Canadian Airline Delivers Turkey's First Water Bombers | Ice Pilots NWT | Wonder

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Over the North Atlantic, Arnie, Justin and Cory press on to Turkey, even though they have only half of the spare parts in their plane. But there are some serious volcanoes and busy Mediterranean air traffic ahead.

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Buffalo Airways is an airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. They mainly fly WWII-era piston powered propeller planes in minus 40 degrees and land on tiny strips of tarmac in the tundra.

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Joel Tanen
Joel Tanen Gün önce
Great Series. I love watching planes and this is the best. Better than all the rest.
Bradford Thompson
Bradford Thompson Gün önce
We all agreed with last comment.....we feel like We are Flying for them....(We can't fly) nice job Everyone 👏
80AFT 6 gün önce
If they are so damn safety orientated they shuld build a better runway. Removing trees and stuff
Trucker Man
Trucker Man 10 gün önce
To much drama in the Hanger , walking on egg shells all day , no thanks.
AlwaysWrenchin 15 gün önce
I don't think they can comment on his age like that.
Soul Flyer
Soul Flyer 18 gün önce
I can't imagine a mining operation complaining about a damaged wing tip, when I was a flight engineer on DC-6's hauling fuel into mines inside Alaska, those guys were just happy to have the service, if you look real close at 42:46 the propeller on the number #3 engine on the DC-4 which is landing is feathered, one of the benefits of a four engine aircraft.
Chase Barnard
Chase Barnard 20 gün önce
Joe sucks his finger...? Figures! Hes such a *BIG 8!T€H !!!!* Most worthless kind of boss
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson 21 gün önce
Ha Ha. Every 10 seconds he tells about melting ice of airstrip
Yiliang Yuan
Yiliang Yuan 24 gün önce
George Giannojas
George Giannojas 24 gün önce
I'm eating a turkey sandwich,I love it!
80AFT 28 gün önce
I was lined up as first on a job, but another got it instead beacause he was bored by the chores he had. I quit almost the same day..I was so mad I could have hurt someone
Joseph Andre
Joseph Andre Aylar önce
Wonder Aylar önce
Thanks for the support! 🥳
trespire Aylar önce
What sort of repair is that @10:44. We don't use screws to install skin pannels. You use solid rivits, or pop-nite in blind spots. Airframe maintenance isn't a weekend hobby !
hector herbert
hector herbert Aylar önce
DC4 lands with one out at the end..??
hector herbert
hector herbert Aylar önce
a good boss is a fair boss..and blowing things out of proportion is not're not happy..?? it your self....
Doğayı Öğreniyorum
Doğayı Öğreniyorum Aylar önce
Yine masadayız galiba
Wayne B
Wayne B Aylar önce
I watched these videos years ago and watched buffalo Joe personally training that girl in flight just before she left pissing Joe off.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Aylar önce
Hey, you missed " "Transatlantic Crossing" episode.....
Moose Samli
Moose Samli Aylar önce
Turkey has plenty of water bombers, just out of annual. It would cost the country less than $750K to make them current but PresiCUNT ERDOGAN blocked that and contracted similar planes for $5M to fight the fires. Most aircraft never made it to the country.
skiqsr Aylar önce
Happy to join the group.
TheRockstarSupreme Aylar önce
This is sad, it's a night and day show compared to Plane Savers.....Joe and Ron are very cool, level headed guys...I don't believe it's THAT's Hollywood acting
Ludwigtails Aylar önce
Where are the air crash investigation videos???
I am sorry for being rude before
I am sorry for being rude before Aylar önce
They can build war drones and other hi-tech weapon but can even build their own fire-fighter plane??
Frank Huber
Frank Huber Aylar önce
Haha! This series is so addictive... hype or not, everything is on the line when one of these birds gets a dent. We are witness to the end of an era... the sun is setting on these flying relics. One day these young pilots will have a great story to tell their grandchildren, a story that very few old geezers will have to tell. We are fortunate that cameras were there to record the last of the working tall ships, some of that can be found right here on TRpost... these old planes will soon take their place alongside them in the grand adventures of yesteryear.
