WW II he was forced 1942 to enlist forfiting a musical/voice Scollarship from SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Carbondale, ILL. All of us kids enjoyed dad's tallents and must have inherited them ...we all became successful like our father and mother both living to 86 year of age. It was my idea to have engraved (on the front of my parents "Toom Stone" approved by all.. a replica of the TriPacer dad flew with call letters N7030D perfectly etched. Just for the record my only bragging rights and facts are: learn or managed to pilot (fly) a plane before I received a Drivers permit or license. Now 72yrs Happily married for 40 yrs. 3 children +3 grandchildren 2 g boys 1g girl. Boys think they may want 2be piolts or doctors we'll see but the youngest difinately doctor. We as grandparents get told your g-kids talk like mini adults They have obviously inherited my father's postive ambitions. God willing all things are possible. Its more than just a wing and a prayer now a days....#1 if you make a mistake in life appologize and correct the initial mistake immediately. #2 if you owe someone money even a "Buck" $1.00 pay it. #3. If someone needs help you help them. Ive been following this advise all of my life because it was conveyed to me from a wise man 'my father'whom made it his mission in life to pass on good deeds a
B M 12 gün önce
what a great attitude ramon haves, we need such people all over the world, you may leave a bunch of good people, but you allways will be in good companie, with yourself Namasté 🙏
Iagree 11 gün önce
Another f n example of absolute total ineptitude!!!!!
Joyce Anthony-Huff
Joyce Anthony-Huff 14 gün önce
That Indian guy is wonderful. What a work ethic!
Joyce Anthony-Huff
Joyce Anthony-Huff 14 gün önce
Canada is too regulated
Soul Flyer
Soul Flyer 18 gün önce
It would really be awesome if Buffalo could afford a turbine engine conversion for the DC-3 they use for the Sked
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson 21 gün önce
Romane is a whimp. Needs to tell his girl to kiss off
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson 21 gün önce
Bureaucratic interference is the worst thing that happens in this world just look at the United States
Ethan's Videos
Ethan's Videos 24 gün önce
jeremy got screwed
A. G.
A. G. Aylar önce
Amazing how many ads such a video could have. ....
xXBam BamXx
xXBam BamXx Aylar önce
It's disgusting to see the government turning down a week functioning airline that uses history to carry their business, and without accidents in that many years 😡
Tony Watson
Tony Watson Aylar önce
28:45 "It's like finding your pants after a long night." Classic.
lookoutleo Aylar önce
i hitch hiked from edminton to yellowknife while touring canada in 98 :) i had to take a ferry where the iceroad is :) i miss canada. wish i had known about dc3 plane , would love to fly on such beautiful plane :)
Jennylyn Wall
Jennylyn Wall Aylar önce
If they let Roman who has a master degree take the test they may have been better off. He should of been the one to take the flight attendant manager exam. He may stay if he didn’t have to do physical labor.
Anthony Cyr
Anthony Cyr Aylar önce
Makeshift water bomber? what is that supposed to mean?
Andy B.
Andy B. Aylar önce
where is the link to the c215 Atlantic Crossing ? and I guess the whole Turkish contract went pear shaped !!!
Northern farmer
Northern farmer Aylar önce
@Andy B. it's on season 1
Andy B.
Andy B. Aylar önce
@Northern farmer I cant find the Link, of the flight from Azores to Turkey , Cheers
Northern farmer
Northern farmer Aylar önce
Watch it on tubi..the whole 6 seasons are there
12345fowler Aylar önce
These series are worthless. Too much drama out of nothing, lack of narratives, cheap filming. I'm done with them. Another freak aviation show.
David Evans
David Evans Aylar önce
Dan deserves a raise and a promotion. for sure. Well done on passing a difficult exam!
David Evans
David Evans Aylar önce
We the People, Canada included, need to take our country back.
Bruce Ghent
Bruce Ghent Aylar önce
Narration is clear. The other voices are muffled.
Global Military Info
Global Military Info Aylar önce
*Thanks for beautiful work, liked & subcribed!!*
RJ M Aylar önce
Never would have guessed engineers would approve using fuel bladder simply strapped to floor that way. Gotta say, it just looked sketchy.
RJ M Aylar önce
@Anna Banana Guess it works just looked kinda funny roiling about strapped to the floor.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Aylar önce
What else are they supposed to do? Fuel bladders are made for exactly that.
Howling Beats
Howling Beats Aylar önce
Using retired water bombers for this type of job in freezing temperatures is really something else.
Howling Beats
Howling Beats Aylar önce
@Anna Banana Yes, I know, I watched video myself.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Aylar önce
They sold them to the Turkish government and have to fly them to turkey.
Henry Crawford
Henry Crawford Aylar önce
Amazing achievement but if flying across Canada is the toughest part of the flight, why not invest the first leg in heading south to the USA and fly east across that ?
David Voinier
David Voinier Aylar önce
The Great Circle route from NYC to London crosses Newfoundland so why add mileage by flying to the US first?
