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Across the UK the police utilise the vast network of cameras across the country to help enforce the law. Most high streets have CCTV and these are operated by skilled individuals with direct contact with the police. They can monitor busy streets and track fleeing suspects throughout a city by using the extensive network of cameras. Go behind the scenes of these command centres as they hunt criminals across the country.

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Caper. here
Caper. here Gün önce
While this is interesting it’s also concerning. It’s teaching people how to steal, and most places don’t spy on citizens as much as England does. How are citizens supposed to attend protests, with cameras on them constantly? Do some of these cameras record through windows of homes? Isn’t it illegal to video citizens without their consent? Cost/ benefit analysis? If having your bike stolen is covered by your insurance, are taxpayers removing responsibility from insurance companies? Are there entrapment issues? Does blackmail become an issue?
Jeff G
Jeff G 10 gün önce
So creepy.. always watching wazowski 👀
Booze129 17 gün önce
The UK is full of thief’s and drunken hooligans
Diana SUNSHINE Wulf 19 gün önce
derp 1312
Aujie Alamban
Aujie Alamban 24 gün önce
Do it here in the middle east stealing in public, you’ll end up cutting your hand!
Tarkan ACAR
Tarkan ACAR 24 gün önce
CAMGOD is seeing everything now.
White Moogle
White Moogle 25 gün önce
Funny how those cameras were supposed to deter crime, yet didn't and now they're being used for content on the net... Gotta pay for them somehow...🤷
SuGirl abk
SuGirl abk 25 gün önce
I would really like to have that job in the call centre. It would be really satisfieing to catch people steeling from other people's bags . .🦘🇦🇺
Justin Krezelak
Justin Krezelak 25 gün önce
If 10,000 bikes a month are stolen then mathematically there becomes a point where every bike is or was stolen. As in the "new" bike someone buys "legally"...was stolen in the first place...then it gets stolen again and resold to someone else. Rinse and repeat. At some point it's just silly.
Caper. here
Caper. here Gün önce
It also forces taxpayers to pay for what insurance companies are supposed pay for.
Storage Account
Storage Account 25 gün önce
PLEASE MAKE AN Inside AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL Centres Monitoring AIRCRAFT | Caught On Camera | Wonder
Isaac Nixon
Isaac Nixon 25 gün önce
What happens in the dark always comes to light
Opus Buddly
Opus Buddly 25 gün önce
All well and good until the Government passes a new law and makes YOU the criminal. Wrongthink! Thoughtcrime! Not wearing a mask!
James Harden
James Harden 25 gün önce
Big brother is watching…
Chucker1212 A
Chucker1212 A 25 gün önce
Zz it's hear in the USA in certain areas a lot more coming we'll see it in the 2030s by the way I was here November 6th 2021
Kent Fallman
Kent Fallman 25 gün önce
Human trash thieves...
TheJapanChannelDcom 25 gün önce
Why blur the faces of the thieves? They are in public places being low life parasites. Show the world who they are.
aka EDDIE A.J.
aka EDDIE A.J. 25 gün önce
I think those are the ones whose court cases may be open or they were never charged etc
PC Gamer
PC Gamer 25 gün önce
Why did you hide the "i shouldn't be alive videos"?
Errin on the Side of Caution
Errin on the Side of Caution 25 gün önce
Being in the US, CCTV is always so interesting to me, but what blows my Mind is the People who KNOW the Cameras are there who STILL Commit a Crime & BELIEVE they're going to outsmart the Cameras watching them w/ their Actions.
Timber 5 gün önce
That's because Democrats took over the justice system and refuse to prosecute criminals. Fact-check me.
@AngelaKnox 24 gün önce
Why wouldn't they? The justice system is a joke
adam1885282 25 gün önce
Crime is rarely a well thought out and rational decision
SuGirl abk
SuGirl abk 25 gün önce
Your absolutely right, it's mind boggling..🦘🇦🇺
Darrius Brown-Harper
Darrius Brown-Harper 25 gün önce
That's really funny
Kev Denn
Kev Denn 25 gün önce
I was born in London many decades ago. Why do young people talk with that dumb sounding accent these days. It's not an accent i ever heard years ago and it makes them sound so uneducated..."no what i mean, innit!"
Elena Pashaeva
Elena Pashaeva 24 gün önce
I wonder why the policeman here 33:13 is shouting in Russian😁 But I like it, because I’m from Russia😁
MoveOn 25 gün önce
i agree with you. they sounds so dumb. i live in toronto canada and i pick up the british accent without going uk. i had two friends in their 80s in toronto they sounds like queen english. many people think i am educated just because i sound like queen now lol
5153flash 25 gün önce
Having cameras everywhere is not a great thing. Sure its great for finding pick pockets and some crimes but dam,,someone is watching everything you do. I do not care for that outside anyhow. Inside the stores it just fine. Just my opinion so dont jump on me for it,and my opinion doesnt matter ,as this is the way the world is going. Cameras will soon be everywhere. lol
Hummingbird 22
Hummingbird 22 24 gün önce
Big brother is watching.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 25 gün önce
Your opinion is one that I think a lot more would have if they only knew how pervasive it is, and to where it’s eventually leading... Like anything controversial that can have both good and bad things about it, as always because humans are in the loop it all will definitively turn sour because of our nature (or at least the nature of those responsible for running such systems)...
Will C the storm chaser
Will C the storm chaser 25 gün önce
I agree with you
Jiz entertainment
Jiz entertainment 25 gün önce
Happy to be the the 3rd comments 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Nils Lindström
Nils Lindström 17 gün önce
If this was a That chapter video you woulda been thuurd
Cameron Grissom-Wade
Cameron Grissom-Wade 25 gün önce
On behalf of humanity 🌎 I would like to present you with a token of gratitude🏆 and a bit of jealousy & disappointment considering I was regretfully#10.
Tate Freeman
Tate Freeman 25 gün önce
Cool what it can accomplish, but a bit scary when you think about everything it sees the general public doing
Aurelio Cabrera
Aurelio Cabrera 25 gün önce
We need that in The USA 🇺🇸
Bah Binta
Bah Binta 25 gün önce
I love this
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