Hi wonder, I’m from south africa and i can no longer access the MAYDAY episodes. Pls do something
Patrick Rayvon
Patrick Rayvon Aylar önce
The girls are hot
scottcol23 Aylar önce
If memory serves me, the first water bomber delivered actually gets crashed by the students. They land without the wheels!
shakey Aylar önce
And then proceeded to make a gear up landing.
harald ickler
harald ickler Aylar önce
Who owns the airline? The mining company? I see that you have a problem with personnel management. As the owner of the airline, I would think twice and maybe change my management style.
Timotius Moti
Timotius Moti Aylar önce
best show ever 👏 from indonesia
Eskil Bergerland
Eskil Bergerland Aylar önce
Idk but I watched the last episode and it feels like theres an episode missing between. Am I right? If not, can someone please link the episode.
Han de Ridder
Han de Ridder Aylar önce
The DC-4 landing with the propeller of nr 3 feathered at 42:42.
Chris Aylar önce
Wow great to see Joe in a pistitive mood. Only if it was for 30 seconds , but can you blame him when you built something like this from.the ground up
jacques morency
jacques morency Aylar önce
fake news no words and story behind this new've been thinking about what the TURK army is going to want to transport with its new plane..this terrorist state we all know it ... i just hope it's not a bacteriological weapon.... going to put the planet in perils. Have you thought about it or not.! ! ! ! OR THESE JUST THE CASH THAT INTERESTS YOU .... do you have a conscience ??????
Sreerag R Prasad
Sreerag R Prasad Aylar önce
Whens the next Mayday! Season coming up?
Robert Wren
Robert Wren Aylar önce
They had to have known about this flight for quite some time, and they bring back a pilot at the last minute. Really? Create drama! Kinda sounds like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. After seeing this, I'm not so sure I would want to fly with any of them. Just sounds like a fly by the seat of your paints organization. Way too much drama to be safe.
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Aylar önce
This is from 2009 lol
elif naz
elif naz Aylar önce
yasasin irkimiz
4000 ດອນ
4000 ດອນ Aylar önce
too much created drama! Next!
Mohammad Faizal
Mohammad Faizal Aylar önce
Just loved it....
TheJapanChannelDcom Aylar önce
Huge over-reaction about a dented wing tip.
David The Swedish tech Guy
David The Swedish tech Guy 21 gün önce
@TigerOrange TG of course but what have the customer to do with it 🤔🤷‍♂️ it's for the airline to handle...
Brian 28 gün önce
I was gonna say, the plane I fly has had a dented wing tip longer than i've flown it!
80AFT Aylar önce
Well then they better build a better runway! How the hell can a dc-4 land there?
TigerOrange TG
TigerOrange TG Aylar önce
@TheJapanChannelDcom depends on the dent doesnt it
TheJapanChannelDcom Aylar önce
@TigerOrange TG I have been a pilot for 35 years - how about you tell me what I think.
Jeremy Mellor
Jeremy Mellor Aylar önce
Wonder ice pilots this is a really good blog and the stories are interesting from jeremy mellor england
Kamol S.
Kamol S. Aylar önce
I​ saw​ that​ DC4 engine​ No.3 is​ shutdown when​ landing.
ScottGameDev Aylar önce
Felt like I had to wait a century for this video.
David Brett
David Brett Aylar önce
Best show on youtube!👍
dzneal Aylar önce
Buffalo Joe Neads 2 Grow Up and Learn 2 Stand Behind His Pilots He Doesn't Exactly have a waiting list of Pilots.... Joe needs to get on Phone and Tell That Mining company Bud Out of his Company's Business and Get Their Landing Strip Stratendout their So Concerned about Safty If not they will get thear freight Delivered VIA THE AIR DROP METHOD..... JOE NEADS TO CALL 📞 THEM UP AND TELL THEM THEY WILL BE RECEIVING A BILL FOR THE DAMAGE 2 THE PLAINE IT WAS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE A SAFE LANDING STRIP TO LAND AT PIORD....