Flam Leo
Flam Leo 2 aylar önce
hopefully the next episode will come soon 😃
FM Mic
FM Mic 2 aylar önce
Raymond has such a good attitude 👌🏼😊
bikerjon1 2 aylar önce
You never get what you deserve. You get what you accept.
rikilamaru Aylar önce
and that how you get treated as glorified slave
bikerjon1 2 aylar önce
I don't know what it is about Indians. But I've met a lot of very spoiled adult infants amongst them. Entitled. Work hurts. No pain no gain.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Aylar önce
Ramon has an amazing work ethic. I don't know what the f you're talking about
David Lefkovits
David Lefkovits 2 aylar önce
BollywoodFlix 2 aylar önce
what an amazing documentary! Wonder is definitely the best!
John Evans
John Evans 2 aylar önce
So he's mad that he fired someone from a required position without a ready replacement and is facing the consequences as a result 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Curious George
Curious George 2 aylar önce
The orwellian irony of lying bureaucratic politicize government calling the peasantry liars🙄😐
Curious George
Curious George 2 aylar önce
You guys are flying synonymous Gumball Rally like the custom van with the gas tanks! Little to Mickey Mouse for my peace of mind personally
Ewan Harris
Ewan Harris 2 aylar önce
Great to have you guys back
Dan Smoke
Dan Smoke 2 aylar önce
The entertaining may ultrasonographically ruin because jam metabolically guarantee upon a cold hose. whimsical, economic law
Jak Wright
Jak Wright 2 aylar önce
I would not trust wilf to fly my plane. Physics and science fly that not religion
Henry Crawford
Henry Crawford Aylar önce
Who moves TO Yellowknife ?
Tim. 2 aylar önce
RIP Arnie!
Jeff Kephart
Jeff Kephart 2 aylar önce
I think the work ethic that Ramon shows is amazing. "I don't want to get paid for doing nothing" You don't see that in America, not sure about .Ca I will miss him, hope he handles his business back home and returns soon. Namaste Ramon /\
Young ADV
Young ADV Aylar önce
This was filmed over 12 years ago
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 2 aylar önce
It sucks seing that guy passed up.and them women making fun of the indian guy wouldn’t wanna be there working 👎🏾
Danny Edelman
Danny Edelman 2 aylar önce
Jeremy man his attitude totally stinks Ramon tried to make it work but in the end it didn't work
skylineXpert 2 aylar önce
Nothing against transatlantic on Uniteds 757-200wl
Ken James9911
Ken James9911 2 aylar önce
Wow. This was a good story.
Bob Miller
Bob Miller 2 aylar önce
The pilots nighttime skills are impressive!
Zed 2 aylar önce
Wow Wonder - what a shame you have NO CLASS! Arnold “Arnie” Schreder, Chief Pilot at Buffalo Airways DIED NINE YEARS AGO! Yet you frame this episode as a deal / harrowing delivery, between Turkey and Canada that is ABOUT to be undertaken - I know, much higher views with this sleazy exaggeration. This flight is NOT about to happen - it happened nine years ago. And shortly after that - Captain Shreder passed on. May he and the other brave pilots who rule these extreme conditions in some of the most severe flying conditions on the planet, Rest In Peace with Honour. And you - WONDER - have - no - class. Arnie had more class in his cigarette-stained fingernails than your whole channel! "Hold onta' your hats, Boys" RIP Arnie
Jd Davis
Jd Davis 2 aylar önce
Jeremy should quit and go somewhere that will let him fly.
Jd Davis
Jd Davis 2 aylar önce
Canada seems peaceful and miserable at the same time. Peaceful because ots relaxed way of life but miserable because of the politics and weather.
Justin Bishop
Justin Bishop 6 gün önce
The politics are a disaster …
Miracle Ch.
Miracle Ch. 2 aylar önce
While I can't speak much about the politics, I can say that you get used to the weather. It's really not that bad.
Jd Davis
Jd Davis 2 aylar önce
Jeremy should be next to fly. The female should take his spot where he works now. What happened to equal rights. She needs to pay her dues just like Jeremy. I dont blame him for being mad.
Northern farmer
Northern farmer Aylar önce
She left to...her attitude was the same as his after
Professor X
Professor X Aylar önce
@Anna Banana You’re saying that out of anger because you’re a female and you seeing things from the girl’s point of view
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Aylar önce
@Professor X lmao. You're trying to sound smart but you're the only one here who doesn't get it. 🤦‍♀️
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Aylar önce
She has much more experience and a much better work ethic and attitude than Jeremy. Don't be jealous it isn't a good look. And his attitude is keeping him from getting his job done.
Steven Juris
Steven Juris 2 aylar önce
@Professor X so in your little world, employees who have no experience and have bad attitudes should get treated better than employees who have actual experience. You also can’t replace someone when that person screwed up on finding his replacement and yes they will hold Jeremy responsible for the Indian man who left.
MTM Grindd
MTM Grindd 2 aylar önce
Notice how everybody says you have a bad attitude when you know what you want in life and let it be known. Now if he just kept it to himself and got a opportunity from another company and just up and left the company would be in trouble because they have nobody to replace him
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 20 gün önce
I am amazed at how long down times from flying or flight training is so casually treated by upper management and the owners. Flying skills deteriorate over long down time periods. There are no significantly realistic flight simulators to practice with. It's not exactly a clown car operation, but it's in the vincinity of being one. Hire pilots to fly, navigators to navigate, flight enginerrs to flight engineer, ramp workers to ramp work, and so on.
luddite333 2 aylar önce
amazing how such aged planes can still be so tough and useful - congrats to those who have maintained them so well
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 20 gün önce
Somewhere along the line they should have purchased some seriously IFR/IMC equipped turboprop cargo aircraft with aft ramps. One reason the tricycle gear C-130 was created was to deal with the problems that presented themselves during the Berlin Airlift with tail dragger DC-3s, C-46s, and C-47s. Even the tricycle gear C-54s were problematic with side loading cargo doors. Even the Electras with side loading cargo doors can't seriously compete with a good high wing aft cargo ramp turboprop aircraft.
Luke Ford
Luke Ford 2 aylar önce
Been waiting for this episode 😀😀
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 2 aylar önce
Jeremy has a really bad attitude.
Mohammad Faizal
Mohammad Faizal 2 aylar önce
Just love watching this...keep it up..
RetroRewindLLC 2 aylar önce
If Jeremy quit that attitude where's it's all about him & make it about the team he might get to fly, I'm sorry tho I couldn't handle his negativity all time n be like see ya then, him saying it sucks that his friend had to go home to be w his family instead of being supportive showed his colors in my opinion.
David Brett
David Brett 2 aylar önce
I love this show!
BmacD 2
BmacD 2 2 aylar önce
Love this show!
sameer gharat
sameer gharat 2 aylar önce
Amazing team
Rusty Heckler
Rusty Heckler 2 aylar önce
My God when that rampy girl smiles 🐴🐎
David Brett
David Brett 2 aylar önce
C R 2 aylar önce
Arnie is thr Man. That a guy you want to shadow and learn as much as hes willing to teach
Talkie Toaster
Talkie Toaster 2 aylar önce
He unfortunately passed away some years ago.
matt kukla
matt kukla 2 aylar önce
theres something on the wing,
Theresa Tyler
Theresa Tyler 2 aylar önce
Love this show...! Hang onto your Hats boys...❗❗❗✈🛫🛬😍 I see that the Arnie DID get the contract...😎
Cyrous Khavari
Cyrous Khavari 2 aylar önce
When I was a freight pilot, and flying a RC 500 it didnt have a de icer. So, I had to get creative, and I would use " pam" on the leading edges to keep the ice off, in case of icing condition. It worked. The bush pilots in alaska used, seal, whale oil, or what ever they can get their hands on. Survivability creates creativity.
Frosty Frost
Frosty Frost 2 aylar önce
Rockwell Commander 500 think aero commander or Gulfstream....lovely aeroplane
Ivan_friends 2 aylar önce
Do you mean the Piper M500?
David Brett
David Brett 2 aylar önce
Yeah i used to fly RC planes too.
Ellesmere888 2 aylar önce
Nicely done ... Necessity begets creativity indeed. 👍👍
scottcol23 2 aylar önce
I feel like the part with the hanger was for drama. Because you know you cant just make an episode where there is not setbacks and major system malfunctions lol. Seems like every time these guys fly, there is a engine fire and 45 knot cross winds with zero vis.
scottcol23 Aylar önce
@RJ M Yes. And Transport Canada (Canadian FAA) is always breathing down the neck of Commercial vintage plane operators. If its a private "Show and Display" plane the rules are very simple. One of the reasons these old birds are actually really safe.. There are many parts that need to be serviced after every flight or ~10hours like valve clearance, oiling system, Mags, and so on... So there is someone (usually the same guy) putting his hands on the critical systems frequently. And thus, will catch something well before it becomes a problem. Planes that are modern can go 500 hours before they require a P1 (AKA A-check) inspection.
RJ M Aylar önce
@TeKnoVKNG23 It has to meet all the same airworthiness requirements as new aircraft. Every bit of it's maintenance is under intense scrutiny as with all aircraft especially ones being utilized in commercial, for profit situations.
Edward Ferguson. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Edward Ferguson. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 2 aylar önce
@TeKnoVKNG23 a
TeKnoVKNG23 2 aylar önce
I mean these planes are ancient 70+ years old in some cases with lots of old mechanical parts that probably do break quite a bit at this point.
Theresa Tyler
Theresa Tyler 2 aylar önce
DRAMA Sells.... lol 😏🛬🛫❗
Milah9 2 aylar önce
Yes I was waiting for this thanks for the documentary 💗💗💗💗💗💞 🔥 loves from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 🇿🇼🇿🇼❤❤
Jonathan Munyoro
Jonathan Munyoro 2 aylar önce
❤️ 🇿🇼
Aston Bomber
Aston Bomber 2 aylar önce
I Poop
Shitbird 2 aylar önce
I'm pooping right now
Theresa Tyler
Theresa Tyler 2 aylar önce
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