Neil Mcmac
Neil Mcmac Aylar önce
Just replace the pilots , there are so many in Yellow knife lol
FM Mic
FM Mic Aylar önce
Looking at this tv show and realised that the guy who’s going to fly the C46 it’s the boyfriend of my grandmother 👌🏼😂 didn’t know he was in that tv show.
Spying Dutchman
Spying Dutchman Aylar önce
You clearly need to visit your grandmother more often, shame on you.
Serkan Ister
Serkan Ister Aylar önce
They literally sold garbage to Turkey, what a shame in business perspective!
David Lefkovits
David Lefkovits Aylar önce
Michael Storto
Michael Storto Aylar önce
YES ,SAME HERE, WAITING for the next episode.......great job everyone, the pilots, crews, groundcrew, and editor of the video, THANKS
OriginalDegree Aylar önce
Joe looked like a puppy getting yelled at
Cebu 516
Cebu 516 Aylar önce
They're gonna need it soon because of climate change :(
A Bike and Its Boy
A Bike and Its Boy Aylar önce
The other Water Bomber hit the tarmac. Erm, normally landing gear doesn't make sparks. Looks like something might be amiss.
Northern farmer
Northern farmer Aylar önce
@WWNB GAMING wasnt that.... the idiot pilots didnt put the gear down when they were going to land
WWNB GAMING Aylar önce
Yah a buffalo was water bomber had a hydraulic failure and couldn't get the gear down so they did what anyone would've done they landed... Without gear on a runway, if it were my choice I would've just landed on the water next to the airport those aircraft are designed to land on it with no gear anyway so it would've been much easier not necessarily safer but easier for sure
RJ M Aylar önce
It's called we need drama for a tv show, amp it up here people...
a a
a a Aylar önce
Bring back the good narrator
A BP Aylar önce
the canadian version of this show only ever had this guy as the narrator, are you talking about how deadliest catch has a different narrator in the UK? this is the proper narrator, I have no interest in hearing some posh loser talk about being hardworking, british accents are annoying.
digitalsmithy Aylar önce
This channel posts two types of videos: Rigorous military training or plane crashes. I don't get it.
Daniel Ueblacker
Daniel Ueblacker Aylar önce
Captain was promised a job then the boss backed down, can anyone say LAWYER.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Aylar önce
YEPPIE at last.
Coh2 things
Coh2 things Aylar önce
This is now 1 episode skipped from the pevious water bomber episode. cause they posted a episode from the wrong season last time. For anyone wondering
Max Vernon
Max Vernon Aylar önce
VALO TR KESİT Aylar önce
why no turkish subtitles
Chickenhead Aylar önce
Why does turkey need those anyway
jacques morency
jacques morency Aylar önce
this is the questions ? their houses are made from sand, stones and water...maybe just transport something else like a bacteriological china which we conquered a beautiful pandemic with covd 19
dzneal Aylar önce
To Protect Their Turkys
Andrew Thomson
Andrew Thomson Aylar önce
Crowd control
ndahadelos Aylar önce
forest fires
mono man
mono man Aylar önce
Milah9 Aylar önce
Why didn't I get the notification???? My favourite program ❤ ♥ 😍 💕 💖 💙 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼
Milah9 Aylar önce
@nhamzie samasuwo eeh tiripo zvedu wechi dhaka❤
nhamzie samasuwo
nhamzie samasuwo Aylar önce
Mwana wevhu
Mulki Xoriyo
Mulki Xoriyo Aylar önce
I keep checking for this! Thanks!!!!!!
Rekuzan Rikudo
Rekuzan Rikudo Aylar önce
FINALLY!!!! I've been waiting for this for weeks now! Beeteedubs, used to watch Ice Road Truckers all the time.
davezad 3 gün önce
The frustrating part is they skipped over an entire episode before this where the planes actually flew the north Atlantic crossing.
Mulki Xoriyo
Mulki Xoriyo Aylar önce
Jojo Aylar önce
Claim your “here within an hour” ticket here👑
dzneal Aylar önce
What the HL you talking about makes No Cents Explain yourself
Exotins Aylar önce
Dool Aylar önce